I12 TWS Manual | Step-By-Step Charging & Pairing Instructions

I12 TWS Manual | Step-By-Step Charging & Pairing Instructions

The recently released i12 tws airpods may be the most affordable alternative to the popular apple airpods so far. the advanced adapt true wireless stereo (tws) technology that they have inside, and in addition to having the left and right channels separately, are points that add power to this new product. but for those who are using these bluetooth earphones for the first time, they must have no idea how they work, so the following question goes to the world: how to use i12 tws airpods? well, don’t worry, here is a special operating instruction on how to use this earphone, and we will show it to you in this manual of i12 tws.

i12 tws manual: how to turn on or turn off the i12 tws?

  • power on: The two i12 tws earbuds will power on and pair automatically after taking them out from the charging case.
  • power off: press and press and hold the back of the sensor for 10 to 20 seconds. you will hear a beep indicating that the headset has been turned off.

How to turn on or off the i12 TWS?

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i12 tws manual: how to pair i12 tws with any product?

both i12 tws earbuds will turn on and pair automatically with any smart device if it has bluetooth enabled; to know if the connection has been made, the left headphones will flash blue and the red LED of the right headphones will turn off when they have been successfully paired, in addition to the message “connected ” the message will be heard after pairing.

note: If two earbuds have not been paired with each other, please delete the paired information of the earbuds, then long press the power button of both earbuds to >5 to 10 seconds to enter pairing mode; the left earbuds will flash blue and the red led on the right earbuds will turn off when paired successfully. It’s worth noting that the earphones will turn off if they can’t be paired within 5 minutes.

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In case it is necessary to delete the paired information, it is done as follows: in pairing mode, press the back of the headset on the sensor until the led light turns red .

How to pair the i12 TWS to any product?

i12 tws manual: how to play music with i12 tws?

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Note: There are different i12 tws airpods available in the market. as it is not a registered name, it is used by different Chinese manufacturers. as a result, buyers have different touch control functions. here are some models with different touch control functions:

model 1

  • single tap: pause/play
  • double tap right: back
  • double tap left: forward
  • triple tap right: volume up
  • triple tap left: volume down
  • call siri: press and hold the power button for 3 seconds during playback mode

model 2

  • single tap anyone: pause/play
  • single tap without music player open: call last person contacted
  • double tap right : volume up
  • double tap left: volume down
  • triple tap right: rewind/previous
  • triple tap left : next
  • call siri: press and hold the power button for 3 seconds during playback mode

i12 tws manual: how to answer phone calls with i12 tws earphones?

  • answer/end call: press the back of the headset once.
  • reject call: press the back of the headset twice of the headset .

i12 TWS Manual

i12 tws manual: how to charge the i12 tws?

i12 tws headphone charging

Put the earbuds into the slot of the charging case, and then turn on the charging case. the led indicator will flash red and turn off after a full charge.

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Note: There are some models that do not turn off the red light even when the earphones are fully charged. be aware of the time it takes to fully charge, which is typically 1.5-2 hours from 0% to 100%.

charging the battery box (charging case)

when charging the battery case with a usb cable, the led indicator will turn yellow and green. if the led blinks 2 times it means that your battery is 50% full, if it blinks 3 times it means that it is 75% charged and if it blinks 4 times means 100% full.


p.1 how to fix/change call option due to accidental touch on left earphone?

go to bluetooth settings and turn off the phone control option. so you only have access to the media. Go to your bluetooth settings and turn off the phone control option. however, you will have to sacrifice complete touch control.

p. what if only one earphone works and the other doesn’t connect?

The best way to check if both earbuds don’t have any hardware issues is when both earbuds are connected to the charging box, they will have a red led light. If there is only one light flashing, it means only one earphone is connected. here are some solutions to connect the other too:

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Solution #1: Put them back in the case. take them out at the same time and wait for them to pair up. wait at least 20-30 seconds.

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Solution #2: Try pressing the non-working earpiece for 3-5 seconds. if nothing happens, try holding the sensor for about 30 seconds.

Solution #3: One of your non-working headsets may be low on battery. if you have already tried to upload it and it was unsuccessful. try to move them around the box while the box light is blue, when they connect with the box, they will light up red. use a paper towel or tissue paper, make some folds and stick it inside the lid of the box. put on the headphones and close the lid. just try to move them around the box while the box light turns blue when they connect with the box they will light up red. if one side is not charging, this will push the earphone on that side to connect with the charging terminal and charge.

If you were successful with fix #3, it looks like we have the charging box defect here.

If none of the solutions worked, your headset is faulty, replace it.

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hope now you know how to operate earphone from above i12 tws manual. Do you want to know something about headphones? feel free to ask in the comments section.

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