How To Dropship On eBay From AliExpress in 2022 - The Complete Guide

How To Dropship On eBay From AliExpress in 2022 – The Complete Guide

aliexpress is a friendly website for dropshipping sellers. so friendly that they even have a section on the website called aliexpress dropshipping center. In this article, I will try to give you an introduction on how to sell aliexpress products on ebay.

one of the biggest concerns sellers have when thinking about using this platform is: is aliexpress legit for drop shipping? the quick answer is yes, it is. In fact, most dropshippers tend to use AliExpress as their main supplier.

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Aliexpress is trusted by sellers, it also offers a dropshipping hub where you add items you would like to sell from the website to your store. you set a price with a markup to cover the fees and make your profit. Finally, when you receive an order, you pay for that product at wholesale prices. dsm tool software is a wonderful aliexpress to ebay dropshipping tool, and i will demonstrate how to start dropshipping with it throughout the guide. This article is aimed at those of you looking to start an online business and covers both the theory and the practical steps you need to take to get started.

That said, I’ll try to cover as much as I can on the subject in this post and at no cost.

In this article you will learn:

  1. why should i start dropshipping on ebay?
  2. how to start an online business by dropshipping from aliexpress to ebay
  3. aliexpress best selling product categories
  4. how to find products for aliexpress dropshipping
  5. how to choose your dropshipping suppliers on aliexpress
  6. how to set up your ebay account for aliexpress dropshipping
  7. how to set up dsm tool for aliexpress dropshipping
  8. start dropshipping: list products, process orders and handle returns

But first, let’s solve the popular questions about dropshipping from aliexpress:

is aliexpress free for dropshipping?

yes, aliexpress does not charge any monthly subscription fees like other marketplaces. any seller can go to the platform and get any item to ship. all you need to consider is the price of the product and the shipping rate offered by the seller.

is aliexpress good for dropshipping?

aliexpress is a great platform for dropshippers where they don’t need to worry about inventory or shipping. the website offers several high-quality products at a substantially low price. When it comes to shipping costs, AliExpress offers two affordable methods; aliexpress standard shipping and epacket.

These two aliexpress shipping methods are not only affordable for users and reliable, but have faster delivery time. in fact, many ebay sellers who offer their products on the platform get them from aliexpress.

aliexpress dropshipping benefits:

Although AliExpress is another retail marketplace, they understand that most of their users are resellers, also known as dropshippers. Website dropshipping is accessible to everyone as there is no upfront fee involved.

Most sellers on the platform offer millions of products with professional images showing each item along with their brief descriptions. this will allow you to easily describe the product you get to your potential buyers on sites like aliexpress where you choose to drop ship.

Lastly, dropshipping is a simple process where you purchase a product from the site and enter your customer’s address after receiving their order, that’s literally it!

Is there a minimum order quantity on aliexpress?

no, unlike other wholesale retailers like alibaba, you don’t need to buy in bulk. This is a great advantage for beginners as they don’t need to have an inventory of certain products, they can sell any category they want with a good amount of demand in the market. — this business model approach has more flexibility when it comes to products and overall investment.

why should you start dropshipping on ebay?:

ebay’s marketplace not only has over 183 million active users, which means it has a huge market, but it’s also extremely easy to become an active seller on the platform. Unlike other markets like Walmart or Amazon, opening an account to sell is not that simple, there is a list of requirements that you must meet.

Most eBay sellers or dropshippers are located in the United States with a 28.2% market share along with UK sellers.

how to start dropshipping from aliexpress to ebay step by step

If you’re looking to start an online business, you may have heard the term dropshipping. One of the ways to start a dropshipping business is to dropship from AliExpress to eBay. this method is probably the most popular among ebay dropshippers today.

$72.45 profit for dropshipping a product from ali express

The idea of ​​dropshipping is usually easy to understand and starts with looking for products that have a proven sales history on eBay. The sales record on eBay represents the demand side to which the product offering is going to be provided, from AliExpress.

