How to Connect Any Bluetooth Headphones to Mac: Issues and Fixes - Headphonesty

How to Connect Any Bluetooth Headphones to Mac: Issues and Fixes – Headphonesty

not sure how to connect bluetooth headset to mac? we got you covered! and if you run into connection problems, here’s what you can do.

problems with bluetooth headset connecting to mac rarely occur. but they still do. And these rare cases can leave non-techies and those who recently switched from Windows to Mac at a loss.

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Worse yet, these malfunctions often have multiple causes. these can leave anyone clueless about the best way to go.

That’s why we created this guide on how to connect any bluetooth headset to mac. we also include possible problems you might encounter and their quick fixes.

Connect Bluetooth headphones with mac (From: Pexels)

Connect Bluetooth headphones with mac (From: Pexels)

How to Connect Your Bluetooth Headphones to Your Mac

If you’re wondering if you can connect non-apple headphones to a mac, yes you can! Just as AirPods connectivity isn’t unique to Apple devices, Macs can also connect with non-Apple Bluetooth headsets. Most modern Mac computers are Bluetooth ready, allowing you to connect your Bluetooth headset and enjoy quality music away from your seat.

Also, unlike bluetooth headset for tv which needs a separate audio transmitter, the steps to connect bluetooth headset to mac computer is easy and straightforward. Whether you’re using a pair of true wireless earbuds or any typical bluetooth headset, just a few clicks and you’re ready to enjoy an exquisite listening experience.

To establish a connection, you must activate the bluetooth functions of both devices. doing so puts them into a “discoverable mode”.

  • how to turn your bluetooth headset into ‘pairing mode’
  • turn on bluetooth on mac
  • how to connect bluetooth headset to mac

how to put your bluetooth headset into “pairing mode”

This sometimes differs depending on the make and model of your headphones. For example, the Taotronics Soundliberty 79 only requires you to open the charging case, while other earphones require you to hold down specific buttons. but most bluetooth headsets follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate the bluetooth pairing button on your headset. some headsets have a dedicated button for this, while others use the power button. to be sure, check the manual of your headphones.
  2. press the button for a few seconds or until the led light starts flashing to make the device discoverable.

how to activate bluetooth on mac

Now that the headset’s bluetooth is in ‘pairing mode’, proceed to enable your mac’s bluetooth function.

  1. go to apple menu.
  2. select system preferences.
  3. click bluetooth to show the status.
  4. activate it.

Now, get ready to pair your devices!

how to connect bluetooth headset to mac

once the bluetooth functions of both devices are activated, you should see the headphones in the list of available hardware on your mac. To verify and start pairing, do the following:

  1. Go to System Preferences.
  2. Click on Bluetooth.
  3. Under Devices, you will see a list of hardware.
  4. Click on the Pair button beside the device you want to pair with.
    Pair Bluetooth headphones to Mac
    Pair Bluetooth headphones to Mac

finally, with no connection issues, the devices should pair immediately. But for a more complete guide with pictures, feel free to visit our guide on how to connect sony wf-1000xm3 to mac.

As you can see, connecting bluetooth headset to mac is quite easy. however, if you can’t establish a connection or can’t maintain a stable one, read the following sections for step-by-step guides on how to troubleshoot mac and bluetooth headset connection issues.

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how to fix bluetooth connection problems on mac

While connecting bluetooth headset to mac usually involves straightforward and easy steps, there will be times when it can be really challenging. Mac users are not exempt from the common problems of bluetooth users.

at some point, you will experience connection issues ranging from pairing difficulties to constant disconnections.

The good news is that you can easily resolve these concerns. we provide the steps below, so you don’t have to worry when it happens.

  • reset bluetooth headset
  • reset sound preferences on your mac
  • restart audio process

reset your bluetooth headset

Resetting the headset removes problem connections and resolves many other issues. allows you to start a new setup and refresh connections so devices can pair faster.

But to give you an idea, we’ve listed the general steps to reset most bluetooth headsets.

