Can You Connect Multiple Sonos Speakers? How Many? How Do You Manage Multiple Sonos Speakers?

Can You Connect Multiple Sonos Speakers? How Many? How Do You Manage Multiple Sonos Speakers?

Sonos speakers sound great, and it’s no wonder you want more than one to play that great music in stereo or maybe hook up with your TV as part of your home theater system. connecting multiple sonos speakers is one of the best ways to fill your room with sound, but can it be done?

multiple sonos speakers can be connected by creating room groups in the sonos app. a room can consist of a single speaker, a pair of speakers for stereo sound, or a set of three speakers plus a subwoofer for home theater surround sound. there is a limit of 32 speakers per sonos system.

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If you’re not familiar with sonos and the terminology they use, that answer probably doesn’t make much sense. In the rest of this article, I’ll break it down into terms everyone can understand and explain how you can manage multiple Sonos speakers in your home.

Sonos Multiple Speakers

Connecting Multiple Sonos Speakers

Before I dive into sonos terminology, I want to make sure we’re all on the same page. For me, connecting multiple Sonos speakers means having all of your Sonos speakers playing the same music at the same time. all of those sonos speakers are part of your sonos systems, which means you can have a maximum of 32 speakers.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s make sure we all understand sonos terminology.

what is a sonos system? a sonos system is all your sonos speakers linked to the given account. When you sign in to the app, you’ll see all of your speakers linked to your Sonos system. a sonos system can consist of a maximum of 32 sonos speakers.

In rare cases where more than 32 sonos speakers are used in a single location, the user will need to create two or more accounts.

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In the sonos app, once you’ve created an account, new sonos speakers will be automatically detected and the sonos app will guide you through the setup process to link the speaker to your system (also known as an account). ).

If the sonos app doesn’t automatically ask you to add a speaker, you can go to system, then settings, then tap +add product. sonos will search for new speakers and notify you when it finds them. make sure the speaker is on and has a flashing green light.

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here is a video that walks you through the process of setting up a sonos.

all other sonos speakers will have a very similar process. here is the sonos support page where you can select which speaker you have and it will walk you through the steps. at the time this article was written, the support page has no images or screenshots. it’s just a list of steps.

connect sonos speakers as a stereo pair

During setup, if you assign the speaker to a room that already has another speaker assigned and the speaker is from the same series, you will have the option to create a stereo pair. if you have a room with an assigned soundbar, you can add a subwoofer and stereo pair.

two speakers are allowed per room, unless you have a sound bar, in which case you can have a total of four speakers; the sound bar, a subwoofer, and a pair of stereo speakers.

If you already have speakers set up in your sonos system, but they are not currently set up as a stereo pair, you can reassign them to be a stereo pair. first, make sure the speakers are assigned to the same room. go to settings, system, products and select the room where the speakers are assigned and you want to create a stereo pair.

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In the “products” category, tap “+ set up stereo pair” and select the speakers you want to pair.

connect multiple sonos speakers as a group

sonos takes a layered approach to how speakers are assigned. each speaker belongs to a sonos system and is assigned to a room within that system. rooms can be “ganged” together.

When selected, all speakers in a given room will play audio synchronously. if rooms are grouped and you select that group, all speakers in that group will play audio in sync.

rooms that have been grouped together cannot be selected to play audio in a single room until they have been removed from the group.

can you pair 4 sonos speakers?

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Please note that Sonos has no idea where your speakers are physically located. it is possible to have four speakers in the same physical room.

four or more sonos speakers cannot be paired, except when added as a surround speaker for a home theater system. Alternatively, you can have multiple rooms grouped together in the Sonos app, which will sync the music across all speakers.

In the case of four Sonos speakers, you can have two rooms (in the app) with two speakers each. it’s up to you if you want to set them up as a stereo pair, assuming they’re compatible. you can then group the two rooms together, which will have the end result of four speakers playing music or audio simultaneously.

Speakers can be placed in the same physical room, or wherever you like, as long as they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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This video demonstrates how you can set up groups in the sonos app.

can i play different music in different rooms with sonos?

Now that you have your rooms and groups set up the way you’d like, it’s time to play music. That said, it’s not uncommon for not everyone in the house to want to listen to the same music. can you play different music in different rooms using your sonos system?

The sonos app should be used to play different music in different rooms. first select the room and then select the music to play in that room. playing music directly from a streaming service app will not work to play different music in different rooms. sonos app must be used.

Streaming services like amazon music or spotify often allow only one stream per user. If your account is signed in on multiple devices, streaming on the first device will stop when the second device tries to start streaming.

for example, if you are streaming music directly from the spotify app while cooking in the kitchen and your spouse starts playing music in the living room, the music streaming in the kitchen will stop.

One of the great things about Sonos is that it streams services to each Sonos system as a stream when used through the Sonos app. This allows you to stream different music to different Sonos speakers. this is a good reason to link your streaming account to your sonos app.

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