Feit Wi-Fi Smart Bulb Setup Guide - Manuals

Feit Wi-Fi Smart Bulb Setup Guide – Manuals

smart wifi lighting FAQs and troubleshooting tips

How do I set up and install the lights?

Reading: How to connect feit smart bulbs

Screw the light into a socket and turn it on. the light should begin to flash indicating the bulb is in pairing mode and ready for installation. if they don’t flash, turn the light on for one second and off for one second, three times in a row. When the light flashes quickly, it’s ready to set up. then open the feit electric app, connect to a 2.4ghz wifi network and follow the instructions in the app.

I’m having trouble connecting my smart light to Wi-Fi.

  1. make sure the wi-fi network is a 2.4ghz network. the smart wi-fi light will not connect to a 5ghz network. if your smart wi-fi light is already on the correct frequency, make sure your phone is not using a vpn app in the background.
  2. test your wi-fi network with other devices like your phone to make sure it works properly and has good coverage.
  3. Your Wi-Fi connection may not have good coverage during setup. you may need to improve your wi-fi network coverage by upgrading your router or adding a range extender.
  4. your wi-fi network password is case sensitive, make sure you enter it correctly.
  5. the light should blink quickly to connect. If it doesn’t flash quickly, turn the light on for one second and off for one second three times in a row. when the light flashes quickly, it’s ready to set up

How do I access the smart features of the smart wi-fi light in the felt electric app?

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From the my home menu in the feit electric app, press and hold the device icon for 2-3 seconds to access the control panel.

The lights do not turn on.

The wi-fi smart light may not have power, make sure the wall switch or circuit breaker is in the on position.

can i turn the smart wifi bulb on or off with a light switch?

Using wall switches to turn off the bulb is not recommended as it may cause compatibility issues or reset the bulb to factory settings.

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why can’t my smart wi-fi bulb change color?

first, make sure the smart wifi light is a color changing light. then check the color picker screen in the feit electric app to make sure the saturation slider at the bottom is set to 100%.

Note: On some older phone models, you may need to scroll down the screen to find clipping.

what does it mean if the status light on my smart wi-fi is “offline” or the light is flashing?

A power outage or router outage has disconnected the light bulb from the network. follow the instructions in your user manual to reconnect.

how do i reset the smart wi-fl lights?

To reset the light, turn it on for one second and off for one second three times in succession. when the light flashes quickly, it’s ready to set up.

Are homekit wi-fi smart lights compatible?

Smart wifi lights are not compatible with homekit. but you can enable sid shortcuts using the smart scenes feature in the feit electric app.

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how do i share my smart wifi light with another felt electric app account?

from the my home menu in the feit electric app tap profile then share devices and share devices at the bottom of the screen. select the device you want to share and tap share in the top right corner. enter the new mobile phone number or email address for the account, and then touch done. the account must be configured before sharing the device.

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how do i change the name of my smart wifi light?

Long press the device icon for 2-3 seconds to access the control panel. tap the icon in the top right corner and select edit device name.

can i set to a specific color or brightness level using smart wi-fl lights?

You can use smart scenes to set a scene with a specific color or brightness level for a device or group of devices, and then automations to schedule the settings.

Can I set a timer to wake me up?

You can schedule smart Wi-Fi devices to turn on at a certain time with preset light intensity levels and other settings using smart scenes and automation. you can also use google or alexa routines to configure the use of your voice assistant applications.

Can smart Wi-Fi lights be used outdoors?

The lights are moisture rated, which means they can be used outside as long as they are protected from harsh weather and contact with water. note that the device must also be in range of the router at all times.

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can i use smart wifi lights with a dimmer?

no, smart wifi lights have a built in dimmer. you can dim the light using the feit electric app.

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