How to connect your PS4, PS5, Xbox One with Alexa

How to connect your PS4, PS5, Xbox One with Alexa

In this guide we are going to talk about how do I connect my ps4 to alexa?

the ps4, xbox one and even the switch (although this one not so much) function as complete entertainment centers with the current generation of game consoles. Xbox One can be used as a smart home hub thanks to the Xbox Alexa and Google Assistant interfaces. Although Sony’s PlayStation 4 is a bit behind in this regard, there are methods of pairing your PS4 with Alexa and Google’s home speakers, allowing you to operate the console and sync it with other devices. Sony has thrown up a few hurdles that keep the PS4 from being more in tune with the rest of the home, but we’ll show you how to use Logitech’s Harmony Center, Alexa, Google Home (and even a little IFTTT magic, if you’d like). . ) to perform some clever tricks with your ps4.

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set up ps4 with logitech harmony

The Logitech Harmony Center is currently the easiest way to link the PS4 to other smart home devices. on the other hand, the hub is $99.99 on its own, but you’ll have to pay more if you want a controller. Otherwise, you can use the harmony app on your smartphone to control everything. The hub is easy to set up – the app will walk you through the process, but you’ll want to keep it close to your PS4. If you have a smart tv, we suggest you connect it with the ps4 when it prompts you to search for wi-fi devices.

add the ps4 to your harmony devices

You will need to manually add the ps4 via bluetooth after connecting the hub to your wifi network and pairing it with your other smart devices, as it will not be able to detect your console via wifi.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • 1) select devices in the app menu.
  • 2) to add a new device, tap edit devices then add device.
  • 3) select your entertainment device from the drop-down menu that opens.
  • 4) type sony in the field from the manufacturer.
  • 5) You can type “playstation 4” for the model number. unless “playstation 4” is not working for some reason, there is no need to look up the specific model number.
  • 6) hit add, acknowledge the comments and fill in the first section.
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In addition, it will ask if you want to create an activity with the ps4, which may include additional devices connected to the hub. otherwise, touch yes. you can do it later by creating an activity from the home screen.

After that, decide on your inputs.

1) You will be prompted to set up your activity by choosing the devices you want to manage at this time. don’t worry, and besides, you can always add more.

2) turn on the ps4 after you have decided on your tickets.

3) select settings > devices > bluetooth settings in the dropdown menu.

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4) find “harmony keyboard” in the list and select it. if it still doesn’t show up, try pressing the pairing button on the back of the hub.

did you complete the task? great. you should be ready to go immediately. the software will do a test to make sure everything is working properly.

Before we continue with the automation, the bad news is that Sony does not allow third-party devices to power up the PS4. This means you’ll have to manually turn on the PS4 each time, either with the Dualshock controller, a PS4 remote, or on the console itself, even if Harmony Center can turn it off and manage media playback.

There is another option, although it does not guarantee success. You’ve probably heard of HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), which allows devices to control your TV through HDMI. this function is present in many current televisions, but not in all. however, enabling it may allow the harmony center to turn on the ps4; this worked for us. you must activate it on your ps4 by going to settings > system and selecting “enable hdmi device link”. yes, sony doesn’t even call it hdmi-cec, but trust us when we say that’s just what it is.

how to connect alexa to ps4?


Are you willing to spend an additional $100 to connect Alexa to your PS4? If so, the Harmony Hub device from Logitech should be purchased or used for the configuration.

logitech harmony hub is easy to set up with the harmony app. Then, using the Harmony app, connect your TV and other smart devices to Harmony via Wi-Fi.

after that add ps4 to harmony devices. this will require the use of bluetooth.

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follow the harmony app instructions:

  • to add a new device to harmony, go to devices> edit devices> add device.
  • select entertainment device category from dropdown menu.
  • fill in quick instructions such as manufacturer name, model number, etc. just entering playstation 4 in the model number should be enough.
  • to add it, tap ‘add’.
  • now you need to create a ps4 activity, which involves selecting the devices you want to manage through harmony.
  • To do so, choose your inputs and then turn on the ps4.
  • Go to ps4 settings> devices> bluetooth setup to complete the process.
  • under visible devices, look for the “harmony hub” device. press the pairing button on the hub if it is not visible for pairing.
  • setup is complete after the devices have been paired and connected.
  • to link harmony with alexa , go to the alexa app and download the harmony skill. With voice control enabled, you can use voice commands to control your harmony and ps4.

how to connect alexa to ps5?


Connecting Alexa to the PS5 is also not straightforward. However, you can set up your Sony PS5 to accept voice instructions through Alexa devices with a few tips and methods.

hdmi cec has the key (consumer electronics control). this function is currently present in contemporary televisions. however, it goes by various names depending on the manufacturer of the television. this hdmi connection allows you to control other devices through the hdmi connection.

To use this function, do the following:

  • enable the “enable hdmi device link” option on the ps5 console by going to settings> systems> hdmi.
  • However, Alexa’s voice assistant must be compatible with your TV for this setting to work. when you use the hdmi cec function and ask alexa to turn on the tv, connected devices like ps5 (in this example) will also turn on.

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This fix, however, is limited to using voice commands to turn on the PS5.

how to connect alexa to xbox one?


Alexa may be connected to Xbox One in two ways. When linked to Alexa, this is one of the gaming consoles that works without a hitch. There are three methods to connect Alexa to your Xbox One.

using the alexa app

Follow these steps to link alexa to your xbox one or xbox console using the alexa app:

  • on your smartphone, start the alexa app.
  • go to the app menu, choose add device> xbox and follow the instructions on the screen.
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  • you can enable alexa xbox skill by going to more> skills and games> looking for xbox> Please enable its use.
  • You will need to sign in to your microsoft account for this. After you have logged in, tap the close button. alexa will now find your xbox. select the device and click continue after found.
  • select the alexa device you want to connect to the xbox as well, and you’re done.

using the xbox video game console

Follow these steps to link alexa to your xbox gaming system.

  • on your game console remote, press the xbox button.
  • enable digital assistants in profile and system > settings> devices and connections> digital assistants
  • press the xbox button on the game console remote one more time.
  • profile and systems> settings> generals > power mode and startup is the way to go.
  • select instant from the power mode dropdown.
  • even after allowing alexa to connect to xbox, still you need to connect alexa to xbox by following the steps above.

using a computer

to use pc to link alexa to xbox, follow these steps:

  • Open your computer’s web browser.
  • Search for
  • Navigate to your amazon account and sign in.
  • in the left menu bar, choose skills.
  • search for xbox in the search box in the skills section.
  • open alexa’s xbox skills (represented xbox prompt).
  • enable must be selected.
  • sign in to your microsoft account now.
  • by selecting ‘yes’, you allow microsoft access your information through the app.
  • On the computer screen, close the window.
  • Press the xbox button on your xbox console remote and choose home.
  • ale has been paired with your xbox.

frequently asked questions

what is the ps4 auxiliary port for?

Have you ever wondered what the “auxiliary” connector on the ps4 is for? unfortunately it is not a spare usb port but a dedicated playstation camera port.


some game consoles may not support the technique, but a workaround allows you to connect to alexa using your voice.


does amazon alexa require a monthly fee?

how to play soundcloud on amazon alexa

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