How To Pair Atari Flashback Controller? - Retro Only

How To Pair Atari Flashback Controller? – Retro Only

no matter your age, you can probably remember a time when people played with an atari. some people played with the originals, while others played with the flashback. If you just bought an Atari Flashback and need to know how to pair the controller, you’re in the right place!

so how do you pair an atari flashback controller? Although there are different ways, the easiest is to hold down the fire button and the joystick simultaneously while turning on the controller. then all you have to do is turn on the atari flashback and your controller will connect automatically.

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If you want to dig deeper, or if this method didn’t work for you, you should read on, as we’ll discuss other ways to pair an atari flashback controller.

If you’re interested in looking at some of the best atari consoles available today with preloaded games, you can find them by clicking here.

history of the atari

atari flashback was a must for every kid and it was an amazing game system for them. The Atari Flashback made a comeback with a staggering 105 built-in classic games. Atari Flashback includes everything from Centipedes + Millipedes to Pitfall, Kaboom to River Raid and Asteroids. it came with hdmi connection and wireless controllers.

you can connect this game directly to any flat screen tv and enjoy your atari games. atari flashback was a place where people could meet and play great games with original atari art.

Having all 110 games built in (for flashback x) was also a great way for people to play and experience new games that they never would have tried to play on the original atari. Of course you would play these as well as all the original Atari games that everyone loves.

Although video games have been a hobby for many years, they are no longer just for kids. video games have become something for all people of all ages to enjoy, no matter their age.

problems with video games

Many people even play video games to ease their hectic routine. however, playing video games for too long can also affect your daily work schedule, so you’ll need to make sure you manage your time. if you take an hour or two to play a game, it’s no big deal, but if you’re constantly playing, you may need to take a step back and look at your priorities.

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People use video games as a unique way to engage their mind in an activity that can help deviate it from the daily grind they’re set in. Although some people play video games to ignore other things that are going on in their life, that is not something that should be done.

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if you want to immerse yourself in a retro video game, there is no better game to do it than atari flashback! you can even buy the atari flashback x right here! When you start playing this game, we are sure that it will bring back many childhood memories and bring out the child in you. Atari’s Flashback gets an update with smooth lines, engaging gameplay, and retro graphics.

what do i need to know before i start pairing my atari flashback controllers?

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you’ve plugged all your equipment into the power outlet. Although this may sound a bit crazy, you’d be surprised how many people are so excited about the games and the system that they simply forget to plug it in.

The second thing is that you’ll want to read the setup instructions carefully. don’t rush to configure the console and possibly you will do it wrong and break something. if you don’t have the instruction booklet, you can also search online and find one.

When it comes to pairing your controller for some reason, the book has no instructions. well here is a video to help!

what to do before pairing atari flashback controller?

there are a few essential things you need to do before you start pairing your atari flashback controller.

change the remote control batteries

  • Using a screwdriver, remove the compartment cover.
  • Now change the batteries in the controller by placing two aaa batteries in the battery section.
  • Make sure that batteries are oriented in the correct direction.
  • now hold the back cover and secure it with a screwdriver.
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Note: Screwdrivers and AAA batteries do not come with this set.

ensure battery safety

  • keep batteries safe; do not attempt to short circuit the battery terminals of the controller.
  • if you use rechargeable batteries, they should be completely removed from the controller once you are done playing.
  • do not charge any non-rechargeable batteries.
  • Follow the steps below to insert the batteries correctly.
  • Do not mix old batteries with new batteries.
  • discard batteries completely if they don’t work.

how to pair atari flashback controller?

it’s not a big deal to know how to connect an atari flashback controller.

For the wired controller, you need to follow some simple steps and play your favorite game.

atari flashback wired controller pair:

for player 1:

  • check the console box and port section correctly, make sure everything is in the right place.
  • now plug your controller into the left controller port on the console box console.

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for player 2:

  • follow the same method.
  • connect your other controller to the correct controller port respectively for player 2.

pair wireless atari flashback controller:

1. the first thing you should do is turn off the console completely.

2. the second thing is to hold down the fire button and hold down the joystick button up at the same time, simultaneously while turning on the joystick.

3. now wait a few seconds, the controller light should flash and start flashing.

4. after that turn on the console from the power button.

5. If you can’t pair both controllers, you can just follow the same method and do it individually.


We have found that quite a few people think that video games like Atari are out of date, but this is not true at all! The video game industry is growing in size with each passing year. new technology is created every year, and many potential video game players are joining the platform.

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So while you have the opportunity to play the original classics for just a few bucks, why wouldn’t you? where else can you go and get a game console with 120 games for such a low price? So go ahead, play, sit back, relax and let the Atari Flashback take you back to your childhood or even earlier!

hopefully you found your answer to connecting atari controllers to your atari flashback. Now that it’s connected, you can turn it on and challenge your family or friends to a quick game! If you’re not sure which game to play, here are the 10 best Atari games ever made!

if you are like me, and you like information, here is a list of the 110 atari flashback x games.

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  1. three in a row 3d
  2. adventure
  3. adventure ii
  4. air sea battle
  5. amidar
  6. aquaventure
  7. asteroids
  8. asteroids deluxe
  9. atari climber
  10. basketball
  11. beamrider
  12. black jack
  13. bowling
  14. breakout
  15. burger time
  16. burn rubber
  17. bomber cannon
  18. centipede
  19. football championship
  20. helicopter commando
  21. atari circus
  22. combat
  23. battle two
  24. cosmic traveler
  25. nuts
  26. crystal castles
  27. decathlon
  28. demons to diamonds</ li
  29. desert hawk
  30. dodge them
  31. double dunk
  32. dragster
  33. enduro
  34. fatal race
  35. fishing derby
  36. capture the flag
  37. football
  38. frog
  39. front row
  40. freeze
  41. golf
  42. gravitate
  43. gyruss
  44. h.e.r.o.
  45. hangman
  46. house bewitched
  47. home run
  48. human cannonball
  49. indy 500
  50. jungle hunt
  51. kaboom!
  52. keystone kapers
  53. lock ‘n’ chase
  54. maze madness
  55. megamania
  56. millipedes
  57. miniature golf
  58. missile command
  59. motorodeo
  60. night driver
  61. off the wall
  62. oink!
  63. outlaw
  64. stumbling block!
  65. polaris
  66. pong (Olympic video games)
  67. pooyan
  68. pressure cooker
  69. blocking radar
  70. realsports baseball
  71. realsports basketball
  72. realsports soccer
  73. realsports volleyball
  74. return to haunted house
  75. river raid
  76. wrecker
  77. save maria
  78. seaquest
  79. secret quest
  80. paratroopers
  81. slot racers
  82. solaris
  83. space invaders
  84. space raid
  85. space war
  86. sprintmaster
  87. stampede
  88. starship
  89. starmaster
  90. obstacle race os
  91. star track
  92. street racer
  93. sub commander
  94. super baseball
  95. super breakout
  96. super cobra</li
  97. super football
  98. wraparound
  99. swordquest: thworld ear
  100. swordquest: fireworld
  101. swordquest: waterworld
  102. tempest
  103. tutankham
  104. video checkers
  105. video chess
  106. video pinball
  107. warlords
  108. wizard
  109. yars return
  110. yars revenge

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