Fios Network Extenders

Fios Network Extenders

1. My fios range extender is not replicating the network name (ssid) of my router, what should I do?

You must reset the device by removing and re-inserting the power cable from your fios range extender. Within 5 minutes of the reboot, the Wi-Fi names should be configured on your Fios Network Extender.

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2. why do i need a wi-fi extender?

Some homes or businesses may be too large for the router’s signal to cover the entire location. There could also be types of interference, such as walls, microwaves, cordless phones, etc., that can weaken the Wi-Fi signal.

Wi-Fi extenders can help extend the range of the Wi-Fi signal in places in your home or business where the Wi-Fi signal is weak or no signal is available. To get the most out of your Wi-Fi extender, place it in an optimal location. network extender.

3. Will my set-top boxes communicate with the extender?

verizon set-top boxes do not communicate via wireless signals.

4. what devices can i use with the wi-fi extender?

all wi-fi enabled devices that support 802.11b,g,n,ac wi-fi standards (laptops, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, TVs, etc.) can be connected to the range extender fios.

5. can i manually configure the wi-fi extender?

yes. The Wi-Fi extender has an accessible user interface where configuration changes can be made. for more information, see the user manual.

6. where should i put my wifi extender?

Place the extender in a room with a coaxial or ethernet outlet where the Wi-Fi signal is weak or patchy.

  • To minimize any weak Wi-Fi signal, ideally the extender should be:
  • at least 10 feet from cordless phones or microwaves
  • away from sources of heat, moisture, excessive dust, or extreme cold
  • away from any large metal objects.
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To extend Wi-Fi coverage to your backyard, place the extender near a window.

7. I have an old extender, why do I need to update it?

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There is no need to upgrade your existing Fios Network Extender at this time; however, the latest fios range extender, model #wcb6200q, can support the 802.11ac wi-fi standard, which is not supported by verizon’s first generation wi-fi extender, model #wcb3000n.

8. what router(s) will this extender work with?

all of our verizon routers are compatible with the fios range extender; however, some older router models will require manual configuration to replicate Wi-Fi names for your router.

9. will the extender work if reconnected to the router via ethernet?

yes. Extenders can be reconnected to the router via coaxial or ethernet cable. the fios range extender does not communicate with the router wirelessly.

10. can i mount my extender on the wall?

yes. wi-fi extenders can be wall mounted. wall mount brackets can be found at

the fios accessories website.

11. why does the tag have wi-fi names and a password when it is

Am I supposed to replicate my router name and password?

all fios network extenders are compatible with dual-band (2.4 ghz and 5 ghz) wi-fi networks

with your own default wi-fi names and passwords. when fios network

extender is connected to your home or business network, the extender receives

the wi-fi names of your router and replace your default wi-fi names with

those of the router. if you choose not to have your fios network extender

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replicate router wifi names, you can disable this feature and use the wifi name and password printed on the wifi extender label. see the user guide for instructions on how to disable this feature.

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12. can i connect my extender to my router wirelessly?

Nope. fios network extenders support wps (wireless protected setup) for

replicate the configuration of the wi-fi names (ssid) of the router, but once the ssid

are configured, the extender requires a connection to the router via coax or

ethernet to pass data traffic to the router and to the internet.

13. what does the wps (wireless protected setup) button do?

wps will allow the extender to replicate the wi-fi name settings from


14. i already bought an extender that is not from verizon; can I continue using it?

yes. non-verizon extenders can be used with fios routers.

15. if i am using my coaxial output with a decoder, how can i connect my


refer to the quick start guide to configure the wiring.

16. Does my extender need to be upright?

yes. the fios range extender, model #wcb6200q, should always be stored in a

vertical position for optimal performance.

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