4 Ways To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

4 Ways To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

4 Ways To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

How to connect earbuds to xbox

Should be easy, but it isn’t. how to connect bluetooth headset to xbox one? these two are not compatible, but there are ways around it.

Bluetooth technologies are convenient as they do not require cables. however, it is not an easy technology to use on microsoft consoles. solutions require additional effort, dongles and other devices.

although xbox one and xbox series are some of the most popular gaming platforms, they still lack conventional bluetooth audio support.

means the same bluetooth headset you use on your computer won’t work on an xbox. these are not supported technologies, at least not in official terms.

bluetooth headsets or microphones are not technically compatible with microsoft consoles. instead, you’ll need to use a compatible wireless headset.

how to connect bluetooth headset to xbox one

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

Xbox doesn’t support Bluetooth headphones. However, there’re some tools and tricks to bypass the limitation.

even so, these methods may not allow you to enjoy the full set of audio from your headphones. for example, the microphone may not work.

That said, here are the solutions we can try:

these solutions work for xbox one and xbox series. That includes any variations of these consoles, such as the Xbox One X or Xbox Series S.

connect bluetooth headset to xbox using bluetooth transmitter

You can use a bluetooth transmitter as an additional dongle. It is the ideal solution if you already have bluetooth headphones.

The method will usually turn off your microphone, but you will still hear game audio and party chat.

some bluetooth transmitters have a specific design for xbox one, like this one. these are more convenient as they fit on the controller as an accessory.

otherwise you can get other bluetooth transmitters with a 3.5mm connection. you can plug these devices into xbox series or newer xbox one controllers.

these are the steps:

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth transmitter
  2. Plug the transmitter on your controller’s 3.5mm port 3.5mm-jack-on-controller
  3. Turn on your headphones and engage the pairing mode. Most headphones have different pairing instructions; you can check the manual for exact guidelines.
  4. Press and hold the pairing or multifunction button on the Bluetooth dongle for five seconds. It will put it in pairing mode.
  5. Bring the headphones and the dongle closer, so the connection happens faster.

If your controller doesn’t have a 3.5mm connection, you need an additional item, a stereo headphone adapter. older xbox controllers don’t have the extra audio jack.

  1. Connect the Stereo Headset Adapter on your controller’s USB portstereo-headset-adapter
  2. Connect the Bluetooth transmitter on the adapter’s 3.5mm jack
  3. Pair the headphones with the transmitter.

Alternatively, some Bluetooth transmitters have a digital optical cable. You can plug it at the back of the Xbox One on the S/PDIF audio port. Then, you can switch the transmitter mode from AUX (3.5mm) to S/PDIF. optical connection s/pdif

Please note that the Xbox Series does not have a digital output connection.

connect bluetooth headset to xbox through tv

connect Bluetooth headset to xbox via tv

The television can open a connection between the Xbox and your Bluetooth headset. However, you have to connect the Xbox to the TV and then the headphones to the TV.

every TV has a different way of connecting bluetooth headphones, so you should check the manual. Not all TVs have bluetooth, but most smart TVs do. For example, if your TV has a smart remote, it probably has bluetooth.

basically you can put your headphones into pairing mode and then enable bluetooth on the tv. the option must be inside the sound submenu, in a sound output option or similar.

As usual, however, the option does not support the microphone. You would only hear game audio and party chat, but you can still use a USB or 3.5mm microphone to talk.

Alternatively, you can use a bluetooth transmitter on the TV:

  1. connect the transmitter to your tv via optical, rca, aux or usb (an example transmitter)
  2. put the transmitter in pairing mode. you may need to change a connection type button on the device to match your settings
  3. put your headphones into pairing mode

connect bluetooth headset to xbox using pc connection

windows pc and xbox consoles have similarities in firmware and hardware structure. That means you can use your windows computer to route audio playback to your bluetooth headset.

These are the three initial requirements for the process:

  1. your pc and your xbox must be on the same network
  2. you need to install the xbox console companion app on your pc. you should have it by default unless you have uninstalled it. if that’s the case, you can download it from the microsoft store for free.
  3. your pc must have bluetooth. otherwise you can use a bluetooth transmitter.

if you meet all the requirements, you can use all the features of your bluetooth headset on the xbox. which includes game audio, party chat audio, and microphone.

these are the steps:

  1. Open the Xbox Console Companion app on your PC xbox console companion app
  2. Sign in with your Xbox account credentials
  3. Wait until the app detects your console. If it doesn’t happen, click the “Add a device” icon on the left. It will ask you to add your Xbox’s IP Address; below if you don’t know how to find it. add a device to xbox companion app
  4. After the app detects your console, click Connect, and wait until the pairing completes.
  5. After you establish the connection, connect your Bluetooth headset to your PC.
  6. If the connection between the app and the Xbox fails:You may try, Settings > Device & Streaming > Device Connections. Make sure to tick both boxes under “This Xbox.” Also, check “Only from profiles signed in on this Xbox.xbox-app-connectivity
  7. Lastly, to find your Xbox’s IP address:Navigate through, Settings > Network > Network Settings > Advanced Settings. The information is on the right side of the screen, next to IPv4. ip address xbox

connect bluetooth headset to xbox using xbox app

Using the xbox app cheat will only allow you to listen to the party chat. you won’t hear game audio or talk through your headset.

essentially you can join a party chat on your xbox and then connect your bluetooth headset in the xbox app. You can then route the game audio to the TV and talk through a USB microphone.

In general, it’s not very convenient, but it’s still a solution.

Anyway, here are the steps:

  1. Connect your Bluetooth headset to your smartphone
  2. Download and install the Xbox app (it’s free)
  3. Open the app and click its Social icon XBOX-app-social-icon
  4. Click on the headset icon at the top right click-on-headphone-icon
  5. Agree to the permissions
  6. It will open the party chat screen. You can even invite your mates and enjoy. party-chat-screen

why doesn’t xbox support bluetooth headset?

wireless xbox headphone

In essence, Microsoft sells proprietary wireless headsets for their Xbox consoles. Instead of using BlueTooth for connection, the company created a unique protocol, Xbox Wireless.

that means microsoft decided to take a different path towards wireless peripherals. Compatible Xbox headsets and microphones use the same connectivity protocol. I would identify the brand of these items by the word “wireless”.

xbox wireless uses a high radio frequency instead of the standard 2.4ghz bluetooth. As a result, it doesn’t compete with normal bandwidth, reducing latency and improving audio quality.

There are two types of xbox wireless headsets:

how to connect wireless headset to xbox

Connecting your device may be easier if you have a compatible xbox wireless headset or headset.

here is the tutorial:

  1. Turn your headphones on, and turn on the pairing mode. Often, you can do it by holding the power button for a couple of seconds until the LED light turns on.
  2. Turn your console on
  3. Press and hold the Pairing Button until its LED light blinks. You can identify the button on any Xbox One or Xbox Series as it has three arrows. xbox pairing button
  4. Press and hold the Connect Button on your headphones until the LED light starts flashing. You will hear a tone on the headset when the connection is made, and the LED lights on both devices will become steady.

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