Let me take you through the journey of a specific product that generated a profit of $72.45 for the seller. later in the section on sourcing products, you’ll learn how to search for many products with such sales records.

first step: locate fashion products on ebay

In the image above you can see a couple of details that indicate that it is a product that is being shipped successfully on ebay, most likely from ali express. first, the shipping section indicates that the product is located in china and is shipped via economy shipping method from china/hong kong/taiwan.

so this ebay seller only has 632 reviews (you should probably consider automating ebay feedback generation) and only 2 items available in stock. These are strong indications that you are a dropshipping beginner, many beginners are indeed dropshipping from ali express to ebay.

Lastly, the product has already been sold 35 times, making it a product with a proven sales history. as you can see in the picture number 35 is clickable and if I click on it I can see the recent transactions and their dates. this product was sold 21 times between June 1 and July 27, the day I was browsing it, which is once every 3 days on average. this is a strong indication of a product in good demand for ebay dropshipping.

step two: locate a dropshipping provider on ali express

If I could find this product on aliexpress at a lower price, or a product that is very similar, I could offer it for sale on ebay for the same or lower price and ship it myself. You could also try to locate a product that doesn’t necessarily result in a cheaper price but offers a faster shipping method and try to compete with that seller on eBay by offering faster shipping.

well this is where direct shipping from aliexpress to ebay is so amazing, I found a product that offers cheaper price and faster shipping.

Let’s say I decide to offer this product in my eBay store for the same price of $12.99 with faster shipping than the store I want to compete with. there are more parameters that will define whether I rank on the first page of ebay search results but overall I have a chance of capturing some of the sales for this product on ebay.

last step: pay ebay and paypal their fees

once you sell something on ebay you are entitled to pay a selling fee to ebay, for most categories you must pay a final value fee of 12.55% which is integrated with ebay managed payments and, sometimes, taxes on the purchase. There is no purchase tax charged when buying on aliexpress.

As a dropshipper, you don’t need to worry too much about those fees. The reason is that when it finds products for dropshipping, it includes the fee in its calculations. Additionally, when adding products to your store using the quick listing feature of the dsm tool, fees are automatically calculated as part of the final sale price, this is also known in ebay dropshipping as “break-even”.

is direct shipping from aliexpress to ebay allowed?

according to ebay’s dropshipping policy, it is not allowed. But if you dig deeper into what the policy means, you’ll find that what eBay cares about most is that you’re running a legitimate business.

In the ebay dropshipping industry you will find some illegal activities such as creating a network of dozens of “stealth” ebay accounts under false identities as a way of running the business. I suggest not getting involved in such activities and do your best to comply with the legitimate ways of running an ebay business.

ebay dropshipping vs. shopify dropshipping, from aliexpress

unlike ebay, shopify offers the option to get an unlimited number of buyers in your store, which means you could sell a single product for millions of dollars. The problem is that, just like any other business, the higher the potential profit, the higher the risk.

to sell using shopify, you need to pay for ads, selling on ebay requires no initial investment in advertising, you get “free” buyer traffic using ebay’s search engine mechanism.

why is shopify dropshipping more famous than ebay dropshipping?

Most of the content online about aliexpress dropshipping is about creating a shopify store and driving ad traffic to it. the reason it’s more popular than ebay dropshipping is that shopify is potentially more profitable, and an image of a fancy lamborginini sells better.

I think for most people looking to start an online business, the opportunity to start a low-risk business and slowly master digital marketing skills is much better.

The second reason is ebay’s dropshipping policy, which leaves aliexpress dropshipping outside of what is technically allowed to be done on ebay. but because ebay dropshipping is so much more beginner friendly than shopify, if you don’t have any money to invest and don’t have the complex digital marketing skills it takes to build a website and advertise it, then it’s probably a better fit for you. you. get started with ebay dropshipping then build your skill set and online business step by step.

how to start dropshipping from ali express

To get started with aliexpress dropshipping, you first need to learn how to find what to sell. then to start selling there are a couple of things you need to set up:

  • ebay seller account
  • ali express account with connection to ali pay
  • dropshipping software for store management like dsm tool
  • suggested: ebay market research software

As part of the process of finding what to sell, you’ll learn how to choose the right vendors to source products from. When you finally do make a sale, there’s an ordering process you’ll also need to familiarize yourself with.

let’s start step by step with how to find products to ship directly from ali express.

how to find dropshipping products from aliexpress

The best products for aliexpress dropshipping are the ones that fit into the supply and demand equation. On the demand side, they show a clear sales history on eBay by themselves or belong to a niche of trending products.

on the supply side, we will look for a supplier on ali express that sells the same or a similar product at a lower price than what is being sold on ebay and make sure it is a reliable supplier. high demand + reliable and cheap supplier = good dropshipping opportunity.

