How to Set Up a Chromecast with Your iPhone

How to Set Up a Chromecast with Your iPhone

A Google Chromecast.

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If you want to stream content to your TV without an expensive set-top box, Google’s Chromecast is an awesome option! You can even control playback with your iPhone. We’ll walk you through the setup.

chromecast is a receiver that transmits multimedia content to your television. Does not include built-in apps like Apple TV or Roku. Instead, simply tap the cast button on any supported app on your iPhone and Google will cast that content to your Chromecast device.

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The Cast button in YouTube on an iPhone.

the chromecast looks like a miniature ufo connected to your tv with a short hdmi cable. The included power supply plugs into the device’s micro-USB port. the standard model ($35 at time of writing) supports 1080p 60hz content, while the more expensive ultra model ($69 at time of writing) but supports 4k content with high dynamic range.

as part of the installation process, connect the chromecast device to the google assistant. in this way, you can use verbal commands to access and transmit content. for example, you could say, “hey, google. put the latest episode of stranger things on the TV in the living room.”

google assistant will stream that episode to the chromecast device connected to your tv. however, make sure you correctly identify the chromecast device (“living room tv” in this example), so that google assistant understands it and casts it to the correct destination.

these are some of the services that are compatible with the google assistant:

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