How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds To Your Apple iPhone

How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds To Your Apple iPhone

How To Connect Samsung Galaxy Buds To Your Apple iPhone

How to connect galaxy buds+

wondering how to connect galaxy buds earphones to iphone? we’ve got you covered!

Tired of being tied to annoying cables while listening to your favorite tunes on the go? you will be looking for a good pair of bluetooth headphones. But just because your music player of choice is an Apple iPhone, doesn’t mean you have to fork out for a pair of AirPods.

There are plenty of good wireless earphones out there, but if you’re feeling like a true maverick, you could do worse than look to one of Apple’s biggest rivals. Samsung Galaxy Buds offer many of the same benefits as AirPods: great sound, a streamlined design, and smart built-in microphones, all in a small package.

even better, they also beat apple in the price department. You have two options: The standard Galaxy Buds 2 are $118, which is £20 cheaper than the standard Apple AirPods. The upgraded Galaxy Buds Pro will set you back $149 and offer improved sound and longer battery life.

read on to find out everything you need to know to connect a pair of samsung galaxy buds to your iphone…

how to put galaxy buds into pairing mode

To put your galaxy earbuds into pairing mode, simply insert the earbuds into the charging case and close the case. according to samsung’s support page, “if the battery indicator light is not flashing, you will need to charge the headphones for at least 10 minutes before they will pair.”

then open the charging case of the galaxy earphones and the earphones will automatically enter bluetooth pairing mode.

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how to connect galaxy buttons to your iphone

once your galaxy earbuds are ready to pair, the process of connecting them to your iphone is incredibly simple. In fact, it’s the same process as connecting any pair of Bluetooth headphones that aren’t made by Apple. just follow these simple steps.

  • make sure your headphones are close to your iphone.
  • go to the settings app on your iphone.
  • choose bluetooth and make sure bluetooth is turned on.
  • Your headphones should appear in the other devices section (usually as the model name).
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Finally, launch the Samsung Galaxy Buds app and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection. Please note that the app is compatible only with iPhone 7 or later models running iOS 10 and above.

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can’t connect galaxy earphones to iphone?

If you’re having trouble connecting your galaxy headset to an iphone, follow the troubleshooting tips below.

  • If the earbuds are low on battery, please charge them before entering pairing mode.
  • If your galaxy earbuds have already been paired with some other device, just unpair them.
  • another option is to place the headphones in your ears and keep your fingertips on them for at least 6 seconds. they will ring and go into pairing mode and you can see them in bluetooth settings.

hopefully one of the above fixes will work for you. If not, we recommend that you contact Samsung or Apple support. they will be able to help you.

by the way, if you have a playstation, you’ll be happy to know that you can connect the galaxy buds to your ps4 or ps5.

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