Why Mustache Doesn&39t Connect To Beard: How To Fix It

Why Mustache Doesn&39t Connect To Beard: How To Fix It

Why Mustache Doesn&39t Connect To Beard: How To Fix It

How to connect beard to mustache

In your journey to adulthood and your journey of growing a glorious beard worthy of poems and ballads, you may have stumbled upon a seemingly insoluble problem. the problem of a mustache that doesn’t connect to your beard.

This could be a problem because everyone suffering from the same problem may have a different cause. From faulty genes to underperforming hormones, there could be any number of reasons for not having enough facial hair.

how to make beard connect to mustache

In short, the most important factors that affect your mustache connection to your beard are the following: Genetics, Age, Lifestyle and overall health, Diet. Also, you need to be patient with beard and mustache growth. Let it grow.

don’t worry anymore. If he has tried every possible way and the connections are still not made, let us help you. there is good news for you.

This is a common problem that affects bearded men. In this article, we will take a closer look at all the reasons why the mustache does not connect with the beard and tell you the ways you can solve this problem.

Let’s get started!

why is the mustache not connected to the beard?

So, you’re wondering how to connect your mustache to your beard. this could be due to multiple factors, as explained below.

age: one of the common causes why the mustache or beard does not grow enough is age. Facial hair growth peaks between the ages of 25 and 35 and begins as early as adolescence.

now this might happen a little faster for some people or it might happen slowly. however, if you are over the age of 30, the chances of your beard connecting with your mustache are drastically reduced and this is probably due to the following issues.

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Genetics: Blame your parents, but one of the most common reasons you can’t grow a beard is down to your genes. If the men in your family historically have little facial hair or have patchy beards, there’s a good chance you too have a similar appearance.

Lifestyle and general health: An unhealthy diet never did wonders for anyone and the same goes for a mustache and beard. unhealthy diets mean underperforming hormones like testosterone and this leads to poor development of hair follicles.

Testosterone is the main male hormone and is the main cause of men having:

  • deeper voice
  • more muscle mass
  • strong bones
  • increased libido
  • hair all over body
  • lower fat percentages

and more…

Switch to a healthy diet full of vegetables and fruits and increase your intake of lean meat and other foods that increase natural testosterone production. if necessary, also take external supplements of essential minerals and vitamins for the body.

Never take any testosterone supplements. Firstly, it is illegal in most countries and secondly, you must 100% communicate with your doctor. it is serious and can cause cardiovascular disease, hair loss, hypogonadism, and more.

patience – different people have different types of mustache and beard growth. inconsistent and irregular are only part of them. hair grows at different rates and there is no guarantee that all parts of your face will experience the same amount of growth.

There may be parts with a high growth rate, while some areas may be lagging behind. you have to give it time.

You can’t get frustrated after waiting a couple of weeks and say you’ve had enough. it could take months for uneven areas to fill in and all parts of the face to look uniform.

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then you should ask yourself some honest questions and give yourself some honest answers about your diet, your lifestyle and wait before jumping to conclusions.

how to connect the mustache to the beard

if you waited and considered all the options mentioned above and still find that you can’t solve the mustache and beard connection puzzle, then it’s time to consider the following options.

Let it grow: Things may not look right from the start. this should not discourage you. keep growing your beard and mustache for three months. what’s the worst that can come out of that? You have nothing to lose. if it doesn’t work, so be it…

but, this is a no-risk, high-reward tip.

The longer your beard grows, the more it can help cover up any uneven patches or gapped areas.

Use beard waxes and pastes to cover all the gaps and wait. eventually, there will be a time when you can go to the barber and ask him to get creative with what you have.

Beard care products: A beard oil is a popular and safe choice for nourishing facial skin and hair. beard oil can stimulate malnourished hair follicles on the face and regenerate hair growth. makes your beard more manageable and smooth.

Beard oil will improve the overall look of your beard. Along with that, make sure to exfoliate your skin and moisturize it. Grooming tools like a beard comb and brush will help to nourish your beard, ensure optimal growth and prevent it from sticking out.

Check out our best recommended beard oil on amazon.

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Alternatively, you can use beard butter. beard butter will help your style. Plus, it doesn’t make your beard look shiny, which some of you may not want.

minoxidil treatment: popularly known as rogaine, it has given many positive results for hair growth in the past and is also approved by the fda in the united states. however, you need to use this treatment for a year to a year and a half before you see the desired results.

