How to Connect Your Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones to Your iPhone? - Tech Evaluate

How to Connect Your Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones to Your iPhone? – Tech Evaluate

How to Connect Your Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones to Your iPhone? – Tech Evaluate

How to connect bone conduction headphones

Video How to connect bone conduction headphones

Do we occasionally come across people who initially have trouble connecting their new wireless bluetooth bone conduction headset to their iphone cell phone? I myself have had problems because sometimes these smartphones do not pick up the signal from the headphones and it is a simple solution. you are wondering is it you or is it the headphones or the iphone? even when you do a search on the internet, there are really no concise and easy to understand explanations. it may be a different or new set of wireless bluetooth bone conduction headphones or you may have a new iphone and are trying to figure out the process. well you have come to the right place. many people are new to bluetooth or wireless technology and are using and “doing” it for the first time. This is a step-by-step process with pictures on how to set up, connect, and “pair” your iPhone with your new Bluetooth wireless bone conduction headset.

connect wireless bluetooth bone conduction headset to iphone

This information can be applied to any type of wireless bluetooth headset. keep your headphones and your apple iphone together.

first: make sure your headphones have bluetooth and are wireless:

This goes without saying but make sure that your specific headphones have Wireless Bluetooth capability before you buy them or after you have them. If you are wearing these wired headphones above they are not wireless.

make sure your wireless bluetooth bone conduction headphones and iphone have a full electrical charge.

As with any bluetooth wireless device, bone conduction bluetooth wireless headphone manufacturers always recommend that you start with a full electrical charge for your rechargeable headphones. most of these headsets have the following:

  • Standby time: about 10 days
  • talk time: about 6 hours
  • play time: about 6 hours

Put on and turn on your headphones:

Visually look for the on/off button. after putting on the wireless bluetooth bone conduction headset and adjusting the ear hook and bone conduction pads to sit comfortably on or above your cheekbones. you will hear your new wireless bluetooth bone conduction headset for the first time. press the power button and the headset will say “powering on” and then say “ready to pair”.

Next – Find the “Settings” icon on your iPhone:

Look for the “settings” icon on your iphone, usually found on the home screen. tap the settings icon and it will open to the following screen.

Next – Find the Bluetooth button on the top of your screen:

You will see the word “bluetooth” near the top of the screen. this is the bluetooth button. touch the “bluetooth button” with your fingertip and the bluetooth screen will open.

Next – Turn on Bluetooth:

When the bluetooth screen opens, notice that the bluetooth icon says off; slide the switch to the right to activate the bluetooth function if it is not already activated. if it’s already on, leave it.

Next – To get the next screen:

once you slide the button to the right, you will get the following screen as your bluetooth is now activated. you may see multiple devices listed under your bluetooth switch or nothing at all. All of the information below your bluetooth switch applies to bluetooth devices of one kind or another. you may see the name of your vehicle and also some unknown names. bluetooth device manufacturers usually, but not always, put some form of their device name in the title of the bluetooth device.

Next – Getting ready for your iPhone to search:

once the bluetooth button slides to the right and is on, you are ready for your iphone to search for and turn on your bluetooth headset connection.

your iphone should be able to locate the device once this is enabled and should display the device name on the screen. when it does, you will need to press the device name button for the devices to sync. Sometimes, but not usually, you may be required to enter a four-digit passcode, which is provided with your bluetooth wireless device.

The image below again shows the on/off button which for this set of earphones is also how you pair them with your iphone. when you press the power button each time, a voice sounds in the earphones and says “ready to pair” and then says “paired”.

Next – Identify your Wireless Headphones on your iPhone:

On your iPhone, you will now see a small rotating asterisk symbol at the bottom of the screen under “Other Devices” as it searches for your next bluetooth device to connect to. the names of these devices don’t always make sense, but for this particular pair of wireless bluetooth headphones it’s “z8”.

press your devices or select “z8” in this case and you will hear the word “paired” in your headphones. As you can see from the selection, there are many other bluetooth devices on this screen. some you will recognize and some you won’t. just keep track of what’s under the “other devices” line to see what’s new and try to join and pair with your iphone.

Next – iPhone recognizes your Headphones:

once your iphone recognizes your bone conduction headphones (z8) and pairs with them, the indicator name will rise above “other devices” and line up with the “my devices” area and say “connected”.

Next – Your Bone Conduction Bluetooth Wireless Headphones should now be working properly:

Your headphones should now work properly. If you have a microphone on your headphones and want to try them out, you can make a phone call or just choose an audio program icon like or itunes music or another audio program.

As an example, press the audible app icon as shown below and open it to a selection of audible books. play your audiobook and enjoy the experience and knowledge they are working on now.

Next – After you turn the headphones off:

As you become more familiar with your new pair of wireless bluetooth bone conduction headphones, you’ll notice that after you turn them off, your iphone’s bluetooth screen will show “not connected”. when you want to use them at another time, you will also see that your screen will return to showing “not connected”. that just means iphone bluetooth connection is on standby until you use it with this device. when you press the on/off button on your headphones again, they will work as before.

Finally – After continued use, you will not have to open the Bluetooth screen anymore.

the wireless bluetooth bone conduction headphones and your iphone have their own connection and once you press the on/off button on the headphones, they will automatically pair and connect each time by themselves.

this is how I listen to my audiobooks, podcasts, articles, music, talk on the phone, dictate a letter or whatever every morning when I do my exercise on the way to the sea and it is one of my greatest joys. i multitask in a beautiful and simple way and now i have free time to read and listen to a book while exercising at the same time. I am alone with the peace of the forest and the ocean and I am learning something new. what more could you ask for?

troubleshooting wireless bluetooth bone conduction headset connection:

With all electronic devices, sometimes there are simple problems that you will need to troubleshoot, resolve, or simply tweak. the following are some of the things we’ve had to do to get our connection working for the first time or working again.

If you cannot hear sound through your wireless bluetooth bone conduction headphones, please do the following:

  • make sure they are together, then turn the iphone and the wireless bluetooth bone conduction headset off and on again. then check if they are paired with the same process as above.
  • sometimes when i exercise or do other activity while listening to something on my iphone, the signal can fade. if I start to go further than 15 to 30 feet, depending on the headphones, it can start to lose signal and its sound can start to distort or crackle. just approach your iphone again with your earphones.
  • occasionally you can’t pair your earphones no matter what you do and they just won’t work.
    • if your iphone is already working fine with other devices bluetooth, then you may have a faulty pair of headphones.
    • if you don’t have a history of your iphone working properly with other bluetooth devices, it could be your iphone. either way, you may need to return either device for repair or replacement.

    the freedom that wireless bluetooth bone conduction headphones give me.

    I love the freedom that wireless bluetooth bone conduction headphones give me. Not only do I have nothing in my ears to block out the sound of animals, traffic, or other human beings that I love too.

    Not having cords to get tangled up or having to plug into the phone is wonderful and amazing to me. once you use this technology, it’s very hard to go back to wired headphones.

    Check out some of our other helpful articles, like “where do you put bone conduction headphones?” and “Do bone conduction headphones work with earplugs?”

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