How to Connect AirPods to a Chromebook

How to Connect AirPods to a Chromebook

How to Connect AirPods to a Chromebook

Chromebooks are nifty laptops because of their flexibility. Because they are designed to be easy to use, they offer most of the latest methods for connecting with other devices and peripherals.

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Naturally, this means you’ll also want to plug in headphones and earphones, which can come in handy when using your laptop in a noisy, public space.

For owners of Apple’s much-lauded but expensive AirPods, this begs the question of whether you can use your expensive headphones with your shiny new Chromebook.

are airpods compatible with chromebook?

yes, your apple airpods are absolutely compatible with your chromebook device.

In fact, they can be connected to virtually any device that has bluetooth connectivity because the headphones themselves use that same technology.

airpods buds in

Once connected, you’ll be able to use your AirPods to listen to audio from your Chromebook, including Netflix and YouTube videos, music, voice and video chat, and anything else that generates audio. you can also use the built-in microphone of your headset during calls.

do airpod controls work on chromebook?

yes, the same airpod controls you use on your apple devices can be used on your chromebook, with some limitations. while its single, double, and triple tap gestures will let you pause, play, and skip music and adjust the volume, you can’t customize these actions. this means that you cannot change the commands that these touches execute.

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Also, you can’t use your airpods to open google assistant on your chromebook. While tapping and holding your AirPods will normally bring up Siri on your iPhone or iPad, it won’t do the same on a non-Apple device.

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Also, other features, like spatial audio, won’t work on a chromebook either. however, noise cancellation seems to work fine.

how to connect airpods to chromebook

step 1: turn on bluetooth

in the lower right corner of your chromebook, click the network icon located next to the battery % icon and the digital clock.

access quick menu

this is where you can find your wi-fi connection, bluetooth devices, notifications and more. To get started, make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your device’s settings. you can activate this option by selecting the bluetooth icon in the quick menu.

bluetooth is on

Alternatively, you can enter the settings by selecting the gear icon. next to bluetooth, you will see a toggle switch. select it to turn it on, and then select the arrow icon to access the pairing menu.

chromebook scanning

Your laptop will start searching for other wireless devices as soon as bluetooth is turned on.

step 2: make airpods discoverable

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If your airpods are still not discoverable, you will need to put them in that mode to pair them with your chromebook. place both buttons in their case and then look for a button on the back. it’s a subtle cutout in the shape of a circle.

airpods button

Open the case, then press and hold the button until the small led on the front of the case turns white and flashes slowly. now your airpods are ready to be discovered. jump to your chromebook for this next step.

step 3: pair your airpods

after a bit of scanning, your chromebook should have detected your airpods. you will know that this has happened successfully when they appear in the list of bluetooth devices from the first step.

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airpods found

Next to your name, there should also be a headphone icon to confirm that your headphone has been recognized as an audio output device.

select the airpods and after a second or two you should see a popup confirming that the pairing was successful. Upon exiting this menu, a pop-up should also appear in the bottom right indicating that you can remove this pairing from the settings menu.

airpods connected

Your airpods are now connected to your chromebook. one thing to note is that your laptop’s volume control will now adjust your headphone volume. If your headphones or earphones are not airpods, you can still follow this same process to pair them as long as they have bluetooth.

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