Generally speaking, there are two dominant techniques in the dropshipping industry when it comes to finding products to sell: criticizing other sellers and following market trends. let’s explore both.

aliexpress best selling product categories:

You can sell just about anything when it comes to aliexpress dropshipping. however, it goes without saying that there are categories that certainly attract more traffic. Usually the best-selling products are from the following categories:

  • home improvement.
  • gardening.
  • kitchen appliances .
  • toys.
  • clothing brands.
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These categories are in high traffic demand as they fall under the usual everyday household items. it also has higher ticket dropshipping products where you will have a higher profit margin.

the sniper method

Detecting other dropshippers starts with locating a seller we suspect is a dropshipper. then, when we find such a seller, we scan their store to find their top sellers. With your best selling products in hand, we search for that exact or similar product on ali express for a cheaper price from a reliable supplier.

the reason snipers work is based on the idea that ebay distributes traffic from search results among its sellers. Let’s say there are 100 sales of some product and 5 salespeople competing to sell it, so first, the best performing salesperson will win 80 of the sales.

but that leaves another 20 sales to split between the other 4 salespeople. Will you be the one to get 80 sales, 10 sales, 2 sales or none? it depends on many parameters, some of which I cover in this article (consider taking the course to learn more about it).

When choosing products to dropship, I use zik analytics, their ebay analytics and market research software. but since it is a paid software, let me show you step by step how to snipe products manually. I suggest you try it out for yourself right now along with me to see the magic of how it really works.

If you’re interested in trying out zik analytics, use this link for a 7-day free trial.

step 1: locate other dropshippers

go to ali express, enter one of the random categories

Sort the products in the search results by “orders”, it will show you the best selling products in descending order. Most of the products sold are often a target for many dropshippers, making it easy to find suspects to attack.

choose one of the products in the search results, copy the first 10 words of its title and paste it into the search box on ebay. filter the results by product price + shipping + 30%, if the results you get are for products located in the us. In the US, filter the results further by the location of the item in Asia.

look at ebay sellers in my search results. they sell the exact same product for the exact price range of cost + shipping + fees + profit and have less than 500 reviews. These are wonderful sellers to check out their stores, and just to make sure we’re 100% sure we want to follow them, it’s okay if they’re not Chinese sellers.

Sometimes it’s hard to compete with Chinese sellers, but US sellers. uu. or other western countries that sell these products at that price range are usually dropshippers.

step 2: analyze the store to locate its best-selling products

To find the products that the seller I just found is offering for sale, I clicked the “item for sale” button in the top right corner of their store. I then used the chrome extension’s ebay popularity ranking which automatically sorted all the products in the store by their best sellers in descending order.

I’m going through the products in the store, from top to bottom, one by one, looking for products with more than 4 or 5 sales in the last month. you may have to go through 4-5 or even 10 sellers before finding such products.

go ahead, try it, look for those products yourself. it will be worth it to feel exactly what it is like to run such an operation for your own business.

The time it takes to manually select products is why I recommend zik analytics. with it, you can locate many sellers quite quickly and analyze their stores with the click of a button.

step 4: analyze the products and get them from aliexpress

Using one of the best aliexpress chrome ali tools extensions, you can click on any image on ebay and search for the product in that image on ali express. this is how i found the supplier of this product below who had a sales record of 70 sales for a cheaper price on ali express.

In fact, I wouldn’t get this specific product as a beginner because it doesn’t have enough reviews. In addition, it does not offer fast e-packet shipping, but only aliexpress standard shipping. I will talk more about this matter in the part about how to choose a reliable supplier on aliexpress.

how much profit does this product generate

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The last step left to finish the process of sniping this product is to make sure that it is really profitable to get it from aliexpress.

I use the ebay profit calculator, I have built this spreadsheet for the ebay dropshipping course to quickly calculate the level of profit. feel free to make a copy for yourself by clicking file -> make a copy and then bookmark it in your browser for quick access.

