3 Ways to Hook up a DVD Player to TV [2022 Guide]

3 Ways to Hook up a DVD Player to TV [2022 Guide]

3 Ways to Hook up a DVD Player to TV [2022 Guide]

How to connect dvd to hdtv

part 2. 3 ways to connect a dvd player to tv

before connecting the dvd player to your tv or hdtv, be sure to turn off both devices.

connect a dvd player with hdmi

1Insert one end of the cable into the hdim interface of the dvd player. the interface is often called hdmi or hdmi out.

2Go to your TV and plug the other end of the cable into your TV’s hdmi interface.

3check again and make sure both connections are secure.

4then you can turn on the dvd player and your television. after you insert a readable disc into your dvd player, you can start enjoying it.

Hook up a DVD player with HDMI

Connect a DVD player with Component Cables

1 component cables have five wires with different colors. and in the area labeled output or output on the back of your dvd player, there are five interfaces that match the colors of the wires.

You must plug all these cables into the interfaces of the same color. If the output area only contains green, blue and red three interfaces, you need to connect the white cable and the second red cable to the audio output area.

2Then insert the other ends of these cables into your TV and make sure they match their colors.

3after connection, you can turn on both dvd player and tv to start watching.

If you don’t want to carry a heavy dvd player or TV to watch dvd movies, you can burn dvd to usb then you can easily carry it to play anywhere.

Connect DVD Player

A/V Cables connection

1the process for connecting a dvd player via a/v cables is similar to that for component cables. a/v cables have three wires colored red, white, and yellow. go to the outlet area on the back of the dvd player and insert the cables according to the color of the interface.

2and connect the other end of the cable to the corresponding interfaces on the TV.

3Finally, turn on the TV and DVD player and insert a disc to test the connection.

then you start watching your dvds on tv. however, we know that dvds are not as high quality as blu-ray, so you can try to improve your dvds by reading this post.

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