Denon Receiver Bluetooth Not Pairing? - (Easy Fix!)

Denon Receiver Bluetooth Not Pairing? – (Easy Fix!)

Are you interested in knowing why your denon bluetooth receiver is not pairing correctly with your phone or other devices?

We have the safe solutions for you!

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we assume you are having trouble getting your device to play to your denon receiver via bluetooth.

It’s surely frustrating as you know your phone can quickly pair with your other speakers.

When your denon receiver won’t pair with your device, the first step you need to do is make sure your bluetooth is turned on. make sure your source device is not connected to another outlet such as your TV, speaker, or sound bar.

Before we do anything to solve this problem, let’s see where the problem is coming from.

why denon receiver won’t pair bluetooth?

for the most part, the problem is usually due to a software bug.

However, you also don’t want to ignore the fact that your devices’ bluetooth modules also malfunction.

You will need to verify connectivity and eliminate confusion by making sure your input device is only connected to your denon receiver.

These are the problems you may encounter with your denon receiver if it is not paired correctly:

1. signal interference

bluetooth signals can be particularly sensitive at times. it’s stable, but interference can get the best of it. when you do, you will have difficulty connecting your devices.

2. bluetooth failures

bluetooth may be sensitive to your current connections. if your source device is connected to too many devices, the software can get confused.

3. device already connected

with multiple devices relying on bluetooth for connectivity, it’s likely that your phone is already paired to a different machine.

When this happens, it can be difficult to establish new connections.

4. outdated firmware

The software version of your input or output device plays an important role in bluetooth connectivity.

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old firmware may have inconsistencies with your current connections, making it impossible for your devices to pair.

how to fix denon receiver bluetooth not pairing

fix denon receiver bluetooth not pairing

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Now that you have a good grasp of the causes of this issue, we can now get to work on fixing it.

Before doing anything else, try rebooting your denon receiver and source devices such as your phone or tablet.

The problem may be a minor bug or glitch, and restarting your devices can quickly resolve it.

There is an excellent chance that rebooting will allow your denon to pair with your phone.

however, it is not a miracle solution. In case reboot doesn’t work, you can try these more advanced steps:

Solution #1: Turn on bluetooth and pair the devices again

This step is often overlooked and forgotten by those who have problems with bluetooth.

For bluetooth to work properly, it is essential that the transmitters and receivers of both devices are turned on and “talking” to each other.

If you use your phone as a source device, you’ll know if it’s on or off right away.

however, for laptops, you’ll need to check your device settings and taskbar to see if it’s enabled or not.

This is how you can make sure bluetooth is turned on on your devices:

  1. select bluetooth on your denon remote.
  2. press the option button on your remote .
  3. your receiver will enter pairing mode.
  4. turn on pairing mode on the device that you want to pair with your receiver.
  5. select your denon receiver from the list on your device.

Solution #2: Stay away from sources of interference during pairing

remove interferences

Now that you have made sure that your devices have their Bluetooth receivers activated, you want to keep them away from interference.

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bluetooth connections can be easily interrupted due to interference.

if you pair devices near devices that produce a lot of electromagnetic interference, it is very likely that the process will not take place.

These are sources of interference that you should stay away from:

  1. move away from your wifi router.
  2. place your denon receiver away from zigbee smart home devices.
  3. stay away from devices that use usb 3.0.

Solution #3: Unpair the receiver and restart discovery mode

Sometimes the easiest way to solve this problem is to forget the devices you want to connect. doing so will restart the entire pairing process.

if there are errors or failures with the first connection, they will be removed during the process.

unpair receiver

This usually happens when you pair your Denon with your phone since it has two modes.

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hands-free phone mode and media playback mode are different types, and if you haven’t re-established the connection, your denon receiver may confuse the two.

Here’s how to forget bluetooth connections on your denon receiver:

  1. press set up on your denon remote.
  2. navigate to general, then go to bluetooth transmitter > .
  3. select device list.
  4. choose the device you want to forget.
  5. press the option button and click forget this device.

Solution #4: Disconnect previous bluetooth connections

having too many connections can cause your denon receiver not to connect via bluetooth.

it can only handle so many connections that pairing it with more devices than it can handle can cause this problem.

If you suspect this, the best way to fix this is to unplug it from your AV receiver.

Here’s how to disconnect previous bluetooth connections on your denon receiver:

  1. turn off the bluetooth device connected to your denon receiver.
  2. select the option button on the remote.
  3. go to bluetooth transmitter and click disconnect.
  4. turn off bluetooth on your denon receiver.
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Solution #5: Restart your denon receiver

reset receiver

Resetting allows your Denon Receiver system to take a breather and shut down all its components, including Bluetooth.

It’s a great way to clean up your connections, especially when your av receiver won’t sync with other devices.

this is how to reset your denon receiver:

  1. turn off your denon receiver.
  2. press and hold the sound mode .
  3. along with the tuner preset ch+ button.
  4. and the power button.
  5. wait for the screen to start flashing before releasing the buttons.

Solution #6: Update the firmware on your denon receiver

If none of the above troubleshooting steps work for you, it’s time to consider updating your denon receiver’s firmware.

The previous version of the firmware might have developed bugs that prevent bluetooth from working properly.

Here’s how to update the firmware on your denon receiver:

  1. turn on your denon receiver.
  2. press the setup button on your remote to access the menu.
  3. select general, then go to firmware.
  4. click check for updates .
  5. if an update is available, click update firmware.

once the update process is complete, you can connect other bluetooth devices to your denon receiver.

however, in cases where you are still unable to connect, you can contact denon customer service for further assistance.

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end result

Now that you know the reasons why your denon bluetooth receiver won’t sync and the steps to fix it, simply follow the instructions we outlined.

As long as you follow it to the letter, you should be able to resolve bluetooth problems. now you can enjoy listening to music with your denon av equipment and other wireless devices.

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