Transfer And Manage Photos From A Digital Camera Using A Chromebook

Transfer And Manage Photos From A Digital Camera Using A Chromebook

chromebook-manage-photos-thumbChromebook owners can’t rely on bundled digital camera software to transfer photos over, but that doesn’t mean you are out of luck. There are multiple ways to move pictures, and there are ways to manage those photos once transferred. Your decision to buy (or consider buying) a Chromebook doesn’t mean you will have to give up snapping photos using a dedicated camera. Here’s what you will need to do.

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transfer files

You can try connecting your camera to your chromebook via the usb cable that came with it, but without the ability to install custom software from a disk, it probably won’t do anything. instead you’ll need to transfer images from the sd card directly (which is the approach I take regardless of what OS you’re using). The popular $249 Samsung Chromebook, Acer C720, and high-end Chromebook Pixel all have SD card slots, but the newer HP Chromebook 11 does not. see which model you have, because that will determine which approach you should take.

if your chromebook has a slot for an sd card, taking photos from your digital camera will not be difficult at all. all you need to do is take the card out of your camera and slide it into your computer. A window should appear automatically, but if it doesn’t, you can open the Files app from the app drawer and launch it yourself. the sd card should appear in the sidebar with an obvious name.

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If you are using the hp chromebook 11 or a future chrome os device that lacks an sd card slot, the easiest and cheapest option you have is to choose a usb memory card reader. this way you can still plug in your sd card effectively and use it as demonstrated above.

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You can also invest in a wi-fi enabled sd card. this will allow you to access your images through the browser without having to connect a card or cable to anything.

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manage photos

google provides a google+ photos app that it hopes you use as your centralized photo management center. the software presents images in an attractive grid and is generally easy to use.


The Google+ Photos app is little more than a more streamlined interface for accessing the same files you see at That means you’ll need to upload your photos to Google+ first in order to take advantage of the app. You can even set your Chromebook to automatically upload photos to Google+ whenever you insert an SD card. To enable this feature, just hit the icon in the top right corner and open the settings.


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Once there, you will see the option to enable automatic import. check the box next to it.


After uploading your photos, you can use the app to view your images. if you want to organize them, you’d probably better sign in to google+ and manage the albums there, as the app is still somewhat limited.

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if you don’t want to use google+ to manage your photos, you can use flickr, dropbox or any other service that appeals to you. chrome os may not have an offline photo manager similar to those available for windows, mac, and linux, but if you store your images primarily in a web browser anyway, you should be fine doing the same on your chromebook. /p>

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