How To Link Social Media Account(s) - All At Once

How To Link Social Media Account(s) – All At Once

How To Link Social Media Account(s) – All At Once

How to connect all social networks

The impact of social media accounts on business is undeniable and we all know how incredibly time-consuming it is to manage all social media. Fortunately, linking social media accounts is one of the best ways to increase your marketing exposure. but how to link social media accounts faster and better? is there a way to link them all in less than a minute?

So, in the first section of this article, we’ll tell you how to link social media accounts for different platforms, then we’ll reveal a trick to link them all at once.

stay tuned to find out!

link social networks, one by one

here we will tell you how to link social media accounts if you are using one of the platforms, facebook, instagram, twitter and linkedin.

  1. link facebook to instagram
  2. link facebook to twitter
  3. link facebook to linkedin
  4. link twitter to linkedin
  5. link twitter to instagram
  6. link instagram to linkedin

how to link instagram to facebook page

  • go to your instagram profile
  • tap the three horizontal lines right at the top
  • tap settings
  • tap accounts
  • tap linked accounts
  • tap on facebook
  • enter your facebook login information
  • save all your preferences before exiting

how to link facebook to twitter

  • from your desktop, log in to your twitter account
  • go to the apps tab of your settings menu
  • click connect to facebook
  • enter your facebook information
  • click “sign in” to sign in on facebook
  • you now get a notice saying that twitter will receive certain information from your facebook account. to continue, click continue as [facebook name]
  • click “ok”

how to link facebook to linkedin

  • open facebook in your browser
  • log in to your facebook account
  • type “linkedin” in the search bar at the top of the page
  • click linkedin app
  • click “connect with facebook” button
  • will appear a popup on the screen
  • click the “login with facebook” button in the popup
  • click allow
  • click skip this step and you’re done

Linking social media tiwtter linkedin

how to link twitter to linkedin

  • go to the linkedin login page
  • login with the required information
  • click settings
  • click your username in the upper right corner
  • click “manage your twitter settings”
  • click “add your twitter account”
  • sign in to twitter
  • click “allow”
  • select your preferences for status updates and content preferences
  • click “save changes”

how to link twitter to instagram

  • go to the “settings” app in your instagram on your device whatever
  • search for “twitter”
  • turn on ‘instagram’ to link to twitter account
  • log in to your instagram account
  • click “settings”
  • click “share settings”
  • click “twitter”
  • it’s ready after you enter your twitter username and password

how to link social media account Instagram Twitter

how to link instagram to linkedin

  • go to your options (at the top right corner of your profile)
  • click on linked accounts
  • click linkedin
  • enter your linkedin information

admit it! you’re overwhelmed with all these instructions, right?

well, I know I’m writing this. I mean, the point was to link all your social media accounts to save time and energy and stay clean. Manually linking all these social media links is overwhelming.

But while I was gathering information on how to link social media accounts, I came up with an app called aigrow which really surprised me. And now I’m about to tell you why?

how to link social media accounts all at once?

While surfing the net and searching for “how to link all social media accounts”, aigrow occurred to me.

According to what I read on the internet, aigrow is an all-in-one instagram marketing tool that has a bio link feature. So I’m assuming that while linktree is the pioneer of the link in bio feature, who would even consider an alternative tool?

So, the feature to link all social media accounts totally blew me away. aigrow has features that even linktree is unable to do.

why use aigrow to link social networks?

because aigrow allows you to add a link of all your social media accounts in the instagram bio. and it’s free.

While linktree allows you to add facebook and youtube links in instagram bio, aigrow allows you to not only add links from all your social media accounts in instagram bio, but also specify a link for each post. isn’t that crazy?

Now, if you are thirsty to know how to link all social media accounts using aigrow, we have collected all the information in this article.

by the way, we have already found the platform very easy to use. so you can register for free and start linking social networks right now.

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