Best Tesla game controllers and how to connect them

Best Tesla game controllers and how to connect them

Best Tesla game controllers and how to connect them

How to connect controller to tesla

teslas has a wide range of entertainment options, from netflix to caraoke and a growing list of video games. sky force reloaded is recently released and offers excellent gameplay with one controller. Some video games are designed for a touch screen like 2048, while others are designed to be played with a controller. In fact, some games like cuphead can only be played with one controller.

game controllers compatible with Tesla

Unfortunately not all controllers will work with a tesla, especially if you are looking for a wireless solution. although the good news is that you may already have a working controller.

wired controllers

By far, the cable access option is the easiest and cheapest way. in fact, I recommend going this route unless you think you’ll be using your driver often. wireless options are more complicated and expensive.

The good news is that if you have any recent game consoles, chances are you already have a compatible controller for your tesla. The bad news is that it will only work when connected via usb cable, unless you get an adapter.

xbox one or ps4 controllers

If you have wired or wireless Xbox One or PS4 controllers, you’ll be able to use them on your Tesla by simply plugging them into the car’s front USB ports. unfortunately xbox 360 controllers will not work.

There is a wide variety of compatible wired controllers. if you have one, I recommend you try it out before you go out and buy something else. however, if you don’t already have a working controller, there are some good options that won’t break the bank.

Logitech controller compatible with Tesla

logitech f310 wired controller

This is a cheap option and a good option if you don’t need a driver for anything else. This is probably the least expensive controller you will find from a reputable company that will work on your Tesla.

Please note that while some of the above controllers are wireless, they must be plugged into the front usb ports to work.

wireless controllers

Although there are currently no wireless controllers that can connect directly to your tesla, there are a few options if you want to go wireless.

logitech f710 gaming controller

Logitech wireless controller compatible with Tesla

the logitech f710 is an excellent option due to its ease of connectivity and price. It comes with everything you need to start playing. It uses a nano usb receiver that is synced to the controller so all you have to do is just plug it in and use the controller.

8bitdo wireless controller adapter

Use your controller wirelessly with Tesla

if you want to use an existing controller wirelessly, you can use this adapter from 8bitdo which will allow your controller to communicate wirelessly with your tesla.

This adapter is compatible with a wide variety of controllers including: xbox 360, xbox one, xbox series x & s, ps3, ps4, ps5, switch joy-cons, wii u and switch pro controllers.

mayflash wireless controller adapter

Use your controller wirelessly with Tesla

Alternatively you can also use this adapter from mayflash which will also allow your controller to communicate wirelessly with your tesla.

Simply plug this adapter into your tesla’s usb port and then sync your controller to the adapter. the adapter will translate the wireless signals from the controller into wired signals that your tesla can understand.

tip: to connect any controllers or adapters to your tesla, you will need to plug them into the front usb ports or the glove box usb port if you have one. rear usb ports only provide power output.

usb hubs

jeda usb hub console

Jeda USB Hub for Tesla

If you don’t have enough free USB ports, you’ll need a USB hub. Jeda is a great usb hub that will also charge your airpods and apple watch.

anker 4 port usb hub

cheap USB hub for Tesla

This anker usb hub is an inexpensive way to get more usb ports in your car. It provides four USB ports and it will be great to be able to connect additional game controllers.

now that you have a driver that works on your tesla, let’s play! there are quite a few great games that support controllers and the list is growing all the time. the latest game, sky force reloaded is a fantastic game that allows for two player cooperation.

Here is a list of games that support controllers:

  • heaven force recharged
  • gravitate
  • tempest
  • millipede
  • missile command
  • lunar lander
  • super breakout
  • centipede
  • asteroids
  • beach buggy racing 2
  • cuphead (requires controller to play )
  • stardew valley
  • cat quest (controller required to play)
  • sonic the hedgehog (controller required to play)

If you have a controller that works great for you, please let us know.

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