Can AirPods Connect To Oculus Quest 2 [Read This First!]

Can AirPods Connect To Oculus Quest 2 [Read This First!]

Can AirPods Connect To Oculus Quest 2 [Read This First!]

How to connect airpods to quest

you want to use airpods with your oculus quest 2 so you can prevent others from hearing or avoid background noise while in vr.

can airpods connect to oculus quest 2?

don’t worry, when you finish reading this article, you will be able to exclude everyone and enjoy virtual reality the way it was meant to be experienced.


Let’s leave the suspense and go directly into the article. just make sure you don’t skip any part while drinking your coffee.

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how to connect bluetooth headset to oculus quest 2?

you can connect bluetooth headset to oculus quest 2 in the same way you connect airpods by accessing the experimental features within settings and pairing the bluetooth headset using the bluetooth pairing option.

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These are the steps to connect bluetooth headset to oculus quest 2:

  1. turn on your oculus quest 2 vr headset.
  2. put on the oculus quest 2 headset and press the oculus button on the right controller to open the oculus menu.
  3. select the settings menu that has a gear icon.
  4. select the item called experimental features in the sidebar.
  5. turn on the bluetooth headset and make sure it has enough charge before putting it on them in pairing mode. For airpods, simply press and hold the small circular button on the back of the airpods case to put them into pairing mode.
  6. Go back to your oculus quest 2 headset and look for the option labeled bluetooth pairing under experimental features. click the pairing button to the right of bluetooth pairing.
  7. you should see a list of devices that are already paired. click pair new device and select your bluetooth headset or airpods to complete the pairing process. if you don’t see your headphones, make sure they are still in pairing mode.


this is how you can connect your bluetooth headset or airpods to oculus quest 2, but one thing to note about this process is that it is not an official method provided by oculus.

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This means that it is very likely that some bluetooth devices will have problems connecting with this method. i can confirm this works with airpods, but there are still some limitations when using airpods with oculus.

it’s important to remember that the headset is not the problem if it doesn’t connect to the oculus. instead, it could try the pairing process a few more times.

As I mentioned earlier, you should be aware that using AirPods or Bluetooth headsets with your Oculus VR headset comes with its own issues. this should come as no surprise as this option is hidden within the experimental features menu.

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You are free to make your own decisions, but I recommend that you do not use wireless headphones or airpods for these reasons:

  1. Audio and video stuttering: It doesn’t always happen, but you’ll definitely run into situations where the audio will cut out occasionally and you’ll also notice some latency issues, especially when you’re playing VR games.
  2. Low FPS and Lag: The Oculus Quest 2 does not have a strong enough processor to handle fast-paced or high-motion gaming simultaneously with AirPods or Bluetooth headsets. this results in lag and frame drops, making the game unplayable.

However, you should be aware that these issues are less noticeable if you’re just streaming a movie or TV show on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

then you must be wondering if there is any way to get around these limitations of using airpods with an oculus device. you can find the answer to that in the next section.

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how to fix oculus quest 2 airpods latency issues?

You can fix the oculus quest 2 airpods latency issues by using a bluetooth transmitter. this plugs into the 3.5mm jack, where you would normally plug a wired headset, and connects your airpods to the transmitter instead of your oculus.

Your oculus quest 2 vr headset will have a much easier time processing audio from the bluetooth transmitter than airpods by amplifying wireless audio.

Not that there is zero latency when using a bluetooth transmitter, but typically, there is at least a 40ms lag when using the transmitter, which is decent enough when it comes to gaming.


another important point to consider is that the quality of your bluetooth transmitter must be above average if you want to have a truly immersive virtual reality experience. you should look for a transmitter that supports at least bluetooth 4.2 and has a range of 10 m.

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Once you’ve found the perfect bluetooth transmitter, all you need to do is connect your bluetooth headset or airpods to the transmitter after it’s properly plugged into the 3.5mm jack.

Most people make the mistake of connecting their airpods to the oculus quest 2 with the transmitter plugged in. if you do this, you won’t notice any improvement in latency because you’re not using the streamer at all.

I would also like to add that if you want to get the best immersive experience from your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, just use wired headsets with it. you’ll hear true zero-latency, high-quality uncompressed audio.

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frequently asked questions

question: can two oculus share account?

answer: yes, two oculus can share accounts. To do this, you need to visit the Experimental Features page in the Oculus Settings and enable the option called Multiple Accounts and Library Sharing.

question: does oculus quest 2 have free games?

answer: yes, oculus quest 2 has free games. It is not too difficult to access these games as they are available on the official Oculus store. you can even find many free multiplayer games in oculus quest 2.

question: how long does mission 2 take to load?

Answer: Mission 2 takes at least 2.5 hours to load. once fully charged, you should have around 2-3 hours of battery life. if you’re just gaming it should be 2 hours, but if you’re watching videos you can get 3 hours.

question: does oculus quest 2 have surround sound?

answer: yes, oculus quest 2 should have surround sound with its dual speaker, but they are not designed for true surround sound. For the best surround sound experience, you’ll need to plug your wired headset into the 3.5mm audio jack.

question: does the quest 2 have a built in microphone?

answer: yes, the quest 2 has a built in microphone. These microphones are completely self-contained so you won’t need any external equipment to use them.

question: can oculus launch xbox?

answer: yes, oculus can stream xbox after a recent update that now allows oculus quest 2 users to use airserver to stream the view inside their headset to the xbox console.

final thoughts

that’s all i have to say about how you can connect airpods to oculus quest 2 and what issues you might be experiencing.

As I mentioned above, you should consider whether you really want to use airpods to listen to audio with your vr headset by thinking if audio latency or delays during gameplay is a deal breaker for you.

I hope you’ve learned something from this guide and that you know where to contact us when you need information on topics like these.

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