Do Airpods Work With Zoom? -

Do Airpods Work With Zoom? –

With online calls and meetings becoming more common in recent years, zoom video conferencing software has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity. earphones and headphones are often used for zoom calls to improve audio quality.

do airpods work with zoom?

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apple airpods work with zoom. they are connected to the pc or mac via bluetooth and can be selected within the zoom settings so that the audio of video calls is played through the headphones, instead of the default speakers of the device.

However, as with all tech-based devices, things can go wrong when trying to use zoom airpods.

Connectivity and sound issues can be very frustrating, especially if you’re on an important video call. In this guide, I’ll explain why AirPods can be used with Zoom and give you some tips to get the most out of this combination.

Do AirPods Work with Zoom on Windows?

zoom is multi-OS software, so both windows and mac users can enjoy its many benefits.

If you are a windows user, in this section I will explain if it is possible to use your airpods with zoom and explore the topic further. if you are a mac user, you can find details for that operating system in the next section.

  • Because airpods are an apple product, it’s understandable that windows users might anticipate having trouble trying to use them with zoom. however, like most apple devices, airpods are compatible with windows, though perhaps not to the same degree as mac.

airpods use bluetooth to connect to external devices, unlike the traditional wired approach used for many years by headphone and earphone manufacturers. this means that to use them with a windows pc, you will first need to connect via bluetooth to connect them.

You can do this quickly and easily by typing the word “bluetooth” in the windows search bar located on the bottom left next to the start menu. this should bring up the “bluetooth and other devices” tab, where you can search for your airpods and connect them to your laptop or computer.

In most cases, once you’ve selected airpods as the primary playback device, this setting should carry over when you open zoom. if not, you’ll need to go into the audio settings in zoom and check that the airpods are selected to play there.

  • the common issue airpods users report when trying to use their zoom headset is that, even when selected, audio from zoom calls continues to play through their default speakers laptop or computer.
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Even if the audio from other applications, such as music streaming or online video sites, is played through the airpods, some users find that the zoom audio comes out of the speaker.

If this happens to you, there is an easy way to fix the problem. In most cases, it indicated that your airpods are set to “airpods stereo”, which will not work for zoom since you also need to use the microphone when you participate in video calls.

You will need to click the speaker icon at the bottom right of the screen and change the playback device from “stereo airpods” to “hands free airpods”. this will now make airpods available in zoom.

do airpods work with zoom on mac?

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Surprisingly, many Mac users seem to have issues when trying to use their AirPods with Zoom even though both devices are made by Apple. this can be very inconvenient, especially if you use the zoom for work or another important purpose.

The good news is that airpods work with zoom on mac devices. even if you’re having difficulty getting them to work, there’s probably a simple explanation for this that can be fixed using a few steps.

  • The most common reason airpods don’t work with zoom on mac devices is because they are connected to other devices.

If your airpods are connected to multiple devices, there’s a good chance they’ll get disconnected or not work at all.

Consequently, the first thing I suggest you do if you’re having trouble with your airpods is to disconnect them from any other bluetooth devices.

This can be done quickly by turning off bluetooth on your phone, tablet, or any other device you’ve connected your airpods to in the past.

once your mac is the only device your airpods are connected to, you can see if this resolves the not working on zoom issue. if the problem persists, check your mac settings and zoom audio settings.

First of all, please follow the steps below to verify that your airpods have been successfully connected to your mac.

  • click ‘apple’ then go to ‘system preferences’
  • select the ‘bluetooth’ tab and find your airpods in the connected device menu
  • open ‘preferences’ in zoom
  • select the ‘audio’ tab
  • under the ‘speaker’ and ‘microphone’ dropdown menus, select your airpods
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once you’ve completed the steps above, your airpods should now be chosen as the primary device for audio playback and as your microphone. If you have an external microphone that you prefer to use, you can choose that device and leave your airpods as the primary speaker device.

The measures I’ve outlined will likely resolve any issues you’re having with your airpods working with zoom on a mac, but if you’re still having issues, your last resort would be to remove zoom from your device and reinstall it. , as one of the files may have been damaged.

Check out this helpful youtube video that will help you and your airpods connect with zoom.

airpods sound quality & zoom calls

If you intend to use your airpods for zoom calls, sound quality is likely to be a major concern. Granted, it’s not as important as if you were using the headset to mix audio or produce music, but it’s vital that you can clearly hear the other people on the call.

Therefore, it’s worth taking a brief look at the sound quality capabilities of airpods.

first, an important point is that airpods tend to sound better with apple devices. this is because they include a w1 or h1 chip, which pairs with mac or other apple products. apple effortlessly and with minimal interference. .

Overall, airpods have good sound quality, but they are not up to par with other high-end headphones or earphones. mid-tone frequencies tend to be very clear and prominent, while bass is the weakest frequency band.

  • This may be worrying for those who love listening to music, but for zoom calls, it’s actually quite adequate.

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Most of the frequencies you’ll hear from other speakers on a zoom call will be in the mid and high frequencies, so the airpods will allow you to hear them clearly.

the only problem is that the lack of low frequencies produced by the airpods can make it a bit more difficult to hear people who have a lower voice, although they should still be audible.

airpods are also surprisingly good microphones when used for this purpose on zoom calls. in fact, they’re not as crisp as a condenser mic would be, but as far as bluetooth headsets go, they sound pretty good.

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If you’re unhappy with the sound quality of your airpods and feel like they’re negatively affecting your zoom calls, upgrading to airpods pro or even airpods max.


airpods pro have a slightly more balanced frequency response which can improve the clarity of your zoom calls. airpods max are great for this purpose as they also have noise cancellation capabilities that isolate the audio from the zoom call and prevent background noise from distracting you.

Using an external microphone with your airpods for zoom calls is a certain way to improve the clarity of your voice when speaking on calls. built-in computer headsets and microphones work to some extent, but are not as clear and detailed as a vocal microphone.

This is because the polar pattern of the microphone is directed towards the mouth and any background noise is minimized, helping to produce a clearer sound.

related questions

can rebooted airpods be tracked?

For more information on this topic, be sure to check out our dedicated article here.

why are my airpods sounding off?

When airpods start to sound muffled, the most common reason is that dirt has built up inside the speakers. this could be due to earwax or just dirt buildup over time. you can clean the speakers with a fine, soft brush.

how do i turn down the volume on my airpods when i zoom?

To lower the volume of the audio coming through your airpods, go to the audio settings tab in the zoom menu. then adjust the volume slider below the speaker screen to make the audio quieter.

what kind of microphone do airpods have?

airpods are primarily used for listening, but they also have built-in microphones for answering calls. these microphones are known as beamforming microphones, known for their diminutive dimensions and impressive sound quality.

how to reactivate airpods.

there are no volume controls on the airpods.

to increase or decrease the volume of the airpods. you have to use the device your airpods are connected to to mute them.

airpods max has some functionality for volume, but it’s still quite limited.

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