Airtame 2 set up and installation

Airtame 2 set up and installation

Airtame 2 set up and installation

How to connect airtame to wifi

Now that you’ve received your new device, it’s time to get it up and running. The ultimate goal of this article is for you to have airtame 2 connected to your local network (via wifi, ethernet, or both) so that anyone on that same network can wirelessly present to airtame.

what you need before setting up

  • airtame 2 (and all accessories in the box)
  • the screen (for example, tv or projector) that you will equip with airtame
  • wifi network (or connection ethernet )
  • portable (windows, macos, linux)*

*Initial setup is not possible from a mobile device or chromebook.

physically install the device

  1. Connect the two ends of the air cable splitter to the power supply and the display’s hdmi port, respectively. always use the supplied power supply.
  2. attach the magnetic wall mount to the back of the airtame device.
  3. connect the usb-c (remaining end of the air cable) to the airtame.
  4. choose one of the following options to attach the airtame:
    1. for a permanent installation, you will need to peel off the red stickers on the back of the wall mount as well as the back of the divider aircord, to fix them to the wall (there is a strong adhesive under the stickers). mount the airtame 2 on the wall approx. 10 cm/4” from the edge of the screen. just remove the stickers before permanently affixing the device to the wall.
    2. For a non-permanent installation, simply attach the airtame and aircord standoff to the back of the screen’s edge. Most TVs have a magnetic frame, so the magnetic force will hold everything in place. in this case, do not peel off the red stickers.
    3. for a non-permanent installation with a projector, place the device on top (in a place that does not get hot when the projector is in use).

    configuring your airtame 2

    Congratulations, your airtame 2 is now installed! you should see a “wireless presentation” message on the airtame-equipped screen, with the name of your new device (beginning with “airtame-oob”). If you don’t see this message, try changing the hdmi input on your screen until you find the correct one.

    “configure” refers to configuring the different features of a device, including how it connects to a local network. this is the purpose of these next steps.

    1. download the airtame app here. Remember that you will need to use the app on a Macbook, Windows, or Linux computer for initial setup.
    2. Open the app and click the setup button next to the name of your new device.
    3. In the app settings, select a name for your airtame.
    4. You will now be prompted to connect the airtame to your network (via wifi or ethernet).

    wifi connection

    To connect via Wi-Fi, select your network from the Wi-Fi list and choose 5ghz over 2.4ghz if available.

    click “connect” and enter your computer user password to allow airtame to temporarily switch to airtame’s own access point to transfer these settings. After setup is complete, your computer reconnects to your local Wi-Fi.

    A confirmation message will appear on the screen equipped with airtame, indicating that airtame is now on your local wifi. a new ip address will also be visible on the screen.

    ethernet connection

    To connect via ethernet, it’s better to connect the ethernet adapter and cable before clicking the “configure” button in the app.

    when connected to the ethernet adapter as shown in the image above, an ip address will appear on the screen automatically.

    Once you click the “configure” button in the app and have given the device a name and selected ethernet, give the ethernet connection the same name as the ssid it is connected to. if you’re not sure what the ssid is, check with your it administrator.

    For more information on configuring with ethernet (including how to have a simultaneous ethernet + wifi configuration), click here.

    start your first presentation with airtame 2

    Now that your device is connected to the local network, just take a minute to verify that your computer is also back on the local network (and not yet connected to airtame’s own access point).

    to start mirroring your computer screen:

    1. open the airtame app.
    2. find your device in the list or enter its ip address.
    3. click the “share screen” button next to the name of your new airtame.
    4. when you’re done, return to the application panel and click “stop” to end the broadcast.
    5. if you want to duplicate a specific window (for example, a document or browser), click “share window” in the application, and then click the desired window. click “stop” to end the presentation.
    6. to play the sound from your screen speakers instead of your laptop, click the audio icon that will appear in the application panel once the presentation has started.
    7. To present to more than one airtame at a time, you can:
      1. click “share screen” next to multiple devices in the app, or
      2. click “share window” , select the desired window, and then return to the app to click “+ add screen” (and repeat this for any additional airtames).

      what’s next?

      Now that you’ve set up airtame 2 and tried streaming, you can start showing others how it’s done. Click here for our guides to help colleagues use airtame.

      In addition to using airtame for presentations, you can also use it as a digital signage solution. Click here to find out how to set a custom background to display on your airtame-equipped screen when it’s idle.

      You can also watch this short video and find out how airtame works:

      do you need help?

      Are you about to introduce airtame to your end users but aren’t sure how best to get them started? you can always book an onboarding call with our customer success team!

      You can contact our support team via our live chat at, or send an email to [email protected]. we are always happy to help!

      interested? let’s talk.

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