&039Apex Legends&039 Twitch Drop: How to Link/Unlink EA Account to Twitch? | Tech Times

&039Apex Legends&039 Twitch Drop: How to Link/Unlink EA Account to Twitch? | Tech Times

'Apex Legends' Twitch Drop: How to Link/Unlink EA Account to Twitch?

(Photo : Respawn Entertainment ) ‘Apex Legends’ Twitch Drop: How to Link/Unlink EA Account to Twitch?

Starting March 27 until March 28, the much-awaited Twitch drops have officially arrive to “Apex Legends” players. This means, several limited-time items would be available to get, just by watching the series broadcasts of the game’s Winter Circuit Playoffs of the “Apex Legends” Global Series competitions.

Reading: How to connect apex to twitch

Here’s how to easily connect your accounts.

link an account to twitch

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To link your ea account to twitch, you need to make sure you already have all the login details you need.

According to the ea website, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. make sure your gamertag or psn id is linked to your ea account. (double check so you don’t repeat the process)
  2. go to twitch and sign in or create an account.
    • Make sure you log in to the twitch account where you want to watch streams and get rewards.
    • using an app authenticator, ea will send a security code to your phone.
    • if you haven’t set it up, you will receive your code in your email.
    • You will receive a notification that you have been linked successfully.

    once you have completed all these steps, you will have successfully connected your ea account to twitch.

    how to unlink twitch account

    say you don’t want your old ea account to receive twitch drop rewards, you can unlink your account to create a new one.

    • Sign in to your account at ea.com and go to your profile page. choose the connections tab, then unlink the amazon profile.
    • click contact us at the top of help.ea.com.
    • choose fifa 21 as your game.
    • choose the platform you play on.
    • click contractions for the theme.
    • click account link problem for the problem.
    • you will be redirected to a page with the message: click here if you need to unlink your ea account from your twitch account.

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    once you have unlinked your ea account from your twitch account, you will need to delete your twitch accounts as well.

    • go to twitch.tv.
    • go to settings.
    • tap connections.
    • scroll down to other connections.
    • click disconnect next to electronic gear.

    prizes to get from twitch drop!

    The first announced twitch release is related to mirage, according to comicbook. Cheater Legend will drop the Legendary Metal Collector Banner Frame, Rare Number One Banner Pose, Rare Honorable Mention Badge, and Lifetime Win Tracker.

    To ensure you win all of these prizes, you must watch at least four hours of the game. are you ready?

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