How To Use A Firestick On Your Computer

How To Use A Firestick On Your Computer

Amazon Fire Stick is a fantastic streaming solution that allows you to turn almost any TV into a complete smart media station. all you need is a decent wifi connection and high speed internet. but what if you wanted to use a firestick with your computer?

first of all, this question could be interpreted in two ways. either:

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  1. want to watch TV on your computer, or
  2. want to mirror your computer to your TV using your firestick.

In this article, we’re going to cover both. We’ll tell you how to use a Firestick with your computer (or monitor) so you can access almost any content, even without a TV. We are also going to talk about the possibility of mirroring your computer screen to a TV through your wifi connection through your firestick. during this process, we’ll cover any additional hardware you may need for your particular situation and what it’s used for.

Let’s start with a basic question:

can i use my fire tv stick to stream content on my computer instead of my tv?

Yes, you can use your Fire TV Stick to stream content to your computer instead of your TV. if you’re just looking to use a computer monitor, it’ll be pretty straightforward, assuming you have the right connections and screen resolution. however, if you are using a real desktop or laptop, you should know that it is not entirely necessary.

If you have access to the internet, your web browser is fully capable of connecting to all of the same streaming services. it really wouldn’t be worth your time, or the expense of a firestick, using it to stream content on your computer.

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Are you new to fire stick? this is how it works…

connecting an amazon fire tv stick to your computer monitor

Some people may want to use their firestick with their computer monitor as they would a regular TV. In this situation, you can easily connect the Fire Stick to your computer monitor if your model has an HDMI input.

Most modern computer monitors come with an HDMI connection. Assuming it does, you just need to make sure your monitor has a screen resolution of at least 720p*.

If your computer has multiple inputs with the ability to switch between them, it’s possible to keep both your firestick and computer tower connected to the monitor so you can switch between the two**. you will need to connect your computer tower to another input while you can keep your firestick connected through the hdmi port.

One thing to remember is that your monitor must support hdcp. hdcp-enabled monitors allow you to decrypt and view content without any issues. most modern monitors have this, but it would be wise to check before buying a computer monitor.

*You can check your screen resolution by clicking here. if not, you can google your monitor model number and you should be able to find it that way.

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** you can use an hdmi switch (found here on amazon) if your monitor doesn’t allow you to switch between multiple sources. the only requirement would be that your monitor has an hdcp-enabled hdmi port.

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Learning to use all of your home technology to its fullest potential streamlines your life and increases productivity. at least, it allows you to watch movies and avoid your work 😂.

Connecting the Fire TV Stick to your computer or computer monitor can allow you to use it as a TV. It can also allow you to mirror your Windows PC, turning your TV into a second screen.

However, if you just want to watch Netflix on your computer, you can log in to the site directly from your control panel for the same experience.

I hope you found this article useful.

Happy watching!

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