Do Vizio TVs Have Bluetooth? (Two Workarounds!)

Do Vizio TVs Have Bluetooth? (Two Workarounds!)

If you recently bought a Vizio TV and were hoping to connect your AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones or speakers, unfortunately you’re out of luck.

do vizio tvs have bluetooth?

no, vizio tvs don’t have bluetooth and you can’t use the vizio smartcast app as a workaround either. While some Vizio TVs have “Bluetooth LE” (Bluetooth Low Energy), this can only be used to connect your TV to the Smartcast mobile app! can’t connect bluetooth headphones or speakers.

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so the official stance vizio has taken is that aside from the bluetooth file, which can only be used to pair the smartcast mobile app, vizio TVs do not support bluetooth!

here is a screenshot of my conversation with vizio support confirming this:

vizio smartcast app

smartcast is vizio’s internal streaming platform. It’s built right into Vizio TVs and lets you stream, control, and connect to content on your TV.

if you’ve heard of roku, smartcast is basically the same thing.


On the streaming front, smartcast offers tons of streaming apps like netflix, hulu, youtube tv, disney+, hbo max, etc… all available out of the box.

Of course, you’ll need separate subscriptions to these services to use them, but the apps are available to you right on your Vizio TV.

here is a list of all the smart tv apps that vizio smartcast offers.


There is also a Vizio Smartcast mobile app that you can download for free from Google Play or the App Store.

Once it’s downloaded, you can sync your TV directly to your phone (using Vizio TV’s built-in Bluetooth file) and start using your phone as a remote.

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You can even use voice commands through the app to control your TV.

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some other benefits include being able to bring up a full keyboard when you’re typing or searching for a title (typing with the vizio remote can be downright painful, so this is a pretty neat feature).


Finally, you can cast your phone, tablet, or laptop directly to your Vizio TV using Apple AirPlay and Chromecast, built right into your TV.

So if you want to see some family photos during your next gathering, or even stream your next platoon ride right to your TV, anything is possible.

The great thing about smartcast is that the vizio team works on it and improves it all the time. whenever there is an update, you get it automatically, for free, through a software update.

can vizio smartcast be used as a bluetooth workaround?

If you’ve already owned a Roku TV, you may be wondering if you can use the Vizio Smartcast app as a Bluetooth workaround.

You see, similar to Vizio TVs, Roku TVs don’t have Bluetooth built in, but they do offer a smartphone app that lets you use your phone as a remote.

This roku app has a feature called “private listening” that allows you to pair your bluetooth audio device with your mobile phone and listen to your tv through it!

Unfortunately, the Vizio Smartcast app does not currently allow you to do this.

It’s a bummer because I don’t think it’s too much of a problem for vizio to enable this and I’m sure there’s a demand for it.

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who knows though, apps get updated all the time, so maybe there’s hope for the future.

enable bluetooth on your vizio tv using a workaround

The good news here is that there are two decent solutions if you’re really desperate to use your bluetooth headphones or speakers with your vizio TV.

The first is by purchasing a bluetooth transmitter and the second is by connecting directly to the audio out ports of your vizio tv.

bluetooth transmitter

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a bluetooth transmitter is simply a product that connects to a non-bluetooth device (in this case, your vizio smart tv) and turns it into a fully functional bluetooth device.

Nowadays, the technology has gotten so good that there is very low latency with these devices (meaning the sound will arrive in near real time, with no delay).

If you’re thinking of going down this route, I highly recommend the Toksel Bluetooth 5.0 Visible Transmitter (check Amazon for price). this thing gets amazing reviews and will make your smart tv bluetooth in seconds.


This one does require a headphone jack (AUX) on your TV, so make sure you have one before buying it.

If your TV doesn’t have a headphone jack, no problem, go with the Avantree Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter. Same great reviews, but offers multiple different options for setup (optical, aux, rca, usb).

“audio out” port

If you don’t want to buy a whole new device, you can try connecting your bluetooth device directly to your TV using the audio out ports on the back.

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The key here is to check the available connections on your bluetooth device and see if those connections are compatible with the audio output ports on your vizo tv.

basically what you’re looking for is an aux port (headphone jack) on your bluetooth device and a red and white analog out port on your tv. if you have that, you can probably connect directly!

vizio support has a decent article detailing how to do this.


no, vizio tvs don’t come with bluetooth. Although they do have something called “Bluetooth Low Energy,” that capability can only be used to sync your mobile phone with Vizio Smartcast. can’t connect your bluetooth headphones or speakers.

however, there are two possible solutions. The former involves the use of a Bluetooth transmitter and the latter requires you to use the “Audio Out” port on the back of your Vizio TV.

I know this isn’t for everyone, so I’ve compiled a list of other makes and models of TVs that come fully bluetooth enabled.

where were you able to pair your bluetooth device with your vizio tv? let me know how you did in the comments section below!

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