How to Connect Your Phone to Tesla Model 3 Fast (Bluetooth & Key Setup)

How to Connect Your Phone to Tesla Model 3 Fast (Bluetooth & Key Setup)

You might take it for granted today, but syncing your phone to your car is still pretty wild and very Jetson-esque.

Third-party apps that allow data collection make the whole thing even crazier than any sci-fi movie from 20 years ago.

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Whether it’s as a bluetooth device or a key for your car, knowing how to connect your phone to your tesla model 3 provides many advantages.

Let’s navigate through the steps to set up your phone as a dongle first.

(or tap here to jump to bluetooth setup instructions if that’s what you’re looking for).

set up a phone key on your model 3

if you’re a new tesla owner, welcome to the club! (There is no going back after your ownership experience).

Along with your new purchase comes a new set of learning curves on this technological marvel.

One of the biggest conveniences is the ability to walk in to find the car unlocked and start it simply by pressing the brakes.

no 20th century keys.

do not carry access cards, which many owners lose quite easily.

just your phone and voila!

but your phone must be configured as a phone key first.

here are the step by step instructions to connect your phone to your tesla model 3 in 10 easy steps.

  • Step #1: Make sure to download the tesla app on your mobile device. here are the respective links to the ios and android version.
  • Step #2: With your access card and phone at hand, get into your car and wait for the infotainment screen to appear.
  • step #3: tap the small tesla car icon in the lower left corner.

Credit to Malte Helmhold.
  • Step #4: Select the “Locks” tab from the main menu.
  • Step #5: Then press the plus (+) icon to add a phone key device to your car.
  • Step #6: Open up the Tesla app in your mobile device. You should have downloaded it in the first step.
  • Step #7: Tap on “Phone Key” (the first menu option). Instructions to pair the phone will be detailed on the screen from then on.
  • Step #8: Tap “start” each time the app asks for confirmation so the vehicle’s bluetooth can start searching for your phone.
  • Step #9: Place the access card in the middle of the center console as indicated on the screen.
  • Step #10: within a few seconds, the vehicle will recognize the key card and your phone will become a phone key device. to confirm, tap back to the locks menu: your phone name should be there!
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Pretty simple, right?

how to connect your phone to tesla model 3 bluetoth

Setting up your phone as a dongle is great… but what about bluetooth?

With steering wheel-mounted controls, the ability to sync your music library, and text over voice commands, your options for fun are limitless!

But first, you need to pair your phone with your vehicle’s bluetooth. These are the basic steps to do it in less than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Find and tap the bluetooth logo on your touch screen.

First things first, make sure your phone’s bluetooth is turned on so your vehicle can search for it.

Depending on your phone, you can turn on bluetooth fairly quickly directly from your home screen, by sliding down the status bar, or by navigating to the “settings” options.

Look in the upper right corner of your tesla touch screen.

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You will see the universal bluetooth icon on the far right.

press that and you’ll open the pairing screen.

#2- find your phone and pair

If you are doing this on a new vehicle, the left pane that lists the devices should be empty.

Otherwise, you may see a list of other people’s previous phones that have been connected to the vehicle.

This video from Now You Know walks you through setting up a new device and also syncing with an existing phone in case it gets disconnected.

a phone holder is very useful if you are setting up your phone on the go.

If you’re setting up your phone for the first time, tap the “add new device” button.

It may take some time for the car to establish the connection and locate your phone, but after 10-20 seconds, you’ll see your phone’s connection appear on the right side of the panel.

Make sure you know what your phone is called (if you named it) or it might be listed as the phone’s make or model (like samsung galaxy).

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if your phone is successfully found, a big blue button appears that says “connect”.

once you click that, you will be able to sync “contacts and recent calls” by clicking the expand icon next to your phone’s name.

This is a great feature for making and receiving calls from your car. however, if you’re not interested, you can simply leave this feature disabled.

So there you have it: a simple two-step process to get your phone up and running in your vehicle.

It’s really about the convenience of connecting your phone.

If you are a great music lover and you want to play your songs from spotify or apple musicin the vehicle, now you can do it directly from your phone.

plus, steering wheel-mounted controls let you skip songs or adjust the volume as desired.

are you worried about connecting your phone to model 3?

you may encounter some problems in the future when using your phone in the vehicle.

I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions on how to connect your phone to tesla model 3.

Scroll down and see if I answered your most burning questions. if I didn’t, feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to help.

  • Is the bluetooth pairing process the same for an iphone as it is for an android?

yes, both apple and android devices need to connect once bluetooth is enabled and the car will locate and sync them in the same way.

  • How does voice command work?

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once your phone is connected, you can use voice command by tapping the microphone button on your touchscreen or by pressing the right scroll button.

then just tell your phone who you’re trying to reach and if you want to call or text.

There are many other voice commands you can try.

here is an exhaustive document that tries to list all the voice commands in case you are curious.

They also have a mobile app for easy access.

  • if i set phone key with tesla app, will it mess up bluetooth connection?
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no, the tesla phone key app is a different type of bluetooth connection and modern phones allow multiple bluetooth connections at once.

It won’t interfere with your phone’s bluetooth transmission connection to the car, so don’t worry.

  • Can I access bluetooth elsewhere on the touch screen?

yes, by pressing the musical note button at the bottom of the touch screen.

A new menu will open that has a phone option and will take you to the same bluetooth connection page as in step 2.

  • can i connect my calendar to my tesla?

yes, once you have downloaded the tesla app on your phone. enter the settings in the tesla app and make sure to turn on the calendar.

then, from the vehicle’s touchscreen, click on the map in the menu at the bottom of the screen, and from the pop-up window, select calendar.

let your car remind you of that big work meeting or your cute aunt’s upcoming birthday.

  • Why did my screen go dark? Was it a bluetooth outage?

It is possible that the dreaded black screen is not due to the bluetooth connection being interrupted, but something more to do with the actual touch screen.

As with other display issues, it is recommended that you restart the vehicle.

I covered how to do one of these in another article, but by holding down the scroll buttons on the steering wheel you can usually get the screen to do a quick reset which should fix your problem.

  • where can i find more questions and answers about my tesla model 3?

tesla answers many more frequently asked questions in its guide for new owners.

Check it out if you’re not sure how to get the most out of your new vehicle!

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how to connect phone to tesla model 3: final thoughts

It’s pretty easy to get your phone up and running in the car.

Now you’re all set to lock and start your vehicle, play music from your phone, take calls, and even connect your phone’s calendar, so you’re never late for any appointments.


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