How to Connect AirPods to Your PS4 or PS5

How to Connect AirPods to Your PS4 or PS5

  • To connect your airpods to a ps4 or ps5, you’ll need to choose a bluetooth adapter with audio capabilities.
  • both ps4 and ps5 don’t have built-in bluetooth: but you can use an adapter plugged into usb port or headphone jack.
  • this method works with all bluetooth headsets, but you won’t be able to chat with other players.
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if you like airpods and want to use them while playing games on your ps4 or ps5, you can do it through a small workaround and a warning.

You’ll need to connect your headset to the console via a bluetooth adapter, and while you’ll be able to hear everything that’s happening in the game, you won’t be able to chat with other players.

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Here’s what you need to know:

what you need to connect airpods to ps4 or ps5

Since both the PS4 and PS5 don’t have built-in Bluetooth capabilities, you’ll need an adapter to connect your AirPods.

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Specifically, you’ll need a bluetooth adapter that you can connect to your console via the usb port or headphone jack.

how to connect airpods to ps4 or ps5

1. connect your bluetooth adapter to your ps4 or ps5. set it to pairing mode.

2. Open your airpods case (with the airpods still inside), then press and hold the sync button. press and hold until the bluetooth adapter indicates that it has been successfully paired.

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quick tip: make sure your airpods are charged before trying to connect them to your ps4. this also applies to battery powered bluetooth adapters.

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3. On your ps4 or ps5, go to settings, then devices, then audio devices strong>.

4. change the output device to match your setup (such as headphones connected to the controller). change output to headphones to all audio.

quick tip: the steps in this section can be used to connect the bluetooth headset of your choice to the ps4, not just the airpods.

can you use airpods to chat with other players?

The short answer is no. Although airpods have a built-in microphone, the bluetooth adapter will only send the audio from your console to your headphones.

if you want to be able to chat with other gamers through headphones, you’ll need to use a pair designed for ps4 or ps5.

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