It is self explanatory, all you need to do is fill in the gray cells with the product cost data and the selling price of the product you are attacking. the calculator will calculate fees and earnings automatically. More on setting rates is explained later in this guide in the section on configuring the dsm tool.

the trending dropshipping niche method

The second method of finding products to sell when dropshipping is to follow the markets and try to explore trending product niches. Unlike attacking other sellers, when you find niches with high demand and low competition, you have a better chance of finding your next best seller.

I suggest beginners stick to the sniping method, but if you’re interested in learning more about conducting market research on eBay, follow the guide in the video below

how to choose your dropshipping suppliers on ali express

When choosing a supplier on aliexpress dropshipping, sellers want to ensure that the products are of high quality and that the supplier handling the logistics of shipping the products is trustworthy. there are a couple of parameters to consider before making a decision:

  • product reviews (0-5 stars)
  • bad product reviews (read them)
  • shipping methods offered (must include tracking number )
  • buyer protection and return options
  • supplier reviews
  • rate of positive seller feedback

Choosing a vendor is a matter of risk management, the more you are willing to trust vendors without established registration, the more products you will be able to sell. the downside is… well… these providers don’t have an established registry.

I’m going to recommend specific parameters to follow as beginners.

first check ali express product rating and reviews

every product on ali express has a review section, like many other e-commerce websites. reviews are based on a rating in the 0-5 star range and a written review section that in many cases contains customer-taken product photos.

Best practice for beginners is to focus on products with a 4+ star rating, at least a couple of written reviews, and at least 50-100 orders. If you have any suspicions about the quality of the product, take a look at the one and two star reviews to find out what people were complaining about.

then check shipping methods, returns and buyer protection

Different vendors on aliexpress may offer the exact same product for sale, that’s because just like ebay, aliexpress is also a marketplace. Just like you can try to compete on ebay by not only lowering the price but also offering faster shipping times or better return options, so can sellers on aliexpress.

ship only products that offer tracking number

The best practice for beginners is to stick to the epacket shipping method because it is the fastest and most reliable shipping method for the lowest price range of the different aliexpress shipping methods.

but epacket is not the only shipping method that provides relatively fast and reliable shipping. other services like ups accelerated, e-ems and yw fast line can offer relatively fast and reliable shipping time. aliexpress standard shipping is also relatively reliable, but tends to offer slower shipping times.

One thing to remember is to avoid shipping methods that don’t offer a tracking number. When you don’t upload a valid tracking number to ebay, it counts as a miss and your seller level is made damage the lower the seller level, the less organic traffic you will get from the ebay search engine.

free returns and buyer protection

Some ali express sellers work with local return services in the destination country and may offer free local returns. but I can’t say that the best practice for beginners is to only work with products that offer free returns, there just aren’t enough of them.

What I could definitely recommend is only working with sellers who offer buyer protection. The Buyer Protection Program on Aliexpress provides a money back guarantee in the event that the product does not arrive, arrives damaged or is not as described.

last, check out the supplier’s store

ali express provides an overview of seller performance including positive feedback rate and communication, shipping speed, and “item as described” rate they earned from previous buyers.

Best practice for beginners is to avoid any seller with a positive feedback rate below 95%. If you have the Ali Tools chrome extension installed, you can also check your accumulated Vendor Score, it automatically appears in the bottom left corner of the screen.

I hope you now have the tools to find products to sell, including the ability to decide which vendors to use. The next steps are to make sure both your eBay store and dropshipping software are set up optimally. then start dropshipping by adding products to your store and processing orders.

how to set up your ebay account for ali express dropshipping

Online shopping is all about giving users the best experience, not only with the items offered to them along with customer service, but also with a convenient payment method.

ebay managed payments is the marketplace’s newly integrated payment processing platform to conveniently offer buyers and sellers a better transaction experience. — as a seller, you get paid all in one place, in your ebay managed payment account that links directly to your bank account.

In this article, I’m going to cover the basics behind the most important settings you need to set up on eBay for direct shipping from ali express and trade policies.

While trade policies are the most important to configure if you want to drop ship from aliexpress to ebay, you should also optimize your store by configuring the most recommended settings for drop shipping on ebay.

how long does it take to start dropshipping on ebay?

