Broadcast Your Gameplay with GeForce Experience Share

Broadcast Your Gameplay with GeForce Experience Share

geforce experience makes it easy to live stream gameplay from your entire pc library using the live streaming service of your choice. geforce experience supports live streaming with facebook live, youtube live and twitch. While each of these live streaming services is unique with respect to account setup, user interface, and intended audience, the GeForce experience conveniently brings all three services together in one easy-to-use interface for a time of ease. Quick setup and minimal effort to memorize multiple account logins.

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account prerequisites

In addition to requiring a gfe user account, this guide assumes that you have already created an account for facebook, twitch or youtube. If you haven’t yet created an account for the services you want to use, see, http:/, or for further instructions. Creating a user account for gfe is a one-time process that you must complete after the initial installation of gfe by following the on-screen instructions.

single configuration

to set up streaming with geforce experience,

  1. Press alt+z to open the sharing overlay and go to settings:

Note: If the sharing overlay doesn’t appear, it may be turned off. you can activate it within the geforce experience by going to settings > general> share and toggling the switch. will illuminate green to indicate that the sharing overlay has been activated.

note: You can change the keyboard shortcut for the sharing overlay in settings > keyboard shortcuts if you don’t want to use alt+z.

connect to streaming services

geforce experience supports streaming to facebook live, twitch and youtube live. In this section, you’ll learn how to configure streaming for these services.

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to connect to a streaming service,

  1. Make sure you have completed the one time setup section of this guide. then stay in (or go back to) the sharing overlay settings menu and click connect:

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customize streaming settings

Depending on your bandwidth, you may want to increase or decrease certain characteristics of your stream, such as resolution, frame rate, or bit rate. to customize your stream settings,

  1. press alt+z to bring up the sharing overlay and click cast> customize:

note: You can adjust the quality settings for each streaming service individually.

webcam and microphone settings

If you have a webcam and microphone or a webcam with an integrated microphone connected and working with your computer, you can use it when streaming with the geforce experience.

to configure your microphone,

  1. Press alt+z to bring up the sharing overlay, then click the microphone symbol:

to configure your webcam,

  1. Press alt+z to bring up the sharing overlay, then click settings.
  2. under settings, select hud layout.
  3. on the hud layout page, click a quadrant in the 2×2 position grid to move your webcam to any corner of the screen or to turn it off. you can also set the size of your webcam:

note: You can turn the microphone and webcam on and off at any time during a live stream by simply pressing alt+z to bring up the sharing overlay and clicking the microphone symbol or the camera.

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start a stream

For this stream, we’ll use facebook live as an example, though the steps to stream are similar to twitch or youtube live.

Before you start a stream, first make sure you’ve set everything up correctly. see the one-time setup and connection to streaming services sections of this guide.

to broadcast using facebook live, for example,

  1. launch the pc game of your choice.
  2. once you’re ready to stream, press alt+z to bring up the sharing overlay.
  3. In the sharing overlay, click cast, then click start.

Broadcast Your Gameplay with GeForce Experience Share

You are now live! Notice that when you’re live streaming, the streaming symbol is now green and the status has changed to streaming in the sharing overlay:

Broadcast Your Gameplay with GeForce Experience Share

Note: If you want to customize your stream or make general configuration changes, you must first stop your stream.

note: you can only stream live to one service at a time.

attract the audience

Now that you’re livestreaming your game, your friends or even the general public can watch you play, depending on the audience you’ve previously set. Your broadcast is available on Facebook through a web browser and the Facebook app on any compatible mobile device.

they can see your broadcast on facebook by,

  1. go to your timeline or the page you manage, set to the location when the stream started.

Broadcast Your Gameplay with GeForce Experience Share

Broadcast Your Gameplay with GeForce Experience Share

With this guide, you are now ready to start streaming the game to friends and fans through your PC. it’s that easy!

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