Publish to Tableau Server Tool | Alteryx Help

Publish to Tableau Server Tool | Alteryx Help

Use the Publish Server Tool in Tableau to publish an Alteryx data stream as a Tableau Hyper Data Extraction (.hyper) or Tableau Data Extraction (.tde) file.

The tableau server publishing tool now ships with the designer. Starting with 2018.4, future updates will ship with the designer. For more information on tds files, visit: tableau online help.

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tool configuration

  1. Use the login to tableau server tab to create a connection, or use a saved connection.
  2. under saved connections, select a connection. to delete a saved connection, select it and then select delete.
  3. enter the username and password you used to connect to tableau serverfrom a web browser.
  4. enter the server url used to log in to tableau server . an example is
  5. enter a site(site name) or leave blank to use the site default . an example site name is externaldemo. tableau server is designed to host multiple sites on the same server instance. tableau online does not have a default site.
  6. To save the connection information as a new connection, use add connection (optional) to type a name for the connection. select save to save the new connection.
  7. select connect to connect to the tableau server.

configure the data source

  1. project name – Select a project name in which you want to publish the new data source
  2. data source name – Enter the name given to the newly created data source on tableau server, or select one from the list. if it includes metainfo, type the name of the .tds file without any difference.
  3. output options – Choose the output behavior.
    • create – Creates a new file in the specified project folder. if a file with the same data source name already exists, an error is displayed.
    • overwrite – Creates a new file in the specified folder and overwrites any existing file with the same name.
    • append: add to an existing file.
    • tableau hyperdataextraction (*.hyper): Create a tableau hyperdata extraction file.
    • tableau data extraction (*.tde) – Create a tableau data extraction file.

    prepare the tds file using a file editor

    the path used to publish the .tdsx file is ‘data/extracts/[filename].hyper’.

    1. Using a file editor, open the .tds file that contains the meta information for the data source.
    2. edit the dbname path to match the dbname path post path. eg if your hyperfile is stored in: c:/temp/filename.hyper then change c:/temp/filename.hyper to data/extracts / filename.hyper.
    3. optionally, edit the data source version to match the tableau server version. this process should only be used when publishing to a previous version.
    4. save changes.

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    the .tds file is now ready. in the data source meta information (optional), enter or browse to the path of the .tds file.

    When you run the workflow, the tableau server publishing tool combines the .tds file and the upstream data (the dataflow used as input) into a .tdsx file. the .tdsx file is published to the tableau server, giving users access to the data source and meta information such as comments and hierarchies.

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