Set Up WiFi & Mobile Alerts on EcoWater 3700 | Carroll Water

Set Up WiFi & Mobile Alerts on EcoWater 3700 | Carroll Water

Set Up WiFi & Mobile Alerts on EcoWater 3700 | Carroll Water

How to connect ecowater to wifi


I’m joe fiorani, I work with carroll water and I’m one of the senior technicians here.

Today I’m going to show you how to set up your wi-fi on your ecowater 3700 purifier or softener system.

To start, you’ll want to press the middle button. the middle button will be your main menu.

How Do I Setup WIFI on my Ecowater 3700 Series?

You’re going to scroll all the way down to the advanced settings. once you’re in advanced settings, you’ll want to scroll down until you find wireless settings.

Ecowater 3700 Series - Accessing Wireless Settings

once you are in the wireless settings, you will have two options. one will be a wps button, which is located on your router. the next option will be your browser mode. browser mode is what we are going to use today.

From there, you’ll want to log into your account using your ecowater app on your smartphone or you can go to your computer and type in

Once you’ve logged into your account, press add system. once you are in add system, it will say “put your device in browser mode or connection mode and see the instruction manual”. Basically, this goes through everything you need to know. once you are there press settings and go into wifi settings, go all the way up and find your wifi. once you have wifi you will see something called h2o and then a couple of numbers behind it. you’re going to connect to that.

Connecting to the Ecowater 3700 Series

should redirect you. you are going to open your application. once it’s here it will say “select local wi-fi” which is your wi-fi. once you have selected the wi-fi you will go down to the password. after entering it, you are going to press “next”. sometimes this process can take a couple of minutes.

at this point, it will look at your softener and give you a key code.

Adding the Keycode

once you’re in this menu, you’ll notice this is where you enter the keycode to continue, so you’ll just look at the keycode on your softener, enter the same keycode, press “next”, at which point will register your device.

once you have finished registering your device, you will set a nickname. I usually just put “softener”. then as you go, set your system units to “english”, hardness units to “grains per gallon”, and then manually adjust your hardness based on what is happening. to your house.

Setting Hardness and Iron Settings

so let’s say this [hardness] is a “24”. for iron I’ll make up a number and say “1.2”.

Setting the Salt Types

for types of salt, it will usually be “sodium” unless you use potassium. the date formatt is entirely up to you. the time format is also up to you. the typical recharge of the unit is at 2 am.

Setting a Recharge Time

At this point, you’re going to enter your email address and a cell phone number. these are the ones you will receive your alerts to in case there is a problem with the unit.

Setting the Low Salt Warning

The first thing you come across is a low salt warning. I usually tell clients to turn that one on. you can choose between “email” or “text”. what I usually tell clients is to set it in about 30 days; It’s really just your preference, but I reckon 30 days gives you plenty of time to move on and get more salt.

flow monitor: I usually turn it on. you can also press “text” for that.

Setting the Excessive Water Use Alert

excessive use of water: I always turn it on. what it’s going to say excessive water usage is the unit counts gallons what’s going to happen is if a toilet is open or you’re using too much water in some area of ​​the house the unit will actually alert you and then at that point you can try to find out what the situation is.

water to drain alert: always active.

error messages is totally up to you. we can turn it on.

Setting Your Service Reminder

so next will be your service reminder. I always recommend that customers enable the service reminder. then you will notice that you can select ro service, service reminder or filter service. I say for a softener just leave it on the service reminder.

now you’re ready to go.

We typically recommend yearly services on these units, so I usually tell a client to leave it on a reminder for 11 or 12 months. That way, if we don’t contact you, they’ll at least get a little reminder and say “hey, it’s about time we went out and checked your unit.” At that time, we’ll go out and test your water and see how well your softener is working.

next is connection lost, which you can turn on or off, it’s up to you. lost connection basically says that if your unit suddenly goes offline or there is a wi-fi problem in your home, it alerts you that they no longer have access to your softener. you can send that in a text message or email. then, you will press the “next” button.

At this point, your device has been added to Wi-Fi. if you have any further questions or problems, simply give us a call at carroll water. thanks.

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