Fix AirPods Not Working On Netflix [Easy Guideline 2022]

Fix AirPods Not Working On Netflix [Easy Guideline 2022]

We’ve all been using some form of wireless earbuds during pandemics, whether it’s apple airpods, samsung galaxybuds or something else, and now it’s become a staple for us.

There are quite a few complaints against airpods, one of which is that airpods don’t work while using netflix. it may have occurred to you too. my mom’s airpod was acting weird and not making any sound while she was on netflix. so i googled it and found many solution articles but it takes a lot of time.

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The good news for you is that I will give you all the possible solutions in this article so that you don’t need to waste any more time hovering over hundreds of web pages. Stick with me till the end and I will show you all of the remedies you can ask for your Airpod.airpods-not-working-on-netflix

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how to fix airpods no sound on netflix

Wireless devices are very unpredictable and behave in unusual ways when faced with very simple problems. well, you can guess that many problems have a good number of solutions. Here I will mention the easiest and most functional solutions that you can try.

these are the solutions to fix the problems with your airpods:

fix 1: fully charge your airpods

sometimes when airpods run out of charge they tend to act strange. Some of us forget to charge the airpods case and don’t realize if your airpods are charging or not when we put them in the case.

airpods produce low volumes, even no sound when very low. so please check whether your airpods are running low or not. If your answer is yes, what are you waiting for? please go to plug it in and check whether it works or not after fully charged. and keep in mind to keep your case loaded.


fix 2: check for connection conflicts

many of us use multiple devices for the same airpods. so the connection conflict may happen from time to time. To avoid this problem, you should keep these general rules in mind:

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These are the steps to check for connection conflicts:

    avoid devices that use the same frequency as bluetooth, such as wifi.
  • try to avoid microwave ovens, wireless cameras, or similar devices to be safe.

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fix 3: update the software to the latest version

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every day even when you are reading this article, new applications are being released and due to this some glitches or bugs may affect your system. it can make your airpods not work on your netflix show.

Don’t worry because the developers are also working on these bug fixes. therefore, upgrading your operating system to the current one is a key solution to the problem, and upgrading your operating system is also easy.

These are the steps to update your iPhone or iPad:

  • open your settings app.
  • go to general and look for software update.
  • tap software update and follow the instructions to start updating.


after update your airpod issue with netflix should be fixed. If there are bugs with your airpod firmware, it will update them automatically when you connect it to your phone.

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fix 4: update bluetooth settings

keeping bluetooth on for a long time can cause this problem, since bluetooth is not like wifi, which always stays on. so what you can try is to update your bluetooth connection and see if it works for you.

These are the steps to update your bluetooth connection:

  • go to settingson your iphone or ipad, and tap the bluetooth option.
  • swipe the bluetooth slider to turn it off and keep it off for a minute or two.
  • turn bluetooth on again and touch your airpod from the list of bluetooth devices to connect with it.

now open your netflix and test if it works or not.

fix 5: tweak settings

there may have been an alteration in the audio settings, causing your airpods not to make any sound. If your settings are changed, you may not hear any sound from your airpods despite maximizing its volume. Also, don’t forget to check your bluetooth settings.

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These are the steps to adjust the settings:

  • open settingson your iphone or ipad.
  • go to generaland go to accessibility.
  • look for the audio/visual option and make sure the balance value l and r is in the center.
  • go back to settingsand navigate to the music option.
  • drag the volume limit . b>value to the maximum.
  • go to settingsagain and go to the bluetooth option.
  • tap the airpods option and turn off the automatic ear detection option.


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after adjusting all the settings mentioned above you should be ready to go and you should be able to hear the sound from your airpods on netflix.

fix 6: reset network settings

on iphones or ipads, bluetooth is handled by network settings. so if everything is in place, it may be due to network corruption. then what you can do is rebuild the network configuration and restore it to factory default.

These are the steps to reset network settings:

  • go to general in settings.
  • go to the reset option.</li
  • touch reset network settings.
  • enter your password to verify your choice.

Your phone will automatically delete any network profiles you’ve created and reset it to factory default settings. now you can create your new network settings and connect your airpods like the first time you did.

fix 7: rest, forget and pair your airpods

sometimes your airpods profile gets corrupted and doesn’t work properly which causes some apps not to work or no sound at all. This can happen when you move too far away from your phone while the AirPods remain connected and your AirPods unexpectedly disconnect.

The remedy is to remove or remove the old profile and rebuild a new one. you can do this by removing your airpods from your device and pairing them again.

this is how you can re-pair your airpods:

  • go to settings and open bluetooth.
  • tap the “(i)” icon at next to your airpods name.
  • press forget this device option and confirm to remove the device.
  • restart your iphone or ipad.
  • meanwhile, place your airpods in the case and close the cover. wait a minute.
  • open the cover of your airpods case. press and hold the setup button on the back of your case for about 15 seconds. when you see the amber led flashing, release the button.
  • close the case cover and wait a minute.
  • bring your iphone or ipad near the airpods to pair and open the cover of the airpods case.
  • wait for the setup animation on your phone and pair it with your phone by pressing connect.

after rebuilding your airpods profile, you should be able to hear sounds on your airpods while running netflix.

fix 8: check with other devices

After trying all the methods, if your problem is still not solved, you can consider checking the airpods with other devices. Through this method, you can find out if the problem is with your airpods or with your device.

try to pair with other apple devices and open netflix to confirm any sound. it can go one way or the other. if you can hear the sound clearly, then the problem is with your phone or tablet, and if you still can’t hear anything, you may need to contact apple directly.

if the problem is with your phone or tablet, you can reset your phone to factory default settings. this should solve your problem with netflix.

final words

There is no need to panic or worry about this little problem. hope this guide will help you with airpods not working on netflix problem.

thank you very much for reading the article. If you have any query on this topic, feel free to share it with us and we will be happy to help you.

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