Etsy Printify - Using Printify for Print On Demand on Etsy

Etsy Printify – Using Printify for Print On Demand on Etsy

Print on demand is a business process that allows a network of print providers to automatically fulfill orders placed by their customers in your store without having to maintain inventory. printify is one of the best print on demand integrations for etsy shops.

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print on demand can be a game changer for etsy sellers, especially if you’re looking to save time, money and increase your bottom line. Still, it can be difficult and often confusing to get started even on a platform as easy as printify. Read below to learn more about print on demand, whether or not it’s the right decision for you, and why you should use printify with etsy.

Before we get into the network of print providers you should integrate with etsy, we first need to talk about why you should use a print provider to sell your products.

Note that you actually have to sell items that require printing for this article to make sense.

okay, so the best way we can explain why you should use a print provider is to give it a scenario:

Suppose you sell mugs, t-shirts or stickers on etsy with customer graphics, designs and slogans.

You could potentially contact a manufacturer from whom you then buy wholesale products with your design, have them ship it to you, and then store it in your home or office until your customers start buying from you. at which point you would pack and ship your customers’ items.

simple, right? well yes, but what if we could make it a thousand times easier?

Imagine scenario number two:

you create an amazing design, motivational quote or funny slogan. then upload your designs to a website that has hundreds of products and will connect you with print providers in your location. then, each time a customer places an order, your wholesale suppliers will automatically fill the order and ship it directly to your customer.

let’s see why scenario two is so much better for small businesses and creatives on etsy:

what are the benefits of using a print provider for your etsy store?

let’s simplify this as much as possible. Here are the advantages of using a print provider versus doing everything yourself:

It’s clear that if you value your time, money, energy, and resources, hiring a print provider is a much better way to do business on etsy when selling t-shirts, hoodies, and other products.

printify is a print-on-demand network that helps etsy sellers save time and money by allowing you to upload custom designs to hundreds of products, connecting you with print providers in a location that works best for you.

printify seamlessly integrates with your etsy store and acts as a virtual “middle man” by notifying print providers when your customers place a specific order. vendors will then process, fulfill, package, and ship your order directly to your customer.

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You’ll never have to touch a single piece of inventory or pay in advance ever again!

these are some of the benefits that printify has:

  1. a global print provider network with over 90 print facilities in the us. uu. and worldwide, including Australia, Europe, China, Canada, and the UK.
  2. Over 300 unique installations and fully customizable products, including best sellers such as t-shirts, shoes, hoodies, bags, hats, phone cases, socks, stickers, mugs and much more.
  3. a 24/7 customer support team
  4. mockup generator easy to use that allows you to see in real time what your products will look like once printed (no graphic design skills needed, just your creativity!)
  5. also allows manual ordering to be placed in case want to send a gift or promotional product to social media influencers.

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if you’re going to go the etsy print-on-demand route, printify is one of the best integrations you could use!

You’ve made up your mind and now want to set up an account with printify. here is a step by step guide on how to integrate etsy and printify:

  1. sign up for an account at
  2. go to your dashboard
  3. look for your store dropdown at the top right of the screen
  4. click “manage my stores” then “new store”
  5. scroll and search for etsy then click “connect”
  6. then it will ask you to sign in to your etsy account so you can “allow access” (make sure your email address is for the correct shop)

that’s all you have to do to connect etsy with printify. Now comes the fun part; designing and adding products.

  1. go to your printify account.
  2. click on “catalogue” and on the left side of the screen, choose from over 300 unique products.
  3. you will see a pop-up window of your chosen product and a list of print providers appearing below it.
  4. choose a print provider that best suits your business needs (compare price, location, vendor rating, shipping information, and product color options )
  5. once you’ve made your decision, click “start design”.
  6. now you can drag and drop your designs. when you hover over “add your design” you will see “print file requirements” with a bulleted list of all design requirements. make sure your product design meets the guidelines.
  7. printify is super customizable so you can change the size, placement, and position of your design. you can also customize the front/back, sleeve, and create a custom neck label.
  8. click the “gear” icon to choose all the colors you will offer your products in. you can add a design to products of different colors if you wish by clicking “create a specific design for color“.
  9. be sure to “preview” your products to make sure the artwork and design is what you want. you had planned.
  10. once you’re done, click “next” to add product information (this can also be edited via etsy).
  11. you can now save as a draft, order a sample to review yourself, or post it to your etsy shop and voila!
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It sounds like a lot of steps, but printify has an extremely easy to use interface and with our detailed guide you should have no problem setting up your entire etsy shop in a few hours.

You’ll notice that printify will show you dozens of print providers that will print and ship your products for you, but how do you know which one to choose?

The choice may seem daunting due to the many options, but it really comes down to these three things:

1. price and location

Ultimately, you’re running a business, so price and profit should be high on your list of considerations.

Compare the various price points of print providers and choose one that works with your budget and margins. Also consider your location and the location of your current and future customers.

The further away the carrier is from your audience, the more expensive shipping will be, and if you offer free shipping, you’ll end up covering those costs.

2. availability

some providers are much busier than others and often have poor communication, so be sure to check their printify ranking as this will give you a good indication of how available they are.

3. quality

Buyers on etsy are often looking for high-quality products, so just because a vendor has low printing costs doesn’t mean they’re the best choice for you.

Pro tip: Order your designs in advance from multiple vendors and test their quality yourself.

what do you need before you start with printify?

printify is free to use when you start, and a free account will allow you to operate 5 stores with unlimited product designs!

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so really all you need is an idea, design or artwork and an etsy shop.

understand the types of products you can sell

One of the things etsy sellers using a print provider struggle with, especially when using one for the first time, is being overwhelmed by the sheer number of products.

Most sellers on etsy will come in with an idea for, say, a t-shirt brand, but once they see the hundreds of products available, sellers tend to pivot and explore new products.

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In our opinion, this is a big mistake.

diversifying and offering a wide range of products is a great idea, but only when you have a proven concept with recurring sales.

start with a niche and then expand into other areas because that’s what successful etsy stores do.

so if you sell anime phone cases then sell anime phone cases not anime mugs too. once you figure out your niche and audience, you can start building a digital infrastructure of other products on etsy that your print provider can easily fulfill.

Here’s one thing to consider:

your target audience and their needs

Knowing who you want to sell to will give you a better understanding of what products to sell with your custom designs and artwork.

Think about it, if you’re targeting a low-budget audience, you probably don’t want to sell fancy duffel bags or expensive leggings.

This is just good general trading advice. know your audience well and sell accordingly.

earn money selling stickers on etsy

Believe it or not, stickers are huge right now and the etsy shops that sell stickers are doing quite well, especially when using network print providers like printify.

Stickers work well for a number of reasons, including the fact that they’re affordable, easy to send, and you’re literally selling your art in a very social format.

People love to pass stickers to each other and usually put them on cars, laptops or light poles so you get a lot of free marketing as long as you can promote yourself properly.

The best way to make money selling stickers on etsy is to do something original!

big, small, quirky, cute, funny, beautiful, artistic and cool designs are very useful. stand out from the crowd and with the right seo, you could do very well selling stickers on etsy.

Pro Tip: Sell packages instead of individual decals so that not only does it look like a great deal, but the price/shipping rate seems right to customers.

There you have it! A detailed guide on using Printify and print providers to sell custom products on Etsy. By now you’ve probably realized that the print on demand industry is booming and tapping into it on etsy is a huge win. While getting started is simple, growing and expanding a business can be tricky at times. lucky for you, we are here to help you! Contact us today to find out how we can grow your business exponentially!

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