  1. Find the power button.
  2. press and hold.
  3. keep pressing until the headset’s led indicator flashes on blue or red.

If this doesn’t work, your headset may require a more specialized approach. For detailed instructions, check out this guide on how to reset different brands of headphones.

reset your mac’s sound preferences

Personal computers have systems that manage the unit’s audio settings. on mac computers, these are sound preferences. hosts various functions that control the audio-related features of computers.

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In it, you can find three tabs: the output, input, and sound effects tabs.

  • output tab: this allows you to select which audio player (both built-in and installed) to use.
  • input tab: allows you to identify an input source.
  • sound effects tab:allows you to control volume and alerts.

Note that the sound preferences output function manages audio players, which includes your bluetooth headset.

so resetting the sound preferences breaks this feature. specifically, it removes old settings and forces your mac computer to create new settings.

to reset the sound preferencess:

  1. On the menu bar, choose Go and head to Go to Folder.
    Head to
    Head to ‘Go’ to folder.
  2. In it, type ~/Library/Preferences.
    Type twiddle symbol slash Library slash Preference slash
    Type twiddle symbol slash Library slash Preference slash
  3. A lengthy list of preference files will prompt the screen. There, look for and
    Look for and
    Look for and
  4. Delete these entries one by one.
    Delete entries
    Delete entries
  5. Turn off your device for a while and turn it on once more.
    Turn off your device for a while and turn it on once more.
    Turn off your device for a while and turn it on once more.

By following these steps, you have cleared the audio configuration log errors.

If registry errors are causing the problem, you should be able to connect the devices after performing these steps.

however, if the above interventions failed, proceed to restart the audio process.

restart audio process

restarting your mac computer’s audio process works the same way as resetting sound preferences: it eliminates errors and glitches.

but instead of resetting just the audio preferences, it restarts the entire audio process for a deeper cleanup.

  1. On your PC’s Applications folder, launch Activity Monitor.
    Launch Activity Monitor.
    Launch Activity Monitor.
  2. Head to the CPU tab and search for coreaudiod.
    Search for coreaudiod.
    Search for coreaudiod.
  3. Stop the process and exit Activity Monitor.
    Stop the process and exit Activity Monitor.
    Stop the process and exit Activity Monitor.

but what if it’s not just a simple connection error that’s preventing you from connecting your headphones to your mac? what if it is the bluetooth function of your mac that is not working?

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what to do if bluetooth is not working on mac

Even with the superiority of mac as a device, you may still find fault with its bluetooth function, such as bt not working.

Although this type of failure occurs infrequently, it still pays to know how to navigate to avoid frustration.

You can quickly resolve this issue by following the procedures below.

  • check the bluetooth icon in the mac menu bar
  • turn bluetooth off and back on
  • disconnect all paired devices
  • reset bluetooth module
  • clear up a bit

check bluetooth icon in mac menu bar

the bluetooth icon in your menu bar contains information about the status of your bluetooth and can indicate what the problem might be.

Mac Bluetooth icons and what they mean

Mac Bluetooth icons and what they mean
  • A dark Bluetooth icon means the Bluetooth is ready, but no peripherals are connected.
  • If the icon has three dots across, it entails that the Bluetooth function is on with one or more devices linked to the computer.
  • A clear icon signifies that the Bluetooth feature on your device is turned off.
  • If the icon comes with a low battery symbol, it tells you that a device connected to your Mac is running low on battery. Note that you will not see this on all devices.
  • Moreover, an icon with a zigzag line represents an unavailable Bluetooth feature.

Encountering a bluetooth not available issue can be annoying, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. You can fix this problem using the following steps.

turn bluetooth off and back on

It’s amazing how simply resetting bluetooth on your mac can resolve widespread connection issues. but I sure do!

renews the scanning process and uses a more up-to-date mode to speed up the search for new devices.

just toggle the bluetooth button on and off. this will help you start with a “cleaner” and faster connection.