Please note that it may take 2-4 hours to complete all the setup steps before you can add products to your store. And that doesn’t include finding what to sell and optimizing the listings for seo before adding them to your store.

Generally, the answer is that as a beginner, in less than 24 hours you can have your eBay dropshipping business up and running. some people even make their first sale a few hours after starting.

So, yes, it requires you to spend time and put it on your schedule, but it’s not that bad to have a business up and running that fast, right?

the most important configurations for dropshipping: commercial policies

ebay’s trade policies feature is used to create a compromise between you and your buyers. When you set up shipping, return, and payment policies, eBay starts measuring you against them.

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trade policies allow you to adapt to different providers besides aliexpress. You can set up different policies for different dropshipping providers and automatically assign them to products you add to your store with the DSM tool.

We’ll get there, but first, let’s configure trade policies to work with ali express.

opt to enable ebay trade policies feature

many ebay features are not available to you as a seller from the start. instead you must choose to enable them and only then will you be able to use them.

click here to opt in and enable the ebay trade policies feature

set payment policies

ebay’s payment policy when dropshipping on ebay defines what payment methods you are willing to accept from buyers. As eBay launches its new payment system called eBay Managed Payments, I expect changes in the way payment policies look. Until then, I suggest you set the following parameters.

since ebay is a kind of flea market, in addition to being a “regular” e-commerce market, there are many payment options available. none of these are relevant to you when dropshipping, only electronic payments are relevant and the only relevant electronic payment is paypal.

Be sure to check the box next to “Require immediate payment when buyer uses Buy It Now”. otherwise, your buyers might buy an item and only pay for it later. that’s something dropshippers aren’t willing to deal with.

set return policies

There are two types of returns when selling on eBay:

  • Auto-approved returns: When an item doesn’t arrive, doesn’t arrive as described, or arrives damaged
  • Returns under the terms of the return policy: For any reason, no questions asked

local return policies vs. international

When you dropship, your return policies are directly affected by the terms offered to you by your suppliers. Many dropshippers who use US retailers like Home Depot as their suppliers offer free 90-day returns at your expense.

That’s because when you buy something at home depot you can return it for free for 180 days. all dropshippers do is open a return request on the home depot website, receive a return label, mail it to the buyer, and refund when the item is returned.

On ali express, only some vendors offer free domestic returns “for any reason” and only for 14 days. Most vendors you will work with will only offer a refund/exchange if you can prove the product did not arrive, did not arrive as described, or is damaged.

set no return policies

which is why, in theory, the best practice for beginners is to set a return policy that is “no returns”. you can do this by leaving the checkboxes in the return policy unchecked. Please note that if a product does not arrive, arrives damaged, or is not as described, eBay will automatically approve the return regardless of their policies.

The biggest problem with setting up a no return policy is that it makes you less competitive compared to other sellers on ebay. When you and a few other sellers are competing to sell the same product, the amount of traffic you’ll get depends on many parameters: If your competitor offers return options and you don’t, they may get more traffic than you.

offering returns when dropshipping from aliexpress

The solution to this problem is to offer “for any reason” returns on your policy and set it up so that the buyer pays for the return and you can offer a replacement. In this way, every time a buyer opens a return request, you have two options:

  • If the reason is that the item did not arrive, did not correspond to the description or arrived damaged: ask for proof, preferably images or even a video. then send that to your supplier on ali express, they will refund you and so will your buyer. you can also offer the buyer an exchange instead of a refund and arrange it with the supplier
  • if the reason is that the buyer just wants to return the product, please contact your supplier in china and ask for their address . then send your buyer the address in china and remind him to pay the shipping.

I’ve never heard of a buyer shipping a product to china (disclaimer: it could happen and then you’ll have to refund), so you’re pretty sure on that side.

but more importantly, i want to mention that if you get evidence that something went wrong, know that you have to refund the buyer before you get a refund from the supplier on ali express.

the refund process

On eBay, the refund process for returns takes about a week. on ali express, on the other hand, the process takes 14 days. in fact, this is a risk you have to take, you have to fund the negative cash flow in the few days between the two returns.

