6 Best Systems for Facebook CRM Integration in 2022

6 Best Systems for Facebook CRM Integration in 2022

Integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) software with Facebook makes it easy to capture, communicate, and interact with potential customers. The best Facebook-CRM integrations also provide insights into website traffic and have features to track consumer behavior and manage social media ads. We compared dozens of options to find the six best facebook-crm integrations based on features, cost, strengths, and ease of use.

These are our top six recommendations for the facebook-crm integration and their best use cases:

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  • freshsales: the best overall facebook-crm integration and the best omnichannel communication tools
  • zoho crm: the best crm that integrates with facebook for social profile enrichment
  • agile crm: strong option for those who want a facebook crm integration with extensive marketing tools
  • zendesk sale: great option for a simple crm with easy facebook lead capture capability
  • hubspot crm: best crm for integrate with the entire family of facebook metaproducts (facebook, instagram, messenger, facebook watch and facebook portal)
  • salesforce: the best facebook-crm integration for strong facebook-crm capabilities analysis and reports

comparison of the best facebook crm integration options

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freshsales: the best global facebook crm integration for omnichannel communications

*based on annual billing. monthly subscriptions are also available at higher rates.

freshsales’s crm integration with facebook allows users to automatically capture leads from their facebook business pages. simply connect the two systems and all leads generated from facebook lead ad submissions will be captured and sent directly to your crm software.

In addition, all conversations on Facebook Messenger appear in your Fresh Sales Chat inbox, helping you centralize conversations with your customers. Aside from this, you can also communicate with your customers through various channels, including in-app phone calls, live chat, and email.

While great for capturing facebook leads, the freshsales free plan lacks some key features like multiple sales pipelines and update notifications. If you want a feature-packed free plan that includes essential features like email marketing and workflows, check out Zoho CRM.

more functions of crm freshsales

In addition to its Facebook-related features, FreshSales offers essential CRM tools and features that help you better manage customer relationships. Here are some of the features we find most beneficial:

  • Organizing features: Create follow-up tasks, schedule and track appointments, and record notes for every lead, contact, account, and deal
  • communication tools: make calls from the application and send messages via email, short message service (sms), chat, social networks and messaging services such as whatsapp and apple business chat
  • website statistics analytics: gain insights into your visitors’ interests or engagement levels by analyzing their page views, resource downloads, and other activities on your website
  • mobile app: access features and customer data from anywhere

freshsales is a great option for budget-conscious businesses who want a CRM with strong lead generation tools and plans that add features as their business grows. Check out our comprehensive fresh sales review to explore other features the platform offers, such as AI-powered bidding insights included in higher-tier plans.

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zoho crm – best facebook crm integration for social profile enrichment features

*based on annual billing. monthly subscriptions are also available at higher rates.

Zoho CRM’s Facebook integration allows users to select relevant prospect and customer information, such as demographics and interests, based on their profile and activities on the platform. These insights are used to enrich the information you already have about your customers or when generating new leads from Facebook. You can use this data to offer more personalized services to customers or provide sales agents with more information before contacting a potential customer.

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however, although zoho crm offers a free plan, it is limited to only three users and customer support is only available during business hours. Those who want unlimited user access and extended customer support hours should consider subscribing to hubspot crm.

more features of zoho crm

With a robust set of features to help with everything from generating leads to optimizing workflows and closing deals, Zoho CRM offers a great all-in-one CRM solution for small businesses. some of its most useful features include:

  • automatic lead capture: automatically captures new contacts and leads through facebook lead ads and saves them to your crm database
  • Sales Reports: Real-time CRM reports offer insights into a variety of metrics, including sales trends, marketing campaigns, and activity reports
  • data import: it’s easy to upload data from spreadsheets to zoho crm
  • mobile app: zoho crm mobile app makes it easy to add log notes of leads, communicate with prospects, and track key performance indicators (kpis), whether you’re working in or out of the office

zoho crm is an excellent choice for many different types of businesses, in part because it integrates seamlessly with the provider’s other native applications; There are more than 50. Examples include sales and marketing tools like Zoho Social, Sales IQ, and Projects, as well as apps for businesses that sell subscriptions, and tools for billing and accounting. read our zoho crm expert review to learn more.

