ATUMTEK Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod Review: How to Use It?

ATUMTEK Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod Review: How to Use It?

Reading: How to connect atumtek selfie stick

atumtek selfie stick tripod overview

Reading: How to connect atumtek selfie stick

1. unpacking

so what’s in the box? The box contains a selfie stick with bluetooth remote control, a micro usb cable and a warranty card. that is all! the packaging is incredibly minimal and simple, just like the selfie stick itself.

2. product breakdown and features

elegant design

The detachable bluetooth remote control is the highlight of this product. The selfie stick itself is completely black with a small and delicate body – super portable and easy to travel with! It has a shutter button and a led indicator on the top of the surface.

usb charging

One of the best features of this selfie stick is the hidden charging port. it can be charged through a micro usb port located on the bottom surface.

light and compact

Like most other selfie sticks, the atumtek selfie stick tripod can be folded down to 7.7 inches to take up as little space as possible in your luggage. Plus, it tips the scales at just 172 grams, making it lightweight and compact. thus allowing it to easily fit in your bag or even a pocket.

anti-slip design

Another advantage of this selfie stick is its non-slip designed tripod mount, which allows the tripod to stand firmly on the ground.

firm grip

The selfie stick comes with a telescopic lever made of aluminum alloy, which can be extended up to 31.3 inches/796 mm. it also includes a frosted handle that allows you to have a firm grip at all times.

phone holder and clip

At the end of the stick, there is a durable holder and a phone clip, both of which can rotate freely, and the phone clip is adjustable for a phone width of 2.16 inches to 3.42 inches (suitable for all smartphones on the market).

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Reading: How to connect atumtek selfie stick

how to remove/reattach the bluetooth remote control?

  • pull out from the bottom of the remote.
  • put in from the top of the remote.

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how to pair the selfie stick with your smartphone?

The Bluetooth remote control allows the Atumtek Selfie Stick to connect to smartphones running Android 5.0 and above, as well as iOS 7.0 and above.

For this review, I’ll be using the iPhone X to sync with the selfie stick.

Step 1: Enable Pairing Mode

hold down the shutter button for about 2 seconds until the green led light flashes, indicating the selfie stick has entered pairing mode.

step 2: enable bluetooth on iphone

go to phone settings, turn on bluetooth and search for nearby bluetooth devices; the atumtek selfie stick will appear as “atumtek”.

Step 3: Pair the devices

choose “atumtek” . once the devices have been successfully paired, the green led light will remain solid.

step 4: choose the camera option

finally choose “phone” or “video” function on phone camera. now you can use atumtek bluetooth remote control to take selfie photos or videos.

step 5: pose and take photos!

now use the remote control to take and capture as many photos as you want!

Reading: How to connect atumtek selfie stick

how to use the selfie stick tripod?

Step 1: Keep the selfie stick in the middle position and use your other hand to pull out the top cap about 2 cm.

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note: push out three of the legs attached to the stem on the button to activate the tripod if you want to use the tripod. then the tripod will open automatically when you pull out the aluminum alloy telescopic arm. manual operation is prohibited.

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Step 2: Hold the center of the smartphone holder and pull out the aluminum alloy telescopic arm to the appropriate length.

Step 3: Place your phone widthwise inside the smartphone holder by releasing the top cover.

note: avoid pressing the buttons on your phone.

how to fold the selfie stick tripod?

step 1: remove your mobile phone by releasing the top cover.

Step 2: Hold it from the middle position of the selfie stick and use your other hand to push the aluminum alloy telescopic arm back from the top cap.

Note: If you have opened the tripod, it will close automatically when you push back the aluminum alloy telescopic arm. manual operation is prohibited.

atumtek selfie stick tripod 3 in 1 design

As the famous saying goes, you can’t have your cake and eat it. but in the case of the atumtek selfie stick, i have to say you can. you will get both: a selfie stick and a tripod!

you can start using it like any other selfie stick: simply mount your phone on the phone clip and rotate the mount to get the right angle. then pull the telescoping lever, adjust it to the desired length, and get ready to pose shamelessly—no strangers behind the camera to judge you.

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then, you can move on to testing the lever’s tripod mode. Comes with a non-slip rubber pad, the tripod will stand firmly on any flat surface. just spread your feet at the end of the handle and start shooting.

the verdict

Basically, the tripod mount is suitable for indoor use, especially for live video, hands-free recording, video chat, etc. I’m not sure how well the tripod would work outdoors as it comes with a fairly lightweight design and may be able to handle rocky terrain or harsh weather conditions.

That said, having a tripod is incredibly useful: you won’t need to carry extra gear and you can take selfies from afar thanks to the bluetooth remote control.

I like the detachable design of the bluetooth remote, as it allows you time to pose properly before activating the shutter. the remote control can be attached to the body of the device but it is removable. you can move around with it as long as the remote is within bluetooth range (33 feet).


if you really like selfies, then you probably won’t find a better companion than the atumtek selfie stick. With its 3-in-1 functionality, detachable Bluetooth remote control, minimalist design, and easily rechargeable 50mAh Lithium-Ion battery, it’s a fun, reliable, and durable photography device, especially for globetrotters.

Invest in the Atumtek Selfie Stick and don’t forget to pack it in your luggage for your next trip!

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