How to Connect Desktop To Wifi Without an Adapter

How to Connect Desktop To Wifi Without an Adapter

How to Connect Desktop To Wifi Without an Adapter

How to connect cpu to wifi

sometimes it is necessary to have a wifi connection for your desktop. You may need it because you don’t want to be tied to cables, or maybe you just want to put your desk somewhere else.

but what if you don’t have a wireless network adapter or wifi connector for your desktop? good news: you can still have a wifi connection on your pc without one. read on to find out how.

3 ways to connect your desktop to Wi-Fi without an adapter

if you don’t have a usb adapter, don’t worry. this is how you can connect your desktop computer to a wifi connection without one:

use your smartphone as a network adapter

Here are some simple steps you can take to get a wireless internet connection on your computer:

  • grab your smartphone and a usb cable and turn on your computer. even a usb charging cable will work for this.
  • after your computer is on, connect your phone with the usb cable. you’ll hear an acknowledgment sound from your computer and you’ll also see a notification.
  • turn on wifi on your smartphone.
  • then drag down your smartphone’s notification bar and tap the usb notification.
  • select “usb tethering” from the list of options.
  • another option is to go to your smartphone settings, connections and then turn on tethering usb network here.</li
  • wait a minute. Eventually, you will see that the Wi-Fi bars symbol on your computer’s taskbar has turned into a desktop symbol. this means you are connected and ready to browse the web now.

That was pretty simple, wasn’t it? you have a good enough internet connection on your computer and you didn’t even spend a dime on a wifi adapter.

use your laptop to share wifi

this is how you can use your laptop to connect your pc to wireless internet:

  • first, turn on your laptop and make sure it is connected to your wifi.
  • go to control panel and then click ‘network and internet’.
  • then click the first option that says ‘network and sharing center’.
  • on the left, you will see some options. click the one that says ‘change adapter settings’.
  • find the wireless network that is connected to your laptop and right-click on it.
  • se will open a box showing wifi properties. At the top, tap the sharing tab.
  • Then, check the box that says ‘Allow other network users to connect through your computer’s Internet connection’.
  • now, connect your laptop and pc via an ethernet cable.
  • your pc will recognize the connection and you are ready to surf the internet.
  • however, in In some cases, you may need to select the ethernet option after connecting the cable. right click on this and select bridge connections.

ethernet connection between a router and a pc

If you have a wireless device like a mifi, but you don’t have any wifi hardware for your computer, you can still establish a connection between the two. for this, you will need a router.

so if you have a router at home, you can use it as a repeater that will connect your wireless device to your pc via an ethernet cable.

this way, you won’t have to buy a usb wifi adapter for your pc. however, if you don’t have a router, buying a Wi-Fi adapter will be a much cheaper and easier solution.

To use a router as a Wi-Fi repeater for a Wi-Fi connection on your PC, watch this video tutorial that explains the whole process in detail.

how do i connect to wifi in windows 10 without an adapter?

Regardless of what version of windows you have, the steps to connect your pc to a wireless connection will be the same as described above.

With just a few tweaks in the windows 10 update, it will not be difficult for you to establish a connection between your pc and your smartphone/laptop.

can you connect an old computer to wifi?

Adding wireless capabilities to older desktops is tricky but not impossible. It depends on the version of windows you have installed, so if you have windows xp or something higher, you can try the methods mentioned above.

however, the connection may be too slow to be useful, so you can buy a usb adapter or try installing a pci express card in your computer.

Neither of these methods will likely work if you have, for example, windows me on your computer, since wifi devices these days no longer support this version. you can watch this youtube video for a detailed explanation.


You may need to seek professional help to install a pcie card in your computer, and this will of course cost money, as will buying an adapter.

so unless you need a blazing fast internet connection, you should try the first two methods we discussed to get a wireless connection on your computer. they provide a stable and fast enough connection for everyday tasks and are also easy to set up.

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