How to connect a bose speaker to an iPhone? • Step by Step

How to connect a bose speaker to an iPhone? • Step by Step

How to connect a bose speaker to an iPhone? • Step by Step

How to connect bose speaker bluetooth

Have you recently purchased a bose speaker? You might be wondering how to connect your Apple iPhone to the Bose speaker.

all newer bose speakers come with the same bluetooth setup. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it easy to pair with your iPhone and other devices that have Bluetooth.

This article will guide you through a step-by-step procedure.

3 ways to link

Pairing your iphone with your speaker can be done using these three methods.

  • bluetooth
  • nfc
  • bose app

connect bluetooth speaker

1. turn on the speaker

The power button for the Bose speaker is located on the upper right side of your device.

The first time you turn on your Bose speaker, you will be prompted to select a language.> press – or + to scroll through the languages.> to select the language you want, press and hold the three-dot button to save.> after selecting the language, the buzzer sounds “ready to pair”.> go to step 3.

If you are not prompted to select a language, continue to step 2.

2. activate the speaker’s bluetooth

  • Hold down the Bluetooth button for three seconds to activate the Bluetooth pairing mode. The Bluetooth button has a B-shaped Bluetooth icon.
  • now verify that your bose speaker has entered pairing mode. this can be confirmed by looking for a flashing blue light near the bluetooth button.

3. open iphone bluetooth settings

  1. go to the “settings” icon on your iphone. the “settings” icon should be on the iphone home screen.
  1. after you have accessed “settings”, click on “general”.
  1. In the “general” section, go to the “bluetooth” section.
  1. Turn on the bluetooth switch.

4. find bose speaker

iPhone will instantly start searching for discoverable devices.

after the iphone finishes its search, it will return the name “bose soundlink”. this name will appear in the “devices” column.

Note: Your speaker may be called something else. if so, tap the device that appears to be your bose speakers.

5. Connect iPhone to Speaker

touch “bose soundlink”, which appears in the list. then you will hear “connected to (your iphone’s name)”.

You probably won’t be prompted to enter a password. if prompted, wait a few moments and the passkey will automatically appear on your iphone screen.

the bose soundlink speaker should now pair successfully and the flashing blue light should change to a solid white light.

Connect Speaker Using NFC

1. turn on the bose soundlink speaker.

2. open your nfc reader on your iphone.

Swipe down from the top right corner to open your iphone’s control center. (for older iphones, swipe up from the bottom)

Tap the nfc symbol in control center on your iphone.

3. place your iphone over the bose logo.

place and hold the back of your iphone over the bose logo for a few seconds. your iphone will ask you to accept the pairing.

FYI: The NFC target area on all Bose speakers is the Bose logo.

and ready! now your speaker is connected!

Connect Speaker Using App

You can also pair your speaker with the Bose Connect app.

to link your device with the app.

  • turn on your bose speaker.
  • search “bose connect app” in the apple app store or click here.
  • download the app and follow the instructions .

download the app on google play.


if you have any problem with pairing, you can reset the bluetooth on your speaker.

  • press the bluetooth button for ten seconds to erase all devices.
  • bluetooth will switch to sleep mode and the speaker will turn off.
  • start pairing again process.

if the problem persists, please refer to the bose support article.

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