How To Turn On Beats Studio Buds Without Case

How To Turn On Beats Studio Buds Without Case

There are many popular brands of headphones on the market today. Airpods and Beats, both owned by Apple, seem to be at the top of the heap. Sadly, Beats Studio headphones don’t seem useful without the smart charging case fully charged and nearby.

If the case dies and the headphones still have a charge, the beats studio buds should still be able to connect to your device, but that’s not the case. The case is required for the earbuds to connect to your device. If the earbuds run out of juice, you can use fast charging to get more than an hour of playtime in five minutes of charge time. but not the other way around.

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options if you lose your beats studio buds case

If you lose the case with your friends at beats studio, it’s not the end of the world. it may be a momentary press break in the world of audio, but there are still options. First, the case is absolutely necessary to connect to your device. It seems like a misstep on Apple’s part, but that’s what they decided to do.

  • use apple’s find my app to find your lost beats studio buds case
  • use the beats app on android to find your lost beats studio buds case lost beats studio buds
  • contact apple with beats studio buds serial number

the good news is that they created some ways to find your case quickly using their find my device app if you have ios and beats if you have android. An important note is to hopefully set up the Find My App or the Beats App before you lose your Beats Studio Buds case. it may already be too late if you come here after the fact.

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once you find the case for your beats studio buds, put it in a protective case and tape it to something so you can’t lose it.

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Before you freak out, you should also check the last places you used your beats studio headphones. they can be connected to many devices, such as a windows pc.

use apple’s find my app to locate the case of your missing beats studio buds

The most important aspect of these instructions is that find my application must be configured before these instructions can work. If you didn’t set up Find MyApp, you may need to resort to contacting Apple and using your device’s serial number to have it located. instructions will be given later in this post to find the serial number of beats studio headphones.

  • make sure your beats studio buds have already been set up with your iphone, ipad or ios device.
  • open the app apple find my: the app has a gray background with a large green circle that looks like a radar with a small blue circle inside
  • tap the devicestab at the bottom of the screen
  • swipe up from the bottom to see a list of your devices
  • your beats studio budsshould appear in this list
  • tap the lost beats studio buttons

When using find my app, you will now be able to see your beats studio buds:

  • last known location
  • have them play a sound so you can locate them
  • get directions to their last known location
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use beats app on android to find lost beats studio buds case

Although android does not have find my app, android users can still try to locate their beats studio headphones using the beats app they used to set up their headphones. Every time the headphones connect to your Android device, your location is recorded. if you have lost your case, you can see the last place where you connected to your android device.

As with the instructions above and Apple’s Find My app, it is imperative that the beats are added to the Beats app before they are lost. Otherwise, there is not much that the beats app can do for you after the fact.

  • open the beats app
  • press locate my beats
  • choose your beats studio buds from the list
  • will bring up a map showing the last known connection to your android device.

contact apple and find the serial number of your beats studio buds

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Unfortunately, we are trying to find the smart case and not the earphones themselves for this post. In his infinite wisdom, Apple decided that the best and only place he would print the serial number on the Beats Studio Headphones would be on the inside lid of the Smart Case. at least, that’s the case with the headphones themselves.

If you still have your earphones packaged, the serial number will be printed near the upc code on the back of the package. Otherwise, the earphones must be plugged in to see the serial number. series from inside the phone. an oversight, no doubt.

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for ios users:

however, if you find the serial number on the packaging, you can contact apple and they can pass on the last known location to you once you prove you are who you say you are. you will probably also need to know the apple id login and password information for the apple id associated with the beats studio buds that have the missing case.

for android users:

android users can also find the serial number of their device without connecting using:

  • open the beats app
  • look under the hood: serial number
  • contact apple with that serial number and get the last known location of your charging case.


It is an oversight that the earphones cannot be used without the charging case. I can’t see many cases where most people who use them don’t carry them in the case anyway. Since that’s the only way to charge the beats studio headphones, they don’t have a very long lifespan without the smart case. it is best to find or replace it.

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