【How to】 Connect 4 Tvs Together

【How to】 Connect 4 Tvs Together

【How to】 Connect 4 Tvs Together

How to connect four tvs together

01:42I’m going to check the schedule and see

01:45if I manage to turn on the image

01:47this and then I’ll continue and

01:51mounting them only has four mounting kits

01:54lay them flat on the wall fix all the

01:57cables and stuff for other people

02:02who wanted to do this is drinking too much

02:04of research so far maybe I can pull it off

02:06easier for you

02:09 and I’ll keep you updated on video

02:11number two, you’re going to need a lot too

02:15of material to connect the televisions

02:18with hdmi cables data processor box

02:24usb cables just so you don’t have

02:30to remove the entire TV from the wall every

02:32 when you want to insert a usb stick

02:35there is a coaxial amplifier there are many

02:42fuck what really helped me was this


02:47why space the wall brackets well

02:53how one of the monitors now like you

02:57we see that we have all the cables and

03:01this one is backwards there’s the big one


03:09I also have positive ventilation

03:12because I have a very small space

03:14 up and down I also decided

03:19to put some ventilation in there, this is

03:26to demonstrate how we can turn it around

03:28screen on a tv these are 2018

03:32samsung smart tvs with the new

03:35smart remote to enter

03:40secret menu we can’t do it because

03:42doesn’t have any number I have

03:44got a remote from 2017

03:47 and it seems to work so let’s do it

03:51 is put in the following code information

03:55 mute and power settings let’s give it that

04:00a whirlwind

04:03information settings mute power ok and

04:12 is rebooting

04:18and here we have a little menu that

04:22just popped up so we want to press select

04:28in the option then we want to upload to mrt

04:34option we select it again and now we have

04:40an options screen appears that we can move

04:44around and select the one we are on

04:46I’m interested in the hv flip that it is

04:50 now a shutdown so I’m going to go ahead and

04:54 move there, I’ll select it

05:05ok now we can see it selected now

05:10let’s turn there let’s see with

05:21that button you can select it and now hp

05:26flip is hp flip so what we’ll do now is

05:30 press exit button turn off we are

05:37 I’m going to grab the smart remote and turn it back

05:43 at

05:50 and there it is

05:57all tvs hang very well

06:01the bevels came together nicely, so

06:05let’s turn it on and give it a

06:08rotary let’s see what happens

06:35 now you can see the font on all of them

06:37it’s hdmi for pc so now let’s go

06:45 go ahead and fire up our which which matrix

06:50 is this, go ahead and turn it on

06:56 [music]

07:12so it looks like I’m getting it differently

07:15sources because I have four hdmi

07:20sources go into that box and four come out

07:24now what we are going to do is the matrix

07:29button and we have a full screen

07:41ok, there is also a possibility

07:44 to see all this individually or

07:48whatever plus i have four channels mi

07:52this is for the pc that is the

07:55screen now showing the second

08:01one is for my wired connection

08:08 and the third and fourth are

08:11other things, let’s go back to

08:16computer one that was number one

08:27so im very impressed now we can

08:35I have my little setup here

08:38these are the four remote controls for

08:41TVs you can use because

08:44tv have image and image so

08:46what you could do is go to the menu in

08:52tv number two

09:00then we go to settings and go

09:06to p p which is picture in picture

09:10 in the back it was not handled let’s go to the photo

09:17there is tv show anyway, so settings

09:24which I usually put here very useful

09:28These are the TVs I bought there

09:33samsung 55 inch 8000 series 2018 i

09:41 I showed you earlier where I’ll show you

09:44if I’m already how to convert the two top

09:46screens upside down, oh yeah, the data

09:53processor or the array that this is

09:57one which is the one I used and it is

10:02works pretty well

10:05I have a little list of things to

10:09would recommend buy is just a word

10:13document here, I’m sure I missed a lot

10:19of things what else did I want

10:28 I show you what the sound of this system is

10:35 because now I have four TVs and

10:37everyone has their own

10:39little mini speakers but I wanted them to

10:41 I put on my stereo system that I already have

10:43 which one is this down here?

10:48 on those speakers but the problem

10:52 it’s these new TVs and all things smart

10:56don’t have the old rca cables

10:58 already and what they have are these go

11:02wires so I have a switch so I took that

11:09send that cable from my media box

11:12 what’s my cable provider put it in a

switch 11:16 and connected it to my

11:19old stereo with rca

11:22 connection, so now I can hear what

11:26 I’m taking care of my old fashion

11:30 stereo

11:32 yes, you will need coax splitters

11:36because there’s a lot of get each

11:37the television has five different cables

11:39 so you have one your electricity

11:45you have a usb a coaxial you have a

data cable 11:50

11:51we have hdmi cables so

11:55used some usbs is because once is

11:58something is hanging on the wall and you

12:00you did everything online and you don’t want to

12:01remove it to put a usb stick or so

12:05 so I’ve funneled them through each one

12:08 has a separate one that just came out

12:14what else can I tell you, yeah?

12:17ventilation is of course important to you

12:20I don’t want things to get too hot what

12:23what I’ve done is just set up an event

12:25 here alone with these two screens pulling

12:29 up pulling the air and I can feel

12:33the temperature is very stable can

12:37I don’t need this but I haven’t saved ten

12:41 centimeters which is recommended even in

12:43the bottom so I had to push something forceful

12:46 air out there what else is it really

12:51great, I attached a google chrome

12:58 dongle on port 4 of that array

13:03change which means I can

13:08go to my ipad say oh first what we have

13:13although what you have to do is go to channel 4 because

13:16 that’s the one plugged in

13:19 button right there

13:26 we arrived

13:33i think that’s a youtube thing anyway

13:35okay let’s see if the oh after hitting

13:39of course the google chrome symbol is my

13:45lounge device

13:53 we have now I’m with you too

14:00 game

14:06oh look at that we’re going to anyway so that’s it

14:11possible to connect your tablet

14:15the whole system also basically the

the 14:18 matrix processor has four hdmi inputs and

14:22four of what you need for your four

14:25 screens so let me check my anything list

14:30 I probably missed a lot

14:34of things but anyway

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