Please note that in some cases, people have reported experiencing symptoms such as blurred vision, dizziness, lightheadedness, flushing, numbness in the hands and feet, and swelling of the face, hands, feet, or lower legs.

These cases are rare, but if you experience any of these symptoms while using rogaine, you should contact your nearest health care professional immediately.

All in all, minoxidil is the number one substance for beard and hair growth as of now. it is not a product that will give you success overnight, but it is the best overall solution if nothing else works for you.

check the price of minoxidil on amazon.

Microneedling: Microneedling is a procedure where a roller with tiny pins is moved over the areas where you want hair to grow. This procedure results in puncture wounds to the skin that the body sees as injuries and immediately sends fresh hormones through the blood to the area.

This results in new skin growth in the area with hormone-rich blood. the result is stimulated hair follicles and hair growth in the target area.

Your success will vary depending on the quality of your services. do good research and look for results before making your decision.

Try a different style: If you don’t see hair growing in certain areas, you can explore other ideas besides a full beard and look at other styles. If you have tried everything we mentioned above and nothing has worked for you, I will ask you to accept the situation.

before, you freak out and stop reading anymore, listen to me. there are tons of different styles you can try with your current beard and mustache.

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Have you ever considered this? maybe a beard or a mustache suits you better than having both. how about a goatee or a chin curtain?

there are many styles out there and you will be surprised to find how many styles are waiting to be discovered by you.

Try it and you won’t regret it!

You will be surprised how cheap I bought the best beard trimmer that helps me make the beard style I want. you can check it out for yourself and see tens of thousands of positive reviews on amazon.

why doesn’t my mustache grow in the middle?

Whiskers that don’t grow in the middle and create a gap are not uncommon. the phenomenon is also aptly called the mustache gap. the mustache gap occurs in the area called the philtrum of our body.

There is no single, definitive answer as to why less hair grows in some people, but it could be due to hormones or genetics.

Some people do not have hair roots in the philtrum area and therefore for those who are willing to do so, hair transplantation may be a solution.

For others unwilling to go under the knife, there are simpler solutions, such as combing the thicker parts of the mustache towards the center and hiding the space of the mustache. mustache wax and a beard comb will be your best friends here.

check out our recommended beard comb on amazon here.

Regardless of the solution you choose, being comfortable with yourself and your body is the most important thing.

how to trim the beard when the mustache doesn’t connect

When your beard and mustache don’t connect, it’s not the end of the styling world for you. here are some cool things you can do.

Develop these three different beard styles and you’ll discover there’s a whole world of new styles you can embrace. Not only will these make you look and feel good, but you’ll also get admiring glances from the people around you.

van dyke beard

Named after a 17th century painter, this style of beard has survived into the 21st century and is still going strong. this style consists of a goatee and a mustache separated from each other. there is no other facial hair.

a clean shaven face is important to achieve the van dyke look. You can use mustache wax to maintain the look and shape of your van dyke beard. For a close shave, you should read the information on the best braun shavers.

balbus beard

The balbo beard style is another one that is perfectly suited when the mustache doesn’t connect with the beard. it is a beard that has no sideburns and has a clipped floating mustache. the shorter the hair on the cheeks and neck, the better it looks.

anchor beard

remember the tony stark look from robert downey jr. from “iron man” Yes! that’s the anchor beard look. For men with a sharp jawline, this beard accentuates the beauty of the jawline with a beard that traces the jawline. the mustache completes the sophistication of the look.

These are just a few of the cool ways you can trim your beard when mustache and beard don’t mix. As they say for everything else in life, turn your disadvantage into an opportunity.


at the end of the day, you are the man in charge of your style and body. It will be his decision, but instead of taking drastic measures to connect his beard and mustache, I suggest you enjoy the style of beard that you have.

Before you rush into any solution, I want you to do a proper thorough research and find out everything there is to know about the route you’re considering taking.

Give your body some time and show it some respect. invest in lifestyle changes and routines that help you achieve inner and outer beauty.

Beard and mustache growth and thickness are primarily affected by genetics. lifestyle, diet, and testosterone levels also play a role.

In the same cases, you can opt for a treatment with minoxidil, microneedles or even a beard transplant. But to be honest, only do these things if you’re obsessed with having a beard.

Otherwise, accept yourself. you are awesome.

and… that’s all for today’s article. I really hope you liked it and found it interesting and useful.

Feel free to tell me your thoughts and comments in the comments section and I’d love to reply.

Are you ready to grow a better beard this year?

until next time,

stay safe and… let it grow!


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