The Wireless Projection Guide- What Are the Options And How Does It Wo - Personal Projector

The Wireless Projection Guide- What Are the Options And How Does It Wo – Personal Projector

Whether it’s for home use, travel, business, education, gaming, entertainment or art, projecting your smart device wirelessly can make life so much easier, see our full range of wireless projectors here.

How does full wireless mirroring work with a projector?

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This term is self-explanatory and means that the screen of your smart device (iphone/android phone/tablet, etc.) can be fully mirrored through the projector wirelessly. what is displayed through your device will be identical through the projector, so what you see on one screen is what you get on the other screen.

apple calls it airplay and android calls it screen mirroring/quick connect (among other terms). Some projectors have this feature built in, such as the Pico Genie and Qumi ranges. Other projectors do not have this feature, however a variety of dongles can be purchased to enable this feature.

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Wireless M550

How does wireless mirroring work with a projector using an app?

On Android or iPhone, you can download free apps like Mira Cast and connect your smart device to the projector directly. note: you will need to have the projector and your mobile device connected to the same wi-fi network for this to work.

With your mobile device’s screen mirrored to your projector, you can access just about everything from email, videos, internet, powerpoint, music and more. a great way to play your favorite mobile games in full screen or to easily scroll through your social networks.

p85 ez cast

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What are the alternatives if my projector does not have built-in wireless?

If your projector doesn’t have built-in wireless, don’t worry. you still have options to share your smart device wirelessly. There are a wide variety of mirroring methods, whether using a cable or wireless hdmi type dongle or a system such as apple tv or chromecast.

cables: The simplest and easiest way will be to use a cable. For Android users, this may include an MHL adapter that needs to be purchased for your exact phone model, so it’s best to buy directly from the manufacturer. For Apple users, there are a variety of HDMI and VGA adapters that connect HDMI or VGA cables directly to an iPhone or iPad. There are many copies of this type of cable on the market so beware of cheap imitations. see apple website for more details.

Wireless dongles can be connected via usb or hdmi ports. this will allow your smart device to connect directly to the projector wirelessly. using a wireless dongle is a great way to add wireless mirroring capabilities to your existing projector.

Not all available dongles will work properly. some will come with a transmitter and receiver and will need to be configured accordingly, while others will need to connect to your wi-fi and stream over your internet connection. Before you buy a dongle, it’s best to check which devices you want to use it with, you can see our full range of wireless dongles here.

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