Discord Integrations | Integrate Discord with 750 Apps | Connect

Discord Integrations | Integrate Discord with 750 Apps | Connect

Discord Integrations | Integrate Discord with 750 Apps | Connect

How to connect apps to discord

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how to integrate discord with your facebook page?

Integrate Discord with Your Facebook

Discord is one of the most popular voice and text chat app designed for new generation gamers, streamers, and developers. It offers advanced security and works on both, your smartphone and desktop. The software can be integrated into multiple platforms to automate the chat and game workflows. These platforms include Trello, Zoom, Gmail, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Facebook, and much more.

In this post, we will talk about one of the most useful discord integrations: with the facebook page. After integrating Discord with your Facebook page, you can automatically share information between the two programs. Before we dive into the details of this powerful integration, let us have a clear understanding of what Discord is and how using it can benefit your business.

why use discord for business?

do you think that software designed specifically for gamers can be beneficial for your company?

well, yes you can. To get started with the software, create a discord account, create a server, and add your team members. To invite your team members to Discord, you can share an invite link for free. the software offers high server limits and can support 25,000+ members online in real time, which is more than enough for regular business teams. these servers can run on 500 separate channels to help businesses keep their conversations organized.

When it comes to security, discord offers better services. keeps the ip of the companies securely blocked. Verifies all login attempts to your company IP, whether they are from a different IP or from your verified email addresses. any user can join your discord servers only if they have received the invite link from the server.

this is what you can do when using discord for business

  • organize various communication channels
  • share screens with business teams
  • use discord bots to moderate your server
  • use discord integrations to connect with other apps

discord integrations is what we are going to discuss here. let’s see how discord integration works with facebook page.

discord integration with facebook page

With this integration, you can easily store and capture discord activities on your facebook account or on a specific facebook page. You can apply various filters to automate your workflows so that every time an event is triggered on discord, a new action will be performed on your facebook page.

you can create a discord bot for an event and a trigger to keep your discord data organized. Integrating these two platforms sounds a bit complex, but it can be easy if you have easy-to-use automation software. i would recommend apppy pie connect as it is one of the most popular automation platforms available online. helps you integrate multiple apps and automate your workflows in no time.

let’s see how discord integration works with facebook page using appy pie connect.

  • message new potential facebook customers using discord
  • message your discord members to let them know about your facebook page happenings
  • duplicate your posts from facebook on discord for real-time updates. this way whenever someone posts on your facebook timeline, you will be able to see that post on your discord channel
  • create new facebook posts for messages delivered on discord

Because discord is not an enterprise-grade software, it doesn’t offer many official integration options with enterprise-oriented applications. however, you can automate tasks such as receiving alerts or reminders for scheduled meetings, notifications for news on twitter or facebook, messages for new tasks added to your project management tool, and much more.

let me walk you through various discord integrations you can implement in your business using appy pie connect.

other discord integrations

appy pie connect offers several discord integrations that can help you automate your business workflows. here are some important discord integrations you can do to better connect with your users.

discord integration with trello: With this integration, you can send discord channel messages for newly created trello cards. you can save yourself some effort once you implement this integration. It helps you keep your users engaged and your followers updated. As soon as there’s an activity on trello, whether it’s creating a new card or updating an existing one, your users get messages from the discord channel for all these activities.

discord integration with google calendar: use this integration to send messages from the discord channel at a specific time before any scheduled event in google calendar starts. With this integration, you can send new discord channel messages for new scheduled events. This integration allows you to send your discord followers notifications to keep them updated on events already scheduled.

Zoom Discord Integration: With this integration, you can automatically send Discord channel messages for meetings scheduled on Zoom. In addition, you can receive messages sent when a new Zoom meeting or webinar is created.

discord twitter integration: this integration helps you bring new tweets to a specific discord channel automatically. helps you share news, announcements or other content specific to the game. With this integration, streamers can automate their messages to their fans on Discord and Twitter.

discord integration with google sheets: You can create a google sheet with all the messages you want to send and then implement this integration, and all the rows will send discord channel messages automatically. this integration also creates new sheets for newly sent discord messages. In this way, you can keep your discord channel data organized. you can also get discord messages for new rows created in google sheets.

appy pie connect offers hundreds of discord integrations. you can visit our application directory to see your options.


that was all about discord integration with facebook page and other apps. automate your workflows by integrating discord with different platforms. Leverage the platform to automate your discord workflows to better collaborate, communicate, and build relationships with different interest groups, a variety of businesses, fan communities, and much more. visit apppy pie connect and see other integration options between different everyday business applications.

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