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agile crm: best facebook crm integration with strong marketing tools

*based on annual billing. monthly subscriptions are also available at slightly higher rates.

agile crm integration with facebook gives you the ability to monitor brand mentions and conversations related to your business, as well as follow industry trends and relevant content from influencers through listening tools Social. With these data-backed insights, you can maximize Agile CRM’s extensive marketing tools to create more engaging content. these include marketing emails, landing pages, social content, and mobile marketing.

In addition, social monitoring allows you to better manage your brand’s online reputation, identify and engage with followers, and gain feedback to help you with product and service development. These tools also allow you to see what types of marketing and online activities your competitors are doing so you can identify potential competitive advantages.

agile crm’s integration with facebook is packed with useful features, but its free plan lacks access to the in-app phone feature. extensive integrations are also limited to the most expensive plans, and the basic plan only has three integrations. users who want access to an in-app phone for free should subscribe to freshsales, while those who want extensive integrations will benefit more from zoho crm.

more agile crm functions

agile crm allows users to create more effective marketing campaigns based on information from social networks, which increases the chances of conversion. the features we like the most are listed below:

  • Lead Scoring: Identify leads who are most likely to convert based on actions, such as opening and clicking on emails or completing an email lead form. sales to download high-value content
  • form builders: create custom web forms to capture essential visitor information that is saved directly to your crm, such as name, company and contact details
  • social media integration: perform key social media activities directly from your crm dashboard, including posting to social media channels, tracking brand mentions, follower messaging, and lead capture
  • tracking lead behavior: helps you maximize your return on investment ( river i) in your marketing automation campaigns by tracking the social behavior of leads and customers

agile crm is ideal for users who need a complete crm system that offers a 360-degree view of customers and provides essential deal and opportunity management capabilities. its integrated sales, marketing, and customer service tools help businesses make informed decisions by centralizing all data and interactions throughout the customer journey. Please read our agile crm review to learn more about this provider.

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zendesk sale: the best facebook crm for simple applications & easy acquisition of potential clients

*based on annual billing. monthly subscriptions are also available at slightly higher rates.

The zendesk sell facebook-crm integration is limited to lead capture tools. On top of this, Zendesk Sell also offers core CRM features like email marketing and automation, an in-app phone, and the ability to track deals and opportunities.

once the zendesk sell facebook crm integration is configured, the sell lead capture form is added as a tab on your facebook page. this allows fans to contact you from facebook using the sales form, and you can convert your fans and likes into leads.

however, zendesk sell does not have a free plan and plan upgrades are expensive. It also doesn’t offer social media listening tools, which are useful for improving content to reach the customer. Users who want access to a free plan or more affordable pricing plans can consider hubspot or freshsales crm, while those who need social listening features should try agile crm.

more zendesk selling features

In addition to its Facebook-related features, Zendesk Sell offers useful tools that help users streamline daily sales activities and improve the visibility of their funnel. Some of the standout features we like are:

  • single customer view: gives agents a single view of everything related to a customer, including order history, loyalty status, and web activities
  • Intelligent case routing: Built-in routing and intelligence features collect critical customer details, reduce the need for manual data entry, and escalate and route issues to the most appropriate agent to assist
  • reporting and analytics: allows users to access real-time and historical data to analyze trends in their customer service activities
  • mobile app: allows android and ios users to access various types of crm data and essential functions such as managing tasks and leads on the go

visit zendesk sell

hubspot crm: crm that integrates with various facebook products

*based on annual billing. monthly subscriptions are also available at higher rates.

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Facebook-Hubspot CRM integration connects with various Facebook meta-products, including your Facebook Business Page, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Workplace. You can post and schedule posts to your Facebook Business Page easily from within HubSpot CRM. It also supports creating facebook lead ads, which automatically capture leads and sync data to hubspot crm.

