Can Alexa Control Apple Homekit Devices?

Can Alexa Control Apple Homekit Devices?

Can Alexa Control Apple Homekit Devices?

How to connect alexa to homekit

homekit is a home system made by apple. This home system lets you control all of your compatible smart objects in one place, and you only need an iOS device to run it.

can alexa control homekit devices? homekit and alexa are smart home hubs, so one cannot directly control the other; however, devices are a different story. As long as the device connected to your HomeKit hub is also compatible with Alexa, the two will work together seamlessly.

While you can’t control homekit with alexa, controlling the devices themselves is much the same. Setup is as easy as non-Apple products, and before you know it, you can use voice control through Alexa.

alexa and homekit

You will need apple and alexa products to control your homekit devices through alexa. Many people use Alexa for their voice commands and their iPhone or iPad for automation, because Alexa is predominantly a voice-activated system. the advantage of this is that if one system doesn’t work, you can use the other.

alexa skills

alexa uses skills to control her devices. So, in order for your Alexa to work with your HomeKit devices, you will need to locate the devices in skills and download them. there are a plethora of skills available, so finding your homekit device shouldn’t be too difficult.

Once you find your device, just hit enable, and you should be able to voice activate it whenever you want!

go to amazon skills page to check your device compatibility.

homekit devices

Being able to connect your devices to alexa won’t mean anything if the devices you own don’t support homekit.

here is a list of homekit compatible devices.

alexa on your iphone

Even though amazon and apple are rivals, you can now download the amazon alexa app on your iphone. this is essential to link your alexa technologies with your apple technologies; Whether you’re linking your HomeKit, Apple Music, Apple TV, etc. devices, you’ll generally need the Amazon Alexa app to connect anything.

this is how you set up alexa on your iphone:

  1. Locate the app store on your phone.
  2. Tap the search bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. when the keyboard appears, type alexa and press search.
  4. press the get button.
    1. if you already had the app but deleted it, the icon will look like a cloud with an arrow pointing down.

    alexa and apple tv

    Unfortunately, Alexa can’t control your Apple TV directly, but with a Smart Home Hub, it’s easily done. Fortunately for us, most people own some kind of smart home hub.

    if you have something like an echo, you can connect the two like you would connect any bluetooth device:

    1. tell alexa to turn on bluetooth.
    2. go to your apple tv.
    3. find your settings.
    4. go to bluetooth.
    5. connect to alexa.
    6. Once you’ve completed these five easy steps, you can use your Echo to turn the TV on and off, play or pause your movies, and turn the volume up and down. that’s as far as alexa can take you to the controls.

      alexa and apple music

      amazon and apple have been competitors for a long time and have not always played well in the past. Being able to use Apple Music on your Amazon Echo device is a relatively new development.

      now you can finally have your apple subscription in your alexa app, so you can play your apple music on your echo devices. This is only available in the US, UK, and Ireland.

      what you will need

      here’s a list of things you’ll need and things you’ll need to do to set up apple on your alexa device.

      • apple music subscription
      • an amazon device
        • amazon echo
        • amazon fire tv
        • speaker with alexa


        here are the steps to set up apple music on alexa:

        1. Look for the amazon alexa app on your phone.
        2. There will be a menu button in the upper left corner.
        3. tap settings.
        4. find alexa preferences and play music.
        5. tap link new service.
        6. press apple music.
        7. press enable to use.
        8. sign in with your apple id.

        That’s all you need to do to set up Apple Music with Alexa! you can also go to skill store for alexa and enable apple music skill.

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