Where to plug in Case fans? [Beginners A-Z Guide 2022]

Where to plug in Case fans? [Beginners A-Z Guide 2022]

You are currently building a PC and may be wondering where to connect your case fans.

Or you had heating problems and bought a new set of fans and don’t know how to install them on your computer.

Reading: How to connect fans to pc

In short, where do I connect my case fans?

Well, I’ve been there and I know how difficult it can be to get all the answers by searching the internet.

you don’t have to worry anymore; As a PC enthusiast and builder, I will present you the complete guide on where to connect your case fans.

Don’t skip any part as I’m going to explain the process step by step.

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how to install pc case fans

first, you should know that you can connect your case fans with two components.

  1. motherboard, also known as a mobo.
  2. power supply unit, also known as a p.s.u.

then, let’s get into the procedure.

These are the steps to install case fans:

1. connect your case fans to the motherboard

If you want to get the best possible result from your fans, it would be best to connect them with your motherboard.

if you connect your fans with the motherboard, that way, you can increase/decrease the fan speed from your motherboard bios. but for that option, you need to plug it with a 4-pin cable.

Usually every mobo comes with at least two fan headers. but you have a mobo like b450m, you will have like four pin headers.

now look for these pin headers around your motherboard:

If you’re having trouble locating them, look on the bottom left of your motherboard. you’ll quickly get a header.

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after finding the header, it’s time to connect it

  1. each connector will have two tabs like a protrusion (at the beginning of the port and at the end of the port) align it on the motherboard.
  2. gently push the connector down the header until it is completely connected to the mobo.

there you have it; you’re done plugging it in.

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try to connect the fan to the closest fan header for clean cable management. Plus, get an aura sync compatible RGB fan for your rig!

2. connect your case fans to the power supply

Before you plug it in, you need to check which model of power supply you have. things you need to connect your case fans to the p.s.u.

Please note that not all power supplies or fans come with the connector. but newer units will have connectors.

you can directly connect your fan to the p.s.u. with a connector.

but what if there is no molex connector on your fan?

well, you can get the p.s.u. to fan pin header adapter. that way, you can connect your fans to the power supply.

but connecting your fans to the p.s.u. have some tie in the back. like you can’t control the speed of the fan. the fan will always run at full speed.

installing case fans: two things to consider

before moving on to explain how you will position the case fans. you need to know a thing or two about fans.

When you open your PC case, you will probably see four types of fans:

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You can easily spot faulty fans just by looking at them. they either don’t spin, or even if they do spin, they make that weird grinding noise.

and if you have very dust-clogged fans. clean them to avoid heating problems.

Now that you know the type of fans, you need to see how case fans work. Also, check out the best aura sync keyboards for a premium feel.

first, the intake fans will take in the cool air from your room or wherever your computer is, then they will cool down the parts of your computer, and then, with the help of the exhaust fan, they will push the hot air out.

Before you install the fans, you should know how to deal with them.

1. direction of case fans

You need to properly configure your case fans. if you don’t, the zealots will do more harm than good.

so some new intake fans will have an indication on the body which way to look.

but what if it isn’t?

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for that, you need to see the fan label or the sticker on the body. typically the label side would be the front. so put the fan that way.

but if there is no sticker too. then your best bet would be to look for the fan’s spokes or mesh grille.

for example, when installing intake fans, the label or spokes will be inside the computer case. Plus, check out our best Corsair keyboards recommended by experts.

2. place to mount your case fans

Intake fans should generally be placed at the front of the case to draw in cool outside air, and exhaust fans should be at the rear to let hot air out.

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some new cases will have a vent on top. but make no mistake and install an intake fan there. that vent should be used for exhaust fans; that way, the hot air will have more ways to get out.

To mount the fan first, you need to find a perfect spot for it. so that when you install the fan, it can reach the motherboard or p.s.u. easily. which will help you with cable management.

When you’re done finding the perfect spot, line up the fan with the four holes in the case and screw them down.

Now that you’re done with the installation part, let’s connect. don’t forget to check out the best alternatives to dark rock pro 4 cpu cooler.

frequently asked questions

Question: Can I connect the case fans without the preferred headers on the motherboard?

answer: yes, you can plug them into your power supply or get a splitter on and off for fan calls.

Question: Can I plug a 3-pin fan into a 4-pin header?

answer: yes you can, although you won’t be able to control the fans.

question: can i connect my fans to the aio pump head?

answer: no you can’t aio_pump headers are for water coolers only.

final thoughts

Case fans are essential to the overall health of your computer and one should be able to install them correctly.

my suggestion would be to do some research before you pick up the fans to find out which fans you can connect to your motherboard.

and if you have any future questions, you can always contact us.

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