Configuring a Wi-Fi connection

 Configuring a Wi-Fi connection

set up a Wi-Fi connection

use the system administrator tool to connect to wi-fi.

some devices can be connected directly to ethernet and then configured in a browser. Please refer to your device’s installation instructions for details on how to configure the wireless connection in a browser page (more > settings > network).

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To establish a wi-fi network connection to a controller or other wireless device on the control4 system, first establish an ethernet connection and then configure wi-fi.

To connect to Wi-Fi, complete the following steps:

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  1. Establish an initial temporary ethernet connection from the device to the ethernet network using a category 5 (cat5) cable.
  1. launch composer pro and connect to a local director.
  2. from the tools menu, select system administrator.
  3. from the device panel, select the address for the device you want to configure and click connect.
  • If the device’s network address is not in this list, click refresh.
  • if it still doesn’t appear, click add to enter it manually.
  • if you don’t know the network address, you can find it in connections > network tab.
  1. click the network tab and then click configure.
  2. click next when the network setup wizard dialog box appears. Continue through the wizard screens and provide the following information appropriate for your system. much of this information should match your wireless access point (wap).
  3. enter the new device name. do not include spaces in the new name.
  4. indicate the type of network: wireless network (wifi).
  5. indicate the method to obtain the dns server address: dhcp or static ip. control4 recommends dhcp (selected automatically).
  6. enter ssid number.
  7. enter wep key (if applicable).
  8. enter encryption type (64 or 128).
  9. click a key type (hexadecimal or ascii).
  10. click finish to complete the wizard; reboot the adapter to apply the network configuration changes.
  11. disconnect the ethernet cable from the controller.
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