: 5 ways to Setup amped router login
Technology : 5 ways to Setup amped router login

  • the web menu panel screen appears showing the current status of the extender, after which you will need to click scan to find available networks to extend.
  • select the wireless networks you want to replicate or expand. click next to continue.
  • you will be prompted to enter a password for your wireless network. click next to continue
  • you will be prompted to configure the settings for your extended network by entering a new ssid and password. Click Next, which saves your settings.
  • The Amplified Wireless Range Extender will reboot and you will need to reconnect your computing device to the new network.
  • Click click ok and finally your range extender has been configured successfully.

how to connect wirelessly to amplified wireless range extender?

it is possible via wi-fi protected setup or wps one-touch setup if your wireless adapter has wps one-touch setup.

  • Locate the wps button on the back panel of your amped wireless range extender and hold it down for about 3 seconds.
  • You will see the amped wireless router’s power led indicator will start flashing.
  • at the same time, press the wps button located on your wireless adapter or enable wps using the software provided for your wireless adapter.
  • then wps will configure and will automatically set the connection settings for your wireless adapter to connect to your amplified wireless range extender.

how do i reset my amped wireless extender?

The Amplified Wireless Range Extender can be reset to its factory default settings using the following methods:

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using the reset button

using the web interface

Reset via physical access to the reset button is a fairly easy and quick method by following the steps below:

  • Locate the reset button on the back panel of the Amplified Wireless Range Extender.
  • Using a straightened paper clip or push pin, press and hold the reset button for approximately five to ten seconds and then release the reset button.
  • wait a few minutes until the led light begins to flash, indicating that your amped wireless range extender has been restored to its default settings factory.

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To reset the Amplified Wireless Range Extender through the web interface, you need to log in to the web-based interface of the Amplified Wireless Router

  • Go to via a web browser.
  • Enter your default login credentials to access the amped wireless admin page.
  • go to more settings and select management.
  • select save/reload settings in management and click on the reset settings to default tab which will restore the amped wireless range extender to the default settings. factory.

what if you can’t open the amped wireless range extender web menu after going to

  • make sure your computer is connected to your range extender’s Wi-Fi network
  • make sure you’re using a newer, compatible browser. In case you still have problems, please try configuring with a different browser (recommended: google chrome) or try closing and reopening the same browser.
  • try using the default ip address to access the login page instead of web address.
  • try to power off and on the amplified wireless range extender.
  • try to reset the range extender at last while the rest change your settings to factory default settings. resetting the amplified wireless range extender is done by pressing and holding the reset button for a few seconds and then releasing it.
  • if none of the above steps work, try disconnecting your computer from all wi-fi connected networks and connect your computer with the range extender using an ethernet cable. then try accessing the amped wireless range extender web menu via
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what happens if the internet connection is not accessible through the amplified wireless range extender?

  • Your home network’s internet connection may have been interrupted, or your router’s settings may have changed in some way due to a power outage, etc. therefore, you will need to connect to the range extender and access the web interface using the web address run the smart setup wizard to reconnect the range extender to your wireless network.
  • access the setup web menu via to verify that the signal strength between the range extender and your home network is greater than 70% as the problem is when the range extender is placed too far from your router and does not maintain a signal strength greater than 70%. you can check the signal strength between the router and the range extender by going to the left side of the web menu and clicking more settings > administration > device status. the signal strength reading will be displayed in the home wireless network settings section, which should be above 70%. If the signal strength is less than 70%, you will need to move the Amplified Wireless Extender closer to your router or reposition your Amplified Wireless Extender.

how to find an optimal placement location for your amplified wireless range extender?

You can find an optimal or perfect signal using a signal strength LED on the front of the Amplified Wireless Range Extender

  • green led: excellent signal above 70%
  • yellow led: moderate signal intensity between 60-69%
  • red led: poor signal intensity due to below 59%
  • it takes 1-3 minutes for the led signal to register after the amped wireless extender is turned on. After the extender setup, the LED can be used to guide you to place the extender in a better location. it is recommended that the intensity of the signal is at least 70%, that is, the led is green.
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note: the signal strength led will not turn on unless the range extender setup has not been completed first.

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