In my opinion, if you stick to good vendors and products that typically don’t have a high return rate (the clothing category, for example, has a high return rate), you should be fine. I don’t recall many complaints or business level issues reported by dropshippers due to returns when dropshipping from aliexpress to ebay.

the sender’s address and signature

In November 2018, eBay introduced the automatic return approval system. the way it works is that once the buyer opens a return that is in accordance with your return policy or auto-approved return, they receive a return label, with their address on it.

To change that, you need to enable the rma option in the return configuration. when you turn it on, ebay stops automatically sending the return label to your buyers, instead giving you 5 days to upload the return label yourself before they automatically generate it.

Once a customer opens a return case, contact them immediately and explain that if a label will be printed, their address will appear on it and that you don’t accept returns there. explain to them the return process you offer instead.

If you want to go one step further, you can change the return address in the address settings to “do not return” and “contact us” as name or mailing address.

set shipping policies

The shipping policies that I’m about to recommend you configure are probably the most interesting configuration you’ll ever do. The reason is that within the shipping policies I’m about to reveal, you can make an extra markup just by setting these shipping options.

national shipping

shipping policies on ebay are divided into domestic shipping, that is, shipping to the country of the local market, in our example, usa. USA, and international shipping. Since AliExpress sellers ship worldwide, shipping policies are set accordingly.

As you can see from the picture above, I set standard shipping (7-19 days) and epacket as shipping services, but charged $0.97 for epacket option. since as a beginner you will focus on shipping products with epacket anyway, even if buyers chose standard shipping option, epacket fast shipping is only there to attract buyers and increase your profit margin by a dollar .

When you drop ship with software like the dsm tool, the shipping fee is automatically added to the final price calculation. we will configure the software to calculate epacket as the shipping service, so the extra 97 cents will really be pure profit.

handling time

handling time is the commitment you make to process the order on time. Technically speaking, eBay counts an order as processed once it updates the tracking number information for the item.

The longer the drive time you set, the less competitive you become and the less traffic you expect to get. on the other hand, if you set it too short and miss those dates, your seller level may be affected and you will also lose traffic.

My recommendation to you is to set 3-4 days and process your orders, including placing the order and updating the tracking number, as soon as possible after you’ve made a sale.

international shipping

The international shipping section is a bit more complicated to set up, and again, like many other topics I discuss in this guide, it depends on your risk management decision making.

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the trick with faster paid shipping can be applied to countries other than the us. uu., and I recommend that you use it too. That said, ali express providers offer different shipping methods to different countries and may charge a different shipping fee to ship to those countries.

Because you won’t be reviewing every shipping location for every product you add to your store, it’s up to you how much risk you’re willing to take. the countries I marked in the image above are, in my opinion, the safest to enable if you are risk averse.

exclusion list

The last part of the shipping policy settings are the locations on the exclusion list that you don’t want to ship to. In accordance with industry best practices, I suggest you exclude the following locations.

with your ebay store set up, you are now ready to move on to the next step: setting up your dropshipping management software dsm tool.

set up dropshipping software dsm tool for aliexpress dropshipping

dropshipping software dsm tool offers a full set of features to help you drop ship from aliexpress to ebay. Actually, it is integrated with more than 50 different providers for dropshipping. these are different websites you can use to get products.

click here to sign up for the dsm tool for free

The list of features you can set up to improve your dropshipping business is too long to mention in this article. I’ll cover some of them in this article, but I also suggest you check out the following resources:

  • set up a new dsm tool account
  • optimize dsm tool for ali express dropshipping
  • and get 10X performance with these features

first configure everything. Then, in the last section of this article, I’ll go over the process of adding products to your store, optimizing the list before publishing them, and processing orders.

set ali express as dropshipping provider in dsm tool

trade policy synchronization

After setting up trade policies on ebay, you need to sync them with aliexpress in dsm tool listing settings. the quicklist is the function you’ll use to add products to your store.

if you don’t see the policies listed in the dsm tool drop down menu, click the refresh button and your account and ebay will sync once again.

ebay product description template policies

every product you add to ebay has a product description section that can be styled. there is a whole section in the dsm tool designated for templates. you can set a default template, edit it and subscribe to the dynamic template feature.

when the dsm tool listing imports the product details from ali express, it also imports the product description and then inserts it into its templates.

since ebay was established in september 1995, features like trading policies didn’t exist back then. Sellers on the platform used to describe their policies in the product description, so the eBay buyer community is quite used to reading it from there.

