ANKER SoundCore Troubleshooting - iFixit

ANKER SoundCore Troubleshooting – iFixit

The speaker is out of range or has a faulty bluetooth.

If your device is out of range of your speaker, they will not be able to maintain a bluetooth connection. remove any obstacles between the speaker and your device, and move your device as close as possible to your anker soundcore and try pairing again.

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If the device’s bluetooth connection chip is broken, it stops the device from pairing and prevents any bluetooth interaction. To avoid using a bluetooth connection, you can use an auxiliary cable to physically connect the speaker to your device.

If you want to restore the bluetooth capability of your speaker, you need to unsolder the bluetooth chip and replace it. For help replacing the bluetooth chip, follow this guide. beware, this is incredibly hard to do.

speaker is out of range or has broken speaker/speaker wires.

Your bluetooth device may be out of connection range. To resolve this, remove any obstacles between the speaker and your device, get as close as possible, and try to connect.

broken speakers prevent sound from being produced or produce distorted sound. If other solutions to improve the sound have not worked, the speakers may be defective. you can fix this by following this guide.

The speaker volume may be too high, the device is out of range, or there is wave interference.

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try to lower the sound level to 85% on the bluetooth device. high volume levels can cause distortion in the sound from the speakers. this can also happen if the volume level is set too low.

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Bluetooth speakers are designed to be a short distance away. if the device is out of range, the sound quality will be poor. move closer to the device to improve sound quality.

the bluetooth connection uses waves. If there are many bluetooth devices used at the same time, it may cloud the connection between your device and the speaker. To avoid this, turn off bluetooth devices that are not being used and retest the sound quality.

The power button on the speaker is not working properly.

try holding all the buttons on the soundcore simultaneously, for about 30 seconds, then press and hold the power button until it turns on.

The speaker has not been successfully paired or unpaired.

try turning off bluetooth on all the devices you don’t want to connect and then try connecting to the desired device.

first turn off bluetooth on the device you want to connect to. then press the bluetooth button on the speaker down for 2-3 seconds to enter pairing mode. a flashing blue light indicates that the speaker is in pairing mode. once in pairing mode, try to connect to the speaker again. a solid blue light indicates that your device is paired with the speaker.

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The speaker’s charging cables are loose, the charging port is broken, or the battery is broken.

Make sure all charging cables are working properly. use the same cable on another device to see if the cable is damaged. if the cable charges the other device, then the problem is with the speaker’s charging port. if the cable does not charge another device, then the cable is broken and should be replaced with another cable.

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If the red light on the side of the device does not come on even when it is plugged in, then you have a faulty charging port. you can override this using this guide.

If the red light on the side of the device comes on, but the device has little or no battery, it means you have a bad battery. you can override this using this guide.

There is a problem with the current bluetooth connection.

turn off the bluetooth of the connected device to disconnect the device from the speaker. turn on the device to be connected and pair the device with the speaker again.

the speaker could have a broken microphone or a broken microphone cable.

If the microphone does not work even though there is a bluetooth connection, it means that your microphone or the microphone cables are broken. you can override this using this guide.

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