However, hubspot crm’s free plan lacks customer support and doesn’t include automation tools like workflow and task automation. Also, upgrading to higher levels is expensive, especially if you don’t need additional user seats. users who need a more robust free plan should consider zoho crm, while those who want more affordable pricing options and plan levels should use freshsales.

more hubspot crm features

hubspot crm provides a simple, centralized interface to manage customers, understand their behavior and increase satisfaction and retention rates. Here are some of the features that users benefit from the most:

  • hubspot facebook ads: powerful return on investment (roi) ad reporting based on actual bids and the ability to customize ad targeting by synchronizing hubspot lists with facebook audiences to analyze profiles and interests
  • integration with facebook messenger: chat with your customers and answer their questions on messenger directly from the hubspot crm interface
  • task management: set up a series of follow-up tasks to more easily manage multiple clients and projects simultaneously
  • email marketing: great email marketing tools to send professional looking marketing emails to grow and nurture your customer base
  • live chat: live chat tool for communicate with visitors tes of your website in real time
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hubspot crm’s free plan includes advanced sales, marketing, and service tools typically only offered by other providers on paid plans. Some of these are unlimited user allowance, 1 million contacts, email marketing tools, in-app phone, and customizable dashboards. To see if it’s the right fit for you, read our crm hubspot to explore other features the platform has to offer.

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salesforce: best facebook-crm integration for robust analytics & reporting capabilities

*price shown is based on annual billing. only the essential plan is available for a monthly subscription.

salesforce is one of the most popular and advanced crm on the market due to its excellent sales and marketing automation tools. it also allows you to generate advanced reports and analytics that provide actionable insights, including customer behavior analysis, sales trends, lead conversion rate, and most and least active customers.

This facebook-crm integration helps businesses improve their customer acquisition initiatives by capturing leads using facebook lead ads. By capturing leads, users can nurture them, feed them specific content based on their profile, and send automated offers via email or mobile.

however, salesforce does not offer a free plan, higher tier plans get expensive quickly and can be difficult to navigate for novice users. businesses that want a free option should check out freshsales. on the other hand, for those who want a more intuitive interface, we recommend zoho crm or agile crm.

more functions of the sales force

salesforce has customization features that help companies define metrics for their reporting and data analysis. our favorite salesforce features include:

  • advanced analytics: generate intelligent reports to improve your sales activities, including lead sources, marketing performance, and revenue predictions
  • retargeting Facebook Ads & Targeting – Learn what types of content can help drive sales and conversions based on a potential customer’s activities and interests on Facebook
  • Leads: Track, filter, and qualify leads and route hot leads to the most appropriate reps to increase the likelihood of conversion
  • Intelligent Routing: distribute work across your team based on agent skill set, availability, and ability to handle incoming work based on your case flow
  • mobile app: provides the ability to perform almost all functions that can be performed in your web application, making it easy for your agents to reference important crm and customer data wherever and whenever

salesforce is one of the most sophisticated crms on the market and is known for its powerful sales force automation, lead outreach, and business performance analytics tools. If you need a CRM system with great sales and opportunity management capabilities, check out our Basic Basic Plan Sales Force review to learn how it can help you grow your business.

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how we evaluate the best systems for facebook-crm integration

When it comes to determining the best crm for facebook integration, we look for tools that offer direct crm integration with the social media platform. We then evaluate the price of each product, the ability to work with other Facebook tools like ads, messenger, instagram, and other features that help a business streamline its sales and marketing processes.

Based on our evaluation, freshsales is the best overall choice for facebook-crm integration due to its price, features, and easy setup. It’s intuitive and easy to use and has effective lead capture capabilities, including through Facebook lead ads. omnichannel communication tools allow you to build relationships with your customers on the channels they prefer to shorten the buying cycle and increase sales.

visit freshsales

click the tabs below to learn more about our evaluation criteria to choose the best system for facebook-crm integration:

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