That’s why we developed a dynamic product description, you can set different text policies for the different dropshipping websites you use. By default, the text in the settings already fits the scenario of dropshipping from aliexpress. however, I suggest you review it, customize it and make sure it is clear and in accordance with your policies

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break-even point and benefits

The breakeven percentage will be used to calculate the final price of the products you sell on ebay. covers the selling and payment processing fees you must pay, also known as ebay and paypal fees.

fees depend first on whether you’re paying for a store subscription on ebay, which reduces your final sale fee from 10% to 9.15% (for most categories). The second aspect that affects the balance percentage is what PayPal pays.

paypal charges 2.9% if both you and the buyer are from the us. uu. and 4.4% if one of you is not in the us. uu. as i am selling from outside the us. In the US, you would be consistently paying 4.4%. if you’re a US citizen, take an average of 80% local and 20% international sales, which works out to 3.2% on average.

ePacket shipping calculation

When you make a sale, your costs are the fees that are covered at break-even, the product itself, and the shipping fee. therefore, the dsm tool adds the shipping fee to the final price calculation as part of the cost.

Since there are multiple shipping methods available for each product on ali express, you need to set which shipping rate you want to add to your products. I suggest you as a beginner just work with epacket as your shipping method, and you can set it in monitor settings

automatic messages for generating comments and other functions

As I mentioned, there are many other cool features to explore, such as rounded pricing, pricing strategy, and automated messages.

The last one, automatic messages, is probably the one I would recommend setting up first. will send your buyers 4 messages after they buy the product. message timing is designed to get more positive feedback, on autopilot.

start dropshipping from aliexpress to ebay

You are now ready to add the first product to your store, congratulations! I want to give you some tips on how to do it right and then discuss what happens once you make a sale so you can feel comfortable starting dropshipping today.

add a product to your dropshipping store

To add a product, I recommend that you first install the dsm tool dropshipping chrome extension. with it installed, a blue button will appear with the text list in dsmfor each aliexpress product.

once you click the button, the quick list page opens in a new tab with the product ready to import. when you click the import button, the dsm tool literally imports all the information about the product and prepares it in an ebay listing format.

once the product information has been imported and prepared for publishing, you can skip the optimization process and click publish now. I recommend you don’t skip that part, pre-post optimization will increase the amount of traffic your products generate. more traffic, more sales.

I invite you to follow the best practices for ebay listing optimization guide to learn more about how to properly prepare your products for listing.

order processing from your dropshipping providers

The ultimate goal of every dropshipper is to make a sale, and the more sales you make, the more the ordering process needs to be properly managed. sales & the order page in the dsm tool is meant for exactly that.

You can use the cart icon in the actions column on the page to mark sales as ordered, it will change the gray cart sign to blue. This way, if you make 10 sales in one day, you’ll know exactly which ones were ordered and which ones weren’t.

The yellow envelope sign will turn green once you use it to update product tracking information. Fortunately, there are automation features for order updating and tracking that you can use.

automate the ordering process

If you install the dsm tool chrome extension, a paper plane icon appears in the actions column on the sales & order page whenever you have a pending order to process. When you click it, it copies the buyer details and shipping address, marks the item as ordered, and opens the product page on ali express.

You can then click the buy now button and add a new shipping address. when you try to add the new shipping address, a new blue button appears with the text auto-paste customer address. click it and the buyer’s details will be pasted in automatically, saving you a lot of time.

using ali pay to pay faster

Just like there is a way to insert the buyer’s shipping address with one click, there is also a way to insert the payment details with one click. ali pay company is a subsidiary of alibaba, the company that owns and operates ali express as well.

It was created to compete with services like paypal, allowing you to pay online, receive payments and maintain a balance. but a few years ago, ali pay dropped the option to keep a balance, so now as dropshippers we only use it to store our credit card information to pay for orders faster on ali express.

ebay tracking number update

About 24 hours after placing an order on ali express, you will receive an email notification that tracking details are available. you can click the track my order button in that email or the track order button in the my orders section on ali express to see the order and view the tracking information.

on the tracking page, the chrome extension kicks in and adds a copy tracking button to help you automate the tracking update process. when you click on it, it copies the tracking details, opens the sales & orders page in a new tab and try to locate the correct order and it automatically opens the tracking update function.

