Does Eero Work With Xfinity? How To Connect - Robot Powered Home

Does Eero Work With Xfinity? How To Connect – Robot Powered Home

Does Eero Work With Xfinity? How To Connect – Robot Powered Home

How to connect eero to xfinity

I recently bought an eero pro when I moved to a larger location that required a mesh wifi solution. Until then, I was using the xfinity voice modem router.

I decided to go with eero because I thrive in an apple homekit ecosystem and eero is the only apple homekit compatible mesh router.

I was wondering if eero was compatible with xfinity and wanted to set it up with my xfinity internet connection. I searched the internet for an exact guide on how to do it and was surprised to find none.

Here’s a guide to help you set up your eero router with xfinity internet in a matter of minutes.

eero works with comcast’s xfinity. To set up eero with xfinity, connect to the xfinity xfi wireless gateway by logging into the admin tools at and enabling bridge mode in settings.

then connect an ethernet cable from your xfi’s lan port to the eero’s wan port.

I’ve also gone into detail about the benefits of using eero over the xfinity xfi gateway, how to avoid paying rent to xfinity, and how to add more ethernet ports to your eero router.


Advantages of using Eero Instead of Xfinity xFi Modem-Router Combination

eero is a very powerful mesh router for home use that offers a lot of customization.

Compared to the xfi modem and router combo offered by xfinity, it has several benefits.

  • eero offers significantly better connectivity compared to xfinity xfi. the mesh network you can build at home with multiple eero beacons will almost always work better than xfi.
  • although mesh routers are more advanced than regular modem routers like xfi, eero is very easy to use and configure.
  • eero offers much more customization and control than xfi can provide. this also prevents any xfinity interference or control over your home network. this level of customization can be very useful if you want to use your eero for gaming.
  • eero support is way ahead of xfi support. eero developers have been known to frequent the forums and can help you with just about any problem you may encounter with your mesh router.

how to avoid paying rent to xfinity?

if you’re using xfinity’s xfi modem-router combo, chances are you’re paying comcast a monthly fee as rent.

the easiest way around this is to return the xfinity portal (xfi).

however, your eero does not have a modem as it is only capable of routing.

therefore you will need to replace your xfinity xfi with a different modem.

I personally use the arris 8200 surfboard (on amazon) and it has been running perfectly for over a year with amazing speeds.

how to set up eero with xfinity internet?

Setting up eero with xfinity internet is a piece of cake and can be completed in a matter of minutes if you follow the steps below diligently.

Step 1: Sign in to your xfinity gateway

connect an ethernet cable from the lan port on your xfinity xfi to your computer.

Next, go to your xfinity gateway portal by entering in your browser’s address bar.

once the portal loads, enter the username and password.

if you can’t remember what the credentials are, try “admin” as the username and “password” as your password.

if that’s not the correct username and password, you should be able to locate them on your xfinity xfi device.

step 2: choose ‘gateway at a glance’

You should be able to find this on the left hand side of the screen under the “gateway” tab.

Step 3 – Enable Bridge Mode for your xfinity xfi

The next thing you need to do is enable bridge mode in the settings under “gateway at a glance”.

this will restrict the routing capabilities of your xfinity gateway and allow your eero to do this.

This avoids any potential conflict due to a double nat that occurs when you have two routers running.

If you are still confused about the steps to enable bridge mode, please refer to this page for more detailed instructions.

step 4: commit changes

if you don’t do this, you will lose the change you have implemented.

Step 5 – Connect the xfinity portal to eero

Take an ethernet cable and connect it from the lan port on your xfinity gateway to the wan port on your eero router.

you can connect it to any of the ports on your eero, as they are both wan ports.

step 6: reboot all devices by cycling and powering on

The final step in the process is to reboot all devices before starting to access the internet.

this will allow all new configurations to take shape and be implemented.

wait a few minutes for the internet to stabilize and then you can start accessing the internet using your eero router.

how to add more ethernet ports to your eero router?

once you connect your xfinity gateway, you will no longer be able to connect any devices from xfi.

You will also notice that you only have a single lan port left on your main eero to connect any devices like your ps4, desktops etc.

the easiest way to solve this is to use a gigabit switch (on amazon). The switch will allow you to connect multiple devices to your router using ethernet cables.

final thoughts

I noticed there weren’t any exact good reviews on how to set up an eero mesh router with xfinity internet.

I struggled with it for a while before I figured out the exact steps.

I hope this guide allowed you to set up your eero with xfinity internet without any problems.

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frequently asked questions

how do i connect my eero to my comcast router?

To connect your xfinity by comcast modem router to your eero router, connect an ethernet cable from the lan port on your comcast modem router to the wan port on your eero router.

can i use eero with my current router?

You can use your eero with an existing modem router. it is recommended that you connect your existing router before connecting it to eero so that you can avoid a double nat.

how many eero beacons can i add?

You can add any number of eero beacons to extend the range of your mesh Wi-Fi network.

does eero make the internet faster?

In my experience, eero pro made my gigabit internet much faster compared to isp provided modem-router.

how good is eero wifi?

eero mesh wi-fi is a really good router that is suitable for both home and business purposes.

The ability to add an unlimited number of eero beacons allows you to extend the range as much as you like.

do you have to pay monthly for eero wifi?

There are no monthly fees to use the eero Mesh Wi-Fi Router. you just need to pay your isp for your internet connection.

what is the difference between eero and eero pro?

The main difference between eero and eero pro is basically the range and number of raids. eero pro is tri-band while regular eero is dual-band.

how many devices does eero support?

a single eero router can support up to 128 devices without a problem.

Is it worth it for sure?

eero secure is worth a look for anyone who intends to use an ad blocker or implement search restrictions etc.

However, the advanced protection against attacks and online threats is a valuable feature if you are considering subscribing to eero secure.

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