Toggle Bluetooth

Toggle Bluetooth’s on and off button

Disconnect all paired devices

Although bluetooth is considered advanced technology, unfortunately, it still has profound limitations. one of which is the limited number of devices it can support.

On a mac computer, the bluetooth specs say you can pair up to seven devices. but there is a caveat here.

If you think your bluetooth has reached its limit, disconnect all paired devices and try connecting your bluetooth headset once more.

reset bluetooth module

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if, after all the above fixes were started, and you are still experiencing issues with your mac, it’s time for some serious debugging.

This will fix more complex software issues that were missed by previous fixes.

prepare to reset the bluetooth module.

  1. Press on Shift + Option and hit on the Bluetooth icon found in the menu bar.
    Click on Bluetooth icon
    Click on the Bluetooth icon
  2. Select Debug and proceed to Remove all devices.
    Debug and remove all devices
    Debug and remove all devices
  3. Select Debug once more but this time, choose Reset the Bluetooth module.
    Choose Reset the Bluetooth module
    Choose Reset the Bluetooth module
  4. Restart your computer and attempt Bluetooth pairing once again.
    Restart your computer
    Restart your computer

clear up a bit

Over time, hard drives accumulate clutter from all kinds of operations we perform with our computers.

This clutter severely affects bluetooth connectivity, leaving you with a mac that can’t find bluetooth headsets or a mac bluetooth that doesn’t work at all.

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The good news is that you can always use mac cleanup software like cleanmymac x.

This tool removes outdated cache files, malware, broken registries, and other junk that could be causing bluetooth failure.

to use this app:

  1. Head to System Junk.
    System Junk
    System Junk
  2. Click Scan and let the app finish scanning the whole system.
    Click Scan
    Click Scan
  3. Review files and remove unnecessary ones.
    Remove unnecessary files
    Remove unnecessary files

how to use multiple bluetooth headsets on mac

At some point, we will find the need to play audio on multiple bluetooth headsets on our mac computers. but is it possible?

The short answer is: yes. While it might be a challenge for most PCs to play on multiple wireless devices at once, Mac really does allow it.

Whether it’s to share your songs efficiently or watch a movie on your mac with a friend without disturbing anyone else, you have two options:

  • modify your mac’s audio settings.
  • use third-party audio mixer software.

see how to use multiple headsets on mac for a more detailed guide.

what to do with audio problem on connected bluetooth headset on mac

Even if you have successfully connected your bluetooth headset to mac, there may still be some issues you will encounter, this time, with the audio quality of your headset.

We have seen bluetooth headset users complain of various audio issues, such as sound delays, low volume, or no sound at all.

If you are experiencing any of these, the following guide may help you troubleshoot.

  • to help you fix sound lags on your bluetooth: see “how to fix sound lags on bluetooth headset”.
  • for low sounding bluetooth headsets: see ” why are my headphones so quiet?
  • if you can’t hear anything from your bluetooth headphones: go to “bluetooth headphones connected but no sound: solutions for pc and mobile devices”.
  • for audio stutters, visit “bluetooth headset still not working: issues & fixes”

If problems persist, you should check if the bluetooth versions and bluetooth audio codecs of your headphones and audio source match. if they don’t match, it reverts to a lower setting which can affect sound quality.


There is no denying how bluetooth has made our tasks more convenient and efficient.

With it, you can listen to audio with great flexibility and comfort, without the limitations imposed by annoying cables. you can dance while you listen or walk while you talk; the luxury of movement is infinite with a bluetooth device.

but this could only be possible with a fast and stable bluetooth connection. therefore, it is imperative to optimize your bluetooth connectivity using the guides in this article.

Also, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your bluetooth headset on other devices. Just like this complete guide on how to connect bluetooth headset on mac, we have created several guides to help you connect your headset to any device. check them out here:

  • for windows pc
  • for switch
  • for xbox one
  • for tv

Do you have any concerns regarding the headset? let us know and we’ll help you fix them in future articles.

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