If you can’t locate the order, you can locate it yourself and click the yellow envelope icon to open the tracking update function. when the function is loaded, the chrome extension will load a new button inside with the text auto-paste tracking number.

click it and the tracking number will be added to the relevant fields, saving you a lot of copy and paste time.

handling returns and cancellations when dropshipping from ali express

Buyer Protection at Ali Express, along with a simple user interface for managing returns, makes it easy to deliver high-quality service when shipping direct from Ali Express.


Buyers on eBay can cancel orders within 60 minutes of placing their orders, if they do so you will receive an email notification that the order has been cancelled. On ali express you can cancel the order as long as the seller does not update the tracking number, which gives you about 24 hours to process the cancellation.

canceling orders, opening a return/refund request and everything related to what happens after placing an order on ali express happens on the my orders page. To process the cancellation or open a return request, instead of clicking track order, click view details in the upper left corner of the order.

On the page that opens, you’ll find the option to cancel the order if it hasn’t been shipped yet. If the product has already been shipped, the only thing you can do is open a dispute/return request.

handling returns and disputes

When an item does not arrive or when it arrives but is not as described or damaged, you can open a dispute and claim a refund. If the supplier also offers a free return option, you can open a return request.

To open these requests, look for the open dispute button under the status column in the order details table after opening the order page (by clicking the view link). details on the order page). then choose whether to open a return request or a dispute, fill out the form and submit.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that it takes up to 14 days to process a refund on ali express. on ebay, you’ll have to refund the buyer much sooner, which leaves you with negative cash flow for a couple of days.

be sure to ask the buyer on ebay for as much proof as possible for the case. pictures, videos and written explanations would help you make sure you win the case on ali express and not refund the buyer on ebay only to later lose the dispute on ali express.

how to grow your aliexpress dropshipping business:

work with trusted suppliers:

It’s no secret that to really boost your business, it will take more than just offering interesting products to the public. you need to work with good party suppliers that guarantee quality.

remember that when it comes to dropshipping, you don’t have your own inventory, you can never see it. therefore you completely depend on your suppliers as to whether the product arrives within the estimated delivery time, the conditions of the items, etc.

Building a successful relationship with your chosen supplier or aliexpress supplier will make it easier for you to get better prices and deals down the road. It is important to note that most of the suppliers on Aliexpress use WeChat or WhatsApp.

If you find yourself frequently ordering from the same supplier, it would probably be a good idea to ask them for their skype username to develop a business relationship. This will surely take your business to a whole new level.

Once you’ve proven you can generate recurring sales, some vendors will allow you to put your logo on products.

marketing for growth:

Once you have enough experience with your dropshipping business, now is the time to step up your game where not only is it necessary to source high demand items and provide a great customer experience, but it is also about getting the word out. your name. there.

Digital marketing is a great way to scale your business and position it on google. this means you will need to work on a few key factors like:

  • seo.
  • paid media.
  • influencer marketing.
  • social media marketing.

This would also mean you can start drop shipping on other platforms as well, such as aliexpress alternatives. this can also include social media apps which are now popular with marketers as well. social commerce is a trend that you can start to investigate if you really want to expand your brand as well as get amazing results in any given market.

there is always more to learn

I hope this guide has covered everything you need to know to get started with direct shipping from ali express to ebay. remember, there is always more to learn and what is the best practice for 2020 could be outdated a few years later.

Therefore, I invite you to subscribe to our youtube channel, where we continually publish new videos with the aim of helping you become a more professional e-commerce seller. I also invite you to join the dropshipping community on facebook, where you can participate in discussions and network with other dropshippers. In case you want to learn more about drop shipping, you can also check out our ebay drop shipping course from a to z.

Lastly, if you enjoyed this article and would like to see us produce more free dropshipping knowledge, please share it with someone you think could benefit from learning how to start dropshipping to help the community, and our business within it, grow. .

good luck!

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