3 Ways To Play Soundcloud On Alexa In 27 Seconds (2022) - SmartHomeOwl

3 Ways To Play Soundcloud On Alexa In 27 Seconds (2022) – SmartHomeOwl

Imagine buying a new echo speaker to enjoy listening to music hands-free.

but when you ask alexa to play songs from your soundcloud playlist…

Reading: How to connect alexa to soundcloud

does not play anything.

turns out…

you can’t officially integrate soundcloud to alexa.

but wait, nothing is over.

I know of 3 ways around this.

keep reading to learn:

  • how to connect alexa to your phone using bluetooth.
  • how can you create an alexa skill to play soundcloud.
  • how to pair alexa with your computer to play songs from soundcloud.
  • and much, much more…

how to play soundcloud on alexa?

you can play soundcloud on alexa by connecting it to your phone or computer using bluetooth. another way you can also do this is to create a new alexa skill in your amazon developer console.

3 ways to play soundcloud on alexa

while other popular music platforms can integrate with alexa automatically…

It is disappointing to admit that soundcloud is not part of this group.

so sorry to say this…

but you won’t be able to use voice commands to make alexa play specific songs with soundcloud.


this doesn’t mean you can’t play soundcloud on alexa at all…

you can still do it.

but you would have to manually play the music on your device.

so, with that being said…

The first method you should try is:

#1: pair your alexa and phone via bluetooth

this method is easy and convenient way to play soundcloud on alexa.

And what’s even better is that…

There are 2 different ways to pair bluetooth with your phone:

  1. using a voice command.
  2. using the alexa app on your device.

so choose the one that suits you best…

and simply follow the specific steps below.

to make a bluetooth pairing using a voice command:

  1. turn on your echo device.
  2. say “alexa, pair”.
  3. alexa will now be in pairing mode.
  4. turn on your phone.
  5. go to your phone’s bluetooth settings.
  6. activate your bluetooth.
  7. In the list of pairable devices, find your Echo.
  8. click your alexa device name.
  9. wait for the connection to be established.
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to do a bluetooth pairing using the alexa app:

step 1: turn on your mobile phone.

step 2: open your alexa app.

Step 3: In the app, go to Devices.

step 4: click echo & alexa under this you will find your alexa device name.

step 5: select your alexa device to open its settings page.

step 6: search for pair alexa gadget and select it.

Step 7: Exit the alexa app and go to your phone’s bluetooth settings.

step 8: just like you did before, turn on your bluetooth and find your alexa device.

Step 9: Pair your alexa device and wait for alexa to confirm the connection.

after pairing your alexa with your phone once…

You don’t need to repeat it every time you want.

next time you can simply ask alexa to connect to your phone and it will do it on its own.

just say…

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“alexa, connect to (your phone’s name).”

and as long as your cell phone’s bluetooth is on…

the 2 will pair up again.

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#2: pair alexa with a computer/laptop

if you don’t like to pair bluetooth devices with your phone…

I can totally understand.

Sometimes turning on bluetooth can cause your phone’s battery to drain faster.

Not to mention it can also cause your temperature to rise.

but don’t worry, you can also pair alexa with your computer to play soundcloud.

to do it:

step 1: turn on your alexa device and your computer.

Step 2: Go to your computer’s bluetooth settings.

step 3: turn on your bluetooth.

Step 4: Go to alexa.amazon.com and sign in with your credentials.

Step 5: Find and go to settings. your alexa device will be listed.

step 6: select your alexa device to go to its settings.

step 7: choose bluetooth and click pair a new device.

Step 8: Find your computer name in the list of devices.

Step 9: A notification will appear on your screen requesting permission to link.

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Step 10: Allow pairing and go to soundcloud.com.

Step 11: Sign in to your account and try to play your favorite tracks.

similar to connecting alexa to your phone…

This bluetooth pairing process is also a one time thing.

so when you want to match the 2 again…

just list the commands I listed in the first method.

#3: create a new alexa skill

As you may have noticed in the previous methods…

it’s easy to play soundcloud via alexa.

but if you’re looking for a more challenging way to do it…

You can try to play soundcloud through echo by creating an ability.

this can be a bit tricky for beginners.

but if you have a little technical knowledge about the alexa development console.

and some coding experience…

then this method will suit you perfectly.

Note: To create an Alexa Skill, you must have an Amazon Developer account. Make sure your developer account login is the same as your alexa account.

to create an alexa skill to play soundcloud:

Step 1: Use this magical jukebox template to access code that you can use as a base.

this used to be an official alexa skill, so this magical jukebox is guaranteed to work.

but you can also find other skill templates online if you want to use a different one.

Step 2: Download the template source code to your computer.

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Step 3: Sign in to developer.amazon.com.

Your credentials here must be identical to your alexa login.

step 4: after login, go to create skill.

Step 5 – Name your skill and click Custom Model.

Step 6: Choose the method by which you want to host the back-end resources of your new skill.

this will often depend on the programming language your source code uses.

step 7: it’s time to create skill. wait until the process is finished.

Step 8: Open the json editor option.

Take the json code from your template and paste it into this section.

step 9: save it and build the model.

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Step 10: Look for the interfaces option. turn on the audio player using the toggle switch.

step 11: go to the code tab on your screen.

Step 12: Open the index file.

Paste the code from your template’s index file here to replace the current code.

This is similar to what you did with the json code above.

Step 13: Find the object responsible for the stream instance in your code.

This is the step where having coding experience will be a big advantage.

after finding the object, replace your destination url with soundcloud’s.

Step 14: Save the code and deploy it.

step 15: test your new skill.

you can do this by going to the test tab.

on this tab, make sure “skills testing is enabled on” is set to “development”.

if you followed these steps correctly…

You should be able to stream music through soundcloud using this new ability now.

bonus: play soundcloud using alexa through sonos speakers

There is a unique way to play soundcloud songs by voice command.

and that’s because…

using an alexa controlled sonos speaker.

“can I use other speakers to do this?”

Unfortunately, no.

this method will only work if you have 1 sonos brand with alexa integrated.

and there is another catch.

You can only get this to work if you’re subscribed to soundcloud go+.

so once you have:

  • soundcloud go+ subscription.
  • a sonos speaker controlled by alexa.

then go ahead and…

set up your sonos speaker:

  1. Using a phone or computer, open the sonos app and sign in.
  2. go to settings > services.
  3. bass music & content, select add a service.
  4. highlight soundcloud and click add to sonos.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to your soundcloud account.

after connecting soundcloud to sonos…

Alexa will also have control to play songs from the platform on your speakers.

try different commands to check if your connection is working properly.

and now, you can enjoy listening to your soundcloud music hands free.

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