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Connect-AzureAD (AzureAD) | Microsoft Docs



The connect-azuread cmdlet connects an authenticated account for use in azure active directory cmdlet requests.

You can use this authenticated account only with azure active directory cmdlets.

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example 1: connect a powershell session to a tenant

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This command connects the current powershell session to an azure active directory tenant. the command prompts you for a username and password for the tenant you want to connect to. the commit parameter prompts you for confirmation.

If multi-factor authentication is enabled for your credentials, you must log in using the interactive option or use the service’s primary authentication.

example 2: connect a session using a variable

The first command gets the user’s credentials and then stores them in the variable $credential.

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The second command connects the current powershell session using the credentials in $credential.

This account authenticates with Azure Active Directory using your organization’s identification credentials. you cannot use multi-factor authentication or microsoft account credentials to run azure active directory cmdlets with this account.

example 3: connect a session as a service principal

This command authenticates the user to the azure active directory as a service principal.

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