How to Link Steam and Origin/EA Accounts? Here Is the Tutorial

How to Link Steam and Origin/EA Accounts? Here Is the Tutorial

why link origin and steam accounts?

Nowadays, more and more games are available on different gaming platforms.

for example, games like apex legends, the sims 4, dragon age and more are published by electronic arts (ea) and were only available in the source client. now, they appear on steam and users can download, install and play them on steam.

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However, some ea games on steam still require an ea account (also called an origin account) to play. and some ea games on steam even incorporate ea drm, which means ea online activation and the origin client must be running in the background while playing these games on steam.

luckily, you can link steam and origin/ea accounts. If you don’t know how to link steam and origin accounts, keep reading.

how to link steam and origin accounts

Before linking origin and steam accounts, here are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • Underage source accounts cannot be linked to steam accounts.
  • You can link only one steam account to a source account. make sure you link the correct accounts.

how to link origin and steam accounts? follow the steps below.

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Step 1: Make sure you have installed the origin and steam clients on your computer.

step 2: start steam and log in.

step 3: run an ea game like apex legends from the steam store.

step 4: origin will launch and ask you to link the origin and steam accounts. you just need to login to origin. then the game can be installed and played on steam.

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how to unlink steam and origin accounts

if you linked your steam account to the wrong origin/ea account, you may want to unlink them.

Before you do, please note that you cannot unlink accounts again for six months after you unlink your steam account from your ea account. additionally, your game progress will not carry over and you will lose access to:

  • current ea games and game progress
  • expansions, dlc and anything extra in your games
  • subscriptions and memberships
  • purchases within of the game

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so you better think twice. if you’re really sure you want to unlink the accounts, here’s what to do.

Step 1: Go to ea account settings.

step 2: select the connections option.

Step 3: Navigate to the account you want to unlink, and then click the unlink button.

Step 4: Read the disclaimer and be aware of the risks of unlinking accounts. If you are sure about the operation, check the option I understand and want to continue.

step 5: select unlink.

hope this post can help you unlink or link steam and origin accounts as you wish! You can share your ideas and experiences with us by raising them in the following comment area. thanks in advance!

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