AYL QY8 Bluetooth Headphones Review - Nerd Techy

AYL QY8 Bluetooth Headphones Review – Nerd Techy

Whether you’re working out or have an active lifestyle, taking your music with you can make a world of difference to your overall enjoyment. Listening to your favorite artists can help you exercise more and train better. In fact, studies have shown that working out while listening to your favorite songs can dramatically improve mental toughness and overall stamina.

If you have been looking for a good pair of wireless bluetooth headphones to buy, you may have come across the ayl qy8 bluetooth headphones. Now let’s be honest, you probably haven’t heard of Ayl before, but don’t let that fool you because these in-ear sports headphones pack impressive quality with an incredible amount of value.

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AYL QY8 Bluetooth Headphones

sound quality

Using the latest Bluetooth 4.1 and EDR Apt-X audio decoding technology, the sound quality and overall performance are top notch. Now it’s hard to describe the sound through text, but we’ll do our best. the sound quality is really excellent and very similar to sony or panasonic headphones that we have tried in the past. the treble sounds perfectly on par, and the bass is deep and full-bodied. with extensive testing of them, we never experienced any distortion or unpleasant sounds, everything seemed to be in tune with how they were advertised.

it’s quite evident that ayl kept the fine details in mind when designing the way they sound. They have integrated their own CVC 6.0 digital noise reduction technology which does a great job of preventing gray noise and unwanted distractions from ruining your listening experience. uses an intelligent algorithm to filter out ambient noise and generate clearer sound with more vibrancy.

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wireless distance

Thanks to the latest bluetooth 4.1 technology, a wireless connection can be achieved with any device from up to 10 meters or around 33 feet away. this is a wide range that gives you great flexibility to move around without losing reception. What’s unique about the Ayl QY8 is its ability to pair with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. At first I thought this may not sound very useful, but it can definitely be helpful. You may want to listen to the playlist on your smartphone, but you want to play a video game on your tablet.

comfort and fit

At first we were a little worried that the fit was going to look a bit awkward or clunky. To our surprise, we experience the exact opposite. They come included with six earbuds and six ear hooks (3 pairs) so you can achieve a proper fit that stays snug and doesn’t come loose. within minutes we found the right size and haven’t had the need to adjust them since. The earcups fit smoothly into the ear canal while the hooks gently grip the ear. Since they are soft to the touch and quite flexible, they fit very well with no sharp pressure points. even when jogging on the treadmill and during a fast mountain bike run, they didn’t loosen up and stayed right where we needed them.


answer calls

As many people use their smartphone as a music source, you will often experience times when you receive a call while listening to music at the gym or during your workout. ayl integrated a small microphone into the design to take a call without removing them. all she needs to do is press a small button on the side and it will automatically pause your music and connect the call through the headset. when you hang up, the music will pick up where you left off.

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Located in an inconspicuous and accessible position are a few buttons that perform a variety of useful functions. With these external buttons you can adjust the volume, select songs, skip and shuffle tracks, and control your call on the phone.



ayl qy8 bluetooth headset works well with a variety of audio sources. Whether you have a tablet, laptop, smartphone, or mp3 player, as long as you have bluetooth connectivity, you should have no problem pairing. Speaking of pairing, it can be accomplished in as little as a minute, as all you need to do is go to your settings and select “bluetooth” to see a list of available connections. if you have the headphones turned on, you should see them appear in the list of available devices to pair with.

battery life

Inside is a 80mAh rechargeable polymer battery that provides up to 7 hours of continuous listening or talk time on a single charge. plus, they can standby for up to 175 hours with incredible efficiency. With the included USB charging cable, a full charge can be achieved in a matter of an hour or two. And since it’s a USB charger, you can plug it into your laptop, desktop, or power outlet and keep it charged and ready for the next time you want to use them.


final thoughts

After two weeks of testing the ayl qy8 bluetooth earphones, we think it’s safe to say that you should definitely consider them if you’re looking for a high-quality pair of sports earphones that are great for working out. We have to admit that when it comes to audio and headphones in particular, we can be pretty picky about them. To our surprise, the Ayl QY8s exceeded our expectations and delivered on both high-quality performance and overall total value. for under $30, you